Name: Trish Edmisten
Age: Old enough to have a college degree!
Published: Yes, I have a few magazine articles and books out. I even won an award for my 2nd novel.
Just the facts: I write because I love to. That's it. I love to write and have since I was a kid.
If you want: You can check out my web site at www.trishedmisten.com
You can follow me on Twitter @trishthewriter
You can check out my weekly blog trishthewriter@blogspot.com
You can check out my published works on Amazon

Since you asked I've published the following books: Letters from Linc
Extraordinary Will
No Matter What
After All These Years
If you're looking for Like You Mean It, you can get it for free on any e-reading device. Just follow the link below. And if you do happen to download it, I hope you'll leave a review for it!

To purchase This Time, the Like You Mean It spin off featuring Justin Jacobs, just click here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/441464
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The Other Side

Social data: 173K reads. 6K votes. 404 comments.

Description: Whoever said the afterlife was easy was dead wrong! As an angel of darkness, it’s Nolan Forrester’s job to aid in maintaining the balance between good and evil. To do that, he helps disheartened humans tap into their dormant evil. Over the years...

Mature Completed

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This Time

This Time

2.3K 60 12

Seven years ago, he broke her heart. This time, the tables are turned! Chelsea Schumacher always knew t...

It's Up to You

It's Up to You

4.9K 241 51

The Unholy Trinity IV- The Story Continues

The Unholy Trinity IV- The Story Continues

221K 5.8K 635

Look who's all grown up! When she first laid eyes on Lucian and Griffin Locke, Fallon never imagined wha...

Mature Completed
The F Word

The F Word

873K 14K 1.1K

Secrets and lies are no way to start off a relationship, but that’s exactly where Brooke Walker finds he...

Boots05 posted a message to trishthewriter
Hi I just recently read all your UT books and I was wondering if you're writing a 5th because I want more of it!! I just can't get enough of it!!
itzzaileen posted a message to trishthewriter
I just finished reading the otherside 
      & can I just say how much I love how everything fits together the story the "darkness" of it all 
      it's different & I LOVE IT SO MUCH ❤
Oh my gosh!!! I just finished your book series with Kara & Ethan!!! It was amazing!!! I loved this series so much!!' It ended so well!!! I've laughed and cried so much through this book! You should really publish this book!!! Keep writing awesome stories!!! I'm really sad it's over tho!!  
      I'm your NUMBER ONE FAN!! 
Fogerty posted a message to trishthewriter
I tried the trick suggested below to get the vanished chapters  to appear but it has not worked. Any other tips or have the chapters simply been deleted? It's rather difficult to follow a story when several key moments are missing. 
      <^///^ >
            | |
        /()   ()\
      (             )
I LOVE the Unholy Trinity series!!!!!  and I LOVE YOU!!!  Just so you know this is the 7th time reading this whole series and I just can't get enough!  I want these on hard copy so bad, my worst fear is you deciding you no longer want to be on wattpad and delete your account!   I need these books in my life! Please tell me you are going to publish them so I can buy my own copies!!!  These are by far my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE books on wattpad, you have changed my whole outlook on religion, and I grew up a christian going to christian school my whole life.  You have an awesome view on life and I hope you continue writing great books because I need you in my life.
zrissi posted a message to trishthewriter
I just finished the Unholy Trinity series.. Now that True Blood is over, I think you should bring your book to HBO....
      Thank You so much for sharing it♥