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Kakairu (bdsm)  by carousellaz
Kakairu (bdsm) by Satan
This is a kakashi x iruka (kakairu) but it is a total bdsm. Might be disturbing for some. You been warned. c:
Confusing (Naruto One Shots) by Sassy_Reader4
Confusing (Naruto One Shots)by Kari
This book in includes one shots of SasuNaru, SakuIno, ShinoKiba, KakaIru, GaaLee, ShikaNeji, and possibly more! I take recommendations as well, enjoy my one shots! ❤
Drowning by booobbypooh
Drowningby booobbypooh
"溺水", meaning "Drowning" . Umino Iruka tried to drown himself in the same way Shisui died, but failed.
Kakashi x Iruka ⚠️LEMON🍋 by ExtraThicOrochimaru
Kakashi x Iruka ⚠️LEMON🍋by ..Bakayaro..
This is my first ever story!! Idk if it will come out good. It's gonna be a smut story😏 none of the photos are mine. idk who drew them.. I got them off safari🥶. 🥵en...
Kakashi adopted Naruto by _Katsu_Kuma_
Kakashi adopted Narutoby Kuma
What if the 3rd Hokage hired Kakashi to take care of Naruto? So, Kakashi adopted Naruto. What does Naruto think about Kakashi having a boyfriend and marrying him? Discla...
The Blind Prodigy - A Naruto Fan Fiction (Being Rewritten) by TheArthurianAuthor
The Blind Prodigy - A Naruto Fan F...by Charlie
What if Naruto was blinded at a young age? Will being 'brothers' with Kakashi, best friends with a demon, knowing his family origins, secret ANBU and as smart as a Nara...
Naruto( story includes) : - nature's guardian - 7 mates - a mask - made friends with the Kyuubi no Kitsune (nine tail fox) - henge - hated by everyone in the village...
Hidden love  by Moonlight_Multi_mez
Hidden love by Moonlight the bloodHound
Soo I'mma try to do some Naruto ships cuz why not soo cuz why not this is a high school AU where Naruto is mute (I got the Idea from Jn R King on YouTube check him out)...
The Light in the Dark [ENGLISCH/GB] by RaphaelWonder
The Light in the Dark [ENGLISCH/GB]by Raphael Wonder
A fine little story of how two lonely shinobi hearts slowly come together. Maybe even with one or two detours! Updates will follow very irregularly and I don't know yet...
Naruto :The genius  by Glich_7019
Naruto :The genius by Dymon_art
Smart Naruto Iruka and Kakashi are his "parents" The first chapters are a bit cringe but it gets better I only write at like 2-4 AM or when I'm drunk (You'll k...
Iruka's Life (Kakairu) by Enkai_Umino
Iruka's Life (Kakairu)by Enkai Umino-Hatake
When Iruka Umino is in love with the Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, things begin to spark. Would you ever think a lowly Chunin like Iruka would have his own story, his own powe...
Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglect by getwow21
Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglectby getwow21
Naruto Namikaze is a apart of triplets that were born on the day of the nine-tail attack. His father Minato Namikaze sealed the Ying and Yang halves into two of his chil...
Naruto the Rouge by SNS_BKDK
Naruto the Rougeby Dilia Duarte
Basically Naruto goes rouge when he can't handle things anymore, he just wants some space for himself where he can feel safe but how will a certain raven act when he fin...
A dark but bright relationship (Kakashi x Iruka) by bigbird853
A dark but bright relationship (Ka...by bigbird853
TW⚠️ SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS, SMUT, AND FLUFF Kakashi is in a very dark place after flashbacks of his fathers, Obitos, Rin, and Minatos death. He becomes suicidal...
hidden beauty (SASUNARU) by misania_chan
hidden beauty (SASUNARU)by misa_chan
Naruto the most hideous boy on earth. He is a slave to the hyuga family and is force to marry the Prince of the Black wolves Kingdom in the south. The second he arrived...
Naruto ship pics! by Shitty_Hair69
Naruto ship pics!by Shitty_Hair69
Cute pictures of Sasuke and Naruto Ino and Sai Itachi and Deidara Kakashi and Obito Temerai and Shikamaru Sasori and Deidara Hashirama and Mandara NEW Naruto and Hina...
【Yaoi Smutshots】 by PopYoShit
【Yaoi Smutshots】by niggaNO
Fan art by Zoldack7
Fan artby Beep Boop bop☏
Just some fan art I really like
Narusasu Oneshots by -Zuna-
Narusasu Oneshotsby -Zuna-
This is mostly practice writing for me, separate from my main account. Some other ships are gonna be thrown in there such as KakaIru, GaaLee, maybe some SakuHina, SakuIn...
KakaIru One-shots by OsamuTheStorm
KakaIru One-shotsby Samandriel
One-shots about KakaIru! If you have any ideas please comment and I'll make a chapter about it with a shout out included. If you don't know, KakaIru means Hatake Kakashi...