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Secretly Married by rinnah_grace91
Secretly Marriedby rinnah_grace91
Taeyeon was forced to marry Tiffany due to his fathers wishes. She hates every bit of Tiffany. How will their marriage work?
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[LONGFIC] Tae tiểu quỷ & Hwang nữ vương. by Ninino_227
[LONGFIC] Tae tiểu quỷ & Hwang n...by Ninino
Chuyện tình của tiểu quỷ Kim Taeyeon và nữ vương Tiffany Hwang.
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Cat Quest by naruuu21
Cat Questby Naru
TaeNy ❤ Completed
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12:04 || ksj[✅]  by am-babe
12:04 || ksj[✅] by am-babe
where Kim seok jin deals with drug overdose, suicidal thoughts and severe depression-
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Chance Upon You (EXOSHIDAE fanfic) by xoxo_chanyeollie
Chance Upon You (EXOSHIDAE fanfic)by xoxo_chanyeollie
Kim Taeyeon, a pretty, smart & a girl with a amazing voice, took the entrance examination to one of the most prestigious schools in korea. Along with all her SNSD member...
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A Timeless Connection by jeongyeonasaur
A Timeless Connectionby jinx
In a world where Life and Death are gods and they find their other halves in the human world. *will be edited in a while*
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I Can [Twice X Reader] by TofuRabbit
I Can [Twice X Reader]by ~ 𝐋 ~
"Just because you're weak now dosen't mean you can't get stronger" Lee Y/n, is a girl who gets bullied for being weak. What will happen when she gets transferr...
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Fake Boyfriend (TaeNy's Fanfic) by B00000000
Fake Boyfriend (TaeNy's Fanfic)by Boooooooo
Oh yeah might as well post it here ^^ Taeyeon is involved on Tiffany's plan to spy her boyfriend who Tiffany herself assumes cheating behind her back. By turning themsel...
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Wishing You Were Here by fanficsbysones
Wishing You Were Hereby SNSD Fan Fictions
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Scandalous Love [GTAE FF.] by solariszari
Scandalous Love [GTAE FF.]by Zari ✨
"I want you, I need you, I love you," GD said huskily. I could smell the liquor on his breath. I let out a low chuckle, quite confused because of his proximity...
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(C)Vampire Love 2 : Our Kingdom by Yeollie_Girl
(C)Vampire Love 2 : Our Kingdomby 🌸wenyeol🌸
Mereka turun ke Bumi demi menyelamatkan diri daripada musuh baharu iaitu Leon. Tak disangka mereka boleh berpecah dan hilang ingatan. Takdir menentukan pertemuan semula...
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Playgirl by dailytaeny
Playgirlby jellytaeny
In which Kim Taeyeon found it's odd to fall in love with her own employer, or known as Tiffany Hwang, the playgirl.
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The Long Lost Legendary Princess  by _zzxjxzz_
The Long Lost Legendary Princess by ❤
Paano kapag nagising ka sa isang lugar puno ng mahika Paano kung sa lugar na iyon matagpuan mo ang tunay mong pagkatao Paano kapag nalaman mong ikaw ang . . . . . . . ...
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Miss Kim's Favor [COMPLETED]  by cynsfoot
Miss Kim's Favor [COMPLETED] by ¥en
When Lalisa Manoban, the intern doctor at the hospital, tried to save the sickly girl (Kim Jennie) at the hospital from jumping off the building in a suicide attempt, sh...
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The Sugar Daddy by domieclare
The Sugar Daddyby DomiEclare
Seorang namja sudah terlihat biasa dengan kekayaan dan yeoja-yeoja di sekitarnya. Termasuk dengan tiga orang namja yang mendapat julukan sebagai seorang sugar daddy. Mer...
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Her Voice | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
Her Voice | BaekYeonby 사랑하자 🌹
"I fell in love with her voice first." - A BaekYeon Fanfiction
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By Chance: YOU and I (WenRene) by honeysleepysun
By Chance: YOU and I (WenRene)by Nicole
Son Wendy is the daughter of the owner of the school that she's currently enrolled. A Happy Go Lucky girl who still excels with her academics. Despite of having all the...
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Look Up by ShielaMarieMaravilla
Look Upby Shiela Marie Maravilla
All through out her life she'd been disgusted by her ownself. When she was young she thought it would be normal to have a male genitalia which in fact she's a female. On...
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Changes | Seulrene  by SerenaKyle
Changes | Seulrene by ᴍS.Kʏʟᴇ
𝓐 𝓢𝓮𝓾𝓵𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓮 𝓕𝓪𝓷𝓯𝓲𝓬 It all started when seulgi drunk text irene. The two accidentally met each other and they became close. Irene started to have feelings...
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♚️Once In A Life Time♛️ by MYAndSSLY
♚️Once In A Life Time♛️by Dee Di's Yan Yan
May Yan ရဲ ႔ 2nd Fic ​ေလးပါ ♔️ Taeny ♕️ ပါပဲ I love Taeny 💓 i'm always forever locksmith 💘 & Sone. အ​ေရးသားည့ံရင္​​ေရာ လိုအပ္​ခ်က္​႐ွိရင္​​ေရာ သည္​းခံ​ေပးၾက​ေနာ္​ ✌...
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