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falke [sara lance] by ayrpluto72
falke [sara lance]by Kirsty
A sudden loss changed their lives forever. Little did they know, something much more shocking was coming. [sequel to falcon][sara lance x oc]
  • sara
  • lance
  • raypalmer
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Starting Fresh by mrshayesgrier17
Starting Freshby mrshayesgrier17
Read to find out.. :)
  • magcon
  • grier
  • lee
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George Meets The Future  by queensarasnowvampire
George Meets The Future by Sara Kirkland
Sara, George and Lennie went to the Tyler Ranch. Sara fainted and George fainted too they are at the future and they need to get home before it's too late.
  • gerogexslim
  • yaoi
  • candy
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That Night(A Short Story) by mudcat5
That Night(A Short Story)by Sophia Dragneel
The Night that everything thing went wrong when Sara died.
  • night
  • sara
  • mystery
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The Calls by musicahf
The Callsby Anna
  • cheating
  • sara
  • love
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Wingfeather Saga Chatroom [On Hiatus] by Skywalker15
Wingfeather Saga Chatroom [On Sara Wingfeather
Calling all Wingfeather Saga fans!!! Have you ever wondered what would happen if all of your favorite characters from the land of Aerwiar got together in the same room...
  • nia
  • saga
  • fantasy
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Todo cambio gracias a ti ( Niall y ____ ) by BlastoideOMG
Todo cambio gracias a ti ( Niall BlastoideOMG
_________ Smith Payne si ella es prima de Liam Payne aunque no tenía ni idea... toda su vida fue bien pero cuandonsu madre murió su vida fue de mal en peor asta encontra...
  • lolabeautiful325
  • omg
  • sara
Fading Glory by cupcakepopstar
Fading Gloryby Kayley
Bella-Le Jonson is a sixteen year old who is a rebel. She became like this ever since her mom died. All she has is her dad. When she becomes friends with Alexa Barneo...
  • teenfiction
  • bellale
  • sara
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All of Time and Space by whatthehaleisgoingon
All of Time and Spaceby Maddie
After meeting the Doctor at her brother's wedding, Sara Williams finds herself caught up in adventures more amazing than she ever could have imagined - and she absolutel...
  • love
  • sister
  • doctor
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Quin Vs. Quin by Cherri-Bombz
Quin Vs. Quinby Maria
Hey, this is just the continuation of QvQ. It's gonna start exactly where I stopped last time. I will recap you if you are still confused:). Other then that, New Series...
  • romance
  • surprise
  • qvq
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Songfic Oneshots: One Direction + Sara Bareilles by eswee9
Songfic Oneshots: One Direction ᴡᴡᴡ
This is a series of One-shots that focus on One Direction that are based on themes and songs by Sara Bareilles. I'll list the songs here as I post the songfics, and each...
  • louis
  • direction
  • songfic
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The Story of Sonny Sahib by gutenberg
The Story of Sonny Sahibby gutenberg
  • gutenberg
  • jeannette
  • duncan
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Sara and Anahi goes to Hogwarts  by queensarasnowvampire
Sara and Anahi goes to Hogwarts by Sara Kirkland
me and my friend are in this book as adopted sisters. Harry and Ron got their memories back and knew that I was their daughter.
  • fred
  • sara
  • anahixfred
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Welcome to my life. by SaraCoto
Welcome to my Sara Coto
If you would support me if I created a support group for people who are depressed or self harm as a Girl Scout gold award project, please comment. It would mean the worl...
  • brides
  • normal
  • deefizzy
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The Five Masters of the Schoolgrounds by dramallama2
The Five Masters of the drama llama
In Jacksville Highschool. There are five crazy friends who stand out from the rest, Megan, Andrea, Camila, Sara, and Mel. They each have there own flaws, but that's ok...
  • camila
  • mel
  • andrea
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Komedická Parta  by TaSexy_
Komedická Parta by TaSexy_
Ahoj, Já jsem Sára.Je mi 18 let v Březnu mi bude 19. Mám Dlouhé hnědé vlasy se světlejšími hnědými přírodními pramínky,hnědo zelené oči ( spíše zelené ). Výšku mám 175...
  • 18
  • sara
  • veryfun
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Lukes secret love by _Lucky_
Lukes secret loveby _Lucky_
This story takes place before our dear Demi-God Percy Jackson comes to Camp Half-blood. So if you are looking for Percy, you're in the wrong place. This story will only...
  • sicret
  • beautifu
  • aphrodite
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