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Let Me In.  ||   KakaIru by NintendHoes
Let Me In. || KakaIruby 🌈
"I won't hurt you, I Promise. Kakashi was always alone and on his own. His best friends were the books he read, Asuma...and the time he spent to himself. What if on...
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Tangled! SasuFemNaru Style! by Akahana_9
Tangled! SasuFemNaru Style!by Jessica
Every heard of that movie 'Tangled'? The absolutely fantastic movie about a lost Princess named Rapunzel, and a dashingly handsome young thief of a a man named 'Flynn Ri...
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Betrayed Banishment - Naruto Fanfiction [Adopted] by Ciel_Rider
Betrayed Banishment - Naruto Fanfi...by Ciel_Rider
An adopted story. Credit goes to the Author-sama and Kishimoto-dono ♡♡♡ 💗
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🤍Candy Hearts || Kakashi Hatake x Iruka Umino🤍 by presmic
🤍Candy Hearts || Kakashi Hatake x...by 🇪​🇷​🇮
With all of his students absent to continue their training, Kakashi Hatake is just a little bit lonely, especially considering how he doesn't have anyone to spend Valent...
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The bond of friendship: kakashi x iruka  by black_neko_
The bond of friendship: kakashi x...by Insertgoodfakename
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Blood in the water [Kakairu] by haydenxkakashi4eva
Blood in the water [Kakairu]by Hayden
why did Kakashi show up a foot away from death in Iruka's apartment why did Iruka agree to babysit the jonin through physical therapy why is it that the harder both of...
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kakairu one-shots  by Spanglish_Queen2
kakairu one-shots by anime is life!
since my old one got delete along with my account I'm making new ones! don't worry I was able to save some of the old so enjoy!
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Two Dads by Traffy_Senpai
Two Dadsby Traffy_Senpai
Kakashi and Iruka have a twelve year old daughter named Kirishi. These two dads are trying to go through life with their daughter. This is a modern Au. Overprotective Ka...
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Kakairu Oneshots by quidditch07
Kakairu Oneshotsby quidditch07
Kakairu Oneshots based on Au's for all your Kakairu needs.
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dolphins ;; kakairukaka by fizzxi_
dolphins ;; kakairukakaby ☎︎
a kakairu fanfic. discontinued ×♨︎ n. 1 ; kakairu n. 111 ; sasunaru
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• |Parents Gøals| • by KilluaIsGonsBF
• |Parents Gøals| •by klarisse jancey albert
(this does not have KakaNaru. only father and son fluff) Kakashi Hatake never thought of being a parent,Too much of a drag. well now he was assigned to care care of a st...
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The taste of your lips. (Kakashi x Iruka oneshots) by Cupcakelover3913
The taste of your lips. (Kakashi x...by Shio Snow
Just some oneshots with Kakashi and Iruka (Kakairu) Best rankings ever gotten: Kakairu #1 out of 125 Irukaxkakashi #1 out of 11 Iruka #12 out of 540. Update #1 out of 54...
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My Brother's Rival (Might Guy x Reader) by SeptiplierGeek16
My Brother's Rival (Might Guy x Re...by Mia Faith Hernandez
Hey everyone so I've literally been thinking about this for like three days straight. My mind had played so many freaking scenes and and I just NEEDED to write it out. (...
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Kakashi x Iruka   (KakaIru) by BakaOtakuxD
Kakashi x Iruka (KakaIru)by BakaOtakuxD
Well this is my first time writing fanfiction, and I decided why not just do my favorite ship from Naruto, I don't have that many chapters done, but I am working on the...
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The Blind Prodigy - A Naruto Fan Fiction by TheArthurianAuthor
The Blind Prodigy - A Naruto Fan F...by Charlie
What if Naruto was blinded at a young age? Will being 'brothers' with Kakashi, best friends with a demon, knowing his family origins, secret ANBU and as smart as a Nara...
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The Fox, The Cat, The Rabbit, The Wolf and The Exhausted Caregiver by Hoseki13
The Fox, The Cat, The Rabbit, The...by Hoseki13
Kakashi is pretty sure putting him in charge of three impressionable children is just a Capital A stupid idea. But what Hokage says, goes. So here goes nothing he guess...
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An Act (A wronged team 7) by shy_loser
An Act (A wronged team 7)by shy_loser
An Act Story Description "Everyone should learn to look underneath the underneath."- Sasuke Uchiha (orphaned, mentally abused) "Everyone in this damn vill...
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The Princess by CloudNarutoNamikaze
The Princessby Cloud Namikaze
Minato arranged a marriage for Naruto before she was born. When she was 13, she was banished by the Council for hurting their precious Uchiha. Her fiancee comes to the v...
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Neglected Gay by CloudNarutoNamikaze
Neglected Gayby Cloud Namikaze
Naruto is gay and for that Minato and Kushina neglects him. When Naruto was 6, he became a member of the anbu black ops. He met Kakashi Hatake, Kiyone Yamato, Iruka Umin...
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That BASTARD is a MAFIA BOSS! (And he's my Husband!)  by SN_Daydreamer
That BASTARD is a MAFIA BOSS! (And...by BgA fan; Kpooper
(Currently writing the entire story before publishing...) He needs to find a wife. Or else everything that he work hard for, to complete his revenge to the group who mas...
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