Call Me Kara! by ShubhamKrSingh0109
Call Me Kara!by Shubham kumar singh
Betrayed by her own world and left for dead an old friend arrives to save Kara from death. Deciding she has had enough of risking her life for others, Kara starts a bran...
  • sara
  • theflash
  • kara
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Not Just An Ordinary Family by Rosesecrets
Not Just An Ordinary Familyby Rose
#7 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) Shiva and Shalini were the perfect couple. Unfortunately, their closest friends Narain and Anuradha would never get along with each ot...
  • ajith
  • hate
  • generalfiction
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the first time _ legends of tomorrow (S.L) by joycevds1
the first time _ legends of Joyce Van der Schoot
"Everyone has a monster within them. Some are just afraid to show it." Kayline Stipe never had an easy life. When she discovers her powers she goes looking for...
  • theatom
  • sara
  • hawkman
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Don't Leave Me by Veronica_Snow
Don't Leave Meby Veronica Snow
Michael Scofield. Brother is in jail, dad is missing, mom is dead. What's left to lose? Rob a bank, get thrown in jail with his entire chest, back, arms, and legs tattoo...
  • sara
  • scofield
  • prison
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falcon [sara lance] by ayrpluto72
falcon [sara lance]by Kirsty
She couldn't save her sister. But she sure as hell will save her, in more ways than one. [sara lance x oc] [ranked #1 in saralance 11/05/18]
  • merlyn
  • legends
  • wattys2018
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Yours Forever.... by yellowumbrellagirl08
Yours yellowumbrellagirl08
They say true love never dies. But on that fateful day it did and then years later it was reborn....... Nandini has just shifted to Mumbai. She meets new people and mak...
  • ky2ff
  • mystery
  • alya
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falke [sara lance] by ayrpluto72
falke [sara lance]by Kirsty
A sudden loss changed their lives forever. Little did they know, something much more shocking was coming. [sequel to falcon][sara lance x oc]
  • queen
  • leonardsnart
  • stein
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Millionaire's : Ex-Wife (Rewriting) by KristinaMapa
Millionaire's : Ex-Wife (Rewriting)by Tin
Lucas Sebastian Elizalde, one of the richest and young billionaire of the country. He grew up in the limelight and was never shown nor explore the other side of life: po...
  • twins
  • dakota
  • romance
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A Bad Boys Love by MissieA
A Bad Boys Loveby Cutie4life
"I wanted everything to stay the same, but feelings fade and people change." Sara Hutton never wanted change. She loved living in North Carolina where all her...
  • zach
  • love
  • gangs
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Race to Witch Mountain by Cait_lin_louise
Race to Witch Mountainby Caitlin Dunbar
(Fanfiction) Emily Bruno came to Las Vegas to spend yet another summer with her Uncle Jack. However, when two blonde teenagers appear in their cab, things start to get...
  • seth
  • adventure
  • friends
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Ivy Luthor 2 (Supercorp) by SexyLauser
Ivy Luthor 2 (Supercorp)by SexyLauser
Sequel Of Ivy Luthor(Supercorp) It's after 3 years since Jade's death. There has been a lot of changes which has happened in Kara's and Lena's life. Destiny decided to i...
  • lillian
  • kara
  • dcoftomorrow
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J e a l o u s.✿ {Citrus} ✓ by TiredOfLife-
J e a l o u s.✿ {Citrus} ✓by 〚𝓒 𝓪 𝓻 𝓵.⋆〛
jealous ˈdʒɛləs/ adjective: jealous feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages. "she was always...
  • yuri
  • harumin
  • himeko
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Adopted by My Two Dads by ACBell
Adopted by My Two Dadsby A.C. Bell
Can a family open its heart to a little girl that has lost everything? Can she accept going from just having a mom, to having two dads, a sister and two brothers? How do...
  • school
  • adopted
  • bother
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She-Devil// Legends of Tomorrow [EDITING] by Toxicobsessed
She-Devil// Legends of Tomorrow [ Meliay B.
||BOOK ONE|| She's dangerous. Daring. Powerful. Zaylee grew up in an abusive home, with parents who forced her to train hard, and steal things for them. She became a gre...
  • dc
  • heatwave
  • action
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Passion Of Love (Completed✔) by Romancophobia95
Passion Of Love (Completed✔)by Digisha
Cover Credit : @A_rebelliousdreamer This book is story of a fun loving girl whose life changed after being raped by her one school enemy. I try something different. ...
  • togetherness
  • cuteness
  • randhir
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The Broken Daughter (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by books_and_kittens
The Broken Daughter (Percy Hello world
She never knew. She never had the slightest clue of the power inside of her. Now, she learns about herself and has to choose, will she fight for or against destiny?
  • sara
  • percyjackson
  • daughterofapollo
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Akulli im i zjarrtë ✔ by Elis1queen
Akulli im i zjarrtë ✔by E.L.I.S
Sara eshte ose me mire te themi ishte nje 19 vjecare si gjithe te tjerat deri ne diten e ditelindjes se saj, ku gjithcka ne jeten e saj ndryshoi. Per mire apo per keq? ...
  • wattys2018
  • zjarr
  • shqiperi
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Sara Lance imagines  by RaeBrallier17
Sara Lance imagines by RaeBrallier17
Sara Lance x reader I take requests whenever
  • lance
  • stein
  • palmer
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Stressed Out ♡ LEGENDS OF TOMORROW by hungryhippo-xoxo
Stressed Out ♡ LEGENDS OF TOMORROWby Lana Del Slay
She had to fight like hell, and fighting like hell had made her what she was. [LEGENDS OF TOMORROW; season 1] [Captain Cold/ Leonard Snart] 2016 ⓒ | hungryhip...
  • palmer
  • captaincold
  • lance
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Family by Yoka_payne
Familyby آيـــة ✨
" هل تظنين ان عائلتكِ مازالت موجوده .. ؟ استيقظي ميرنا .. الجميع ترككِ .... " قال زين بسخريه ... محق .. الجميع رحل .. ومازالت تتسائل هل سيشعر احد بها .... &quo...
  • zayn
  • uswa2018
  • merna
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