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The 'A' Word by princcessrosex
The 'A' Wordby PrincessRosex
The 'A' Word is full of thoughts I felt I could never say out loud. It contains my past, my present and my penchant. It holds my truth and has helped me come to terms...
  • selflove
  • truth
  • teen
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teen romance • lil peep by dreamingpeepers
teen romance • lil peepby ☆ᴡᴀɪᴛ ʀɪɢʜᴛ ʜᴇʀᴇ
"hey" "hi" let me guide you to a place where no one hurts you you are safe here with me
  • drugs
  • ariana
  • backstabbing
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why us? todobakudeku  by -lynxy
why us? todobakudeku by hehe
[Main story is complete but I keep adding one shot chapters hehe~ If your looking for smut then look somewhere else coz im too young to write smut ;-;] [I made my own co...
  • bnha
  • threesome
  • myheroacademia
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Broken Love (Male reader X Various Yandere males!) by shady-trash
Broken Love (Male reader X shady-trash
The new kid attracts the attention of 5 boys in school, the intellect, the musician, the introvert, the stoic type and the social butterfly. Sure it starts out innocent...
  • lol
  • maleyandere
  • anime
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My Cheating Wife [girlxgirl] by Yuri_fanfics
My Cheating Wife [girlxgirl]by Yuri_fanfics
A girl named Destiny is married to a millionaire named Velvet Fibbers. To some people they seem like the perfect couple. They have a son and daughter that they adopted...
  • lesbian
  • marriage
  • doggies
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Why?(Fifth Harmony x female reader) by slinkyfan123
Why?(Fifth Harmony x female reader)by slinkyfan123
In this story we come upon a girl who is you well kind like you only sadder and depressed but yeah this story is very feels. Anyway the girl aka you get bullied by the 5...
  • sucidial
  • bullying
  • abuse
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BTS Smut's by MehYoongiZ
BTS Smut'sby Joonies_Secret_GF
Just bts smuts probably cringe but oh well Cover made by jeon-jjk
  • bts
  • btsjin
  • minyoongi
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Bully//Jonah marais by crowneditor
Bully//Jonah maraisby Kayla Marie
Your name is alex short for Alexandra and u are 17 years old.You knew jonah and the rest of the guys your whole life up until you were 13 and u had to moved.When u come...
  • music
  • suicideattempt
  • baby
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You're mine Now. (YoonKook) by ButterFlyMirror
You're mine Now. (YoonKook)by ButterFlyMirror
Yoonkook ff "Forget me Jungkook. Find someone else to love." "I can't Yoongi. You're mine now. I won't let you go because of your past."
  • boyxboy
  • bottomyoongi
  • sexualassault
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Suicidal Deku by DekuandKachan
Suicidal Dekuby DekuandKachan
This is my first fan-fic. If you hate it don't say anything.
  • deku
  • suicideattempt
  • sucidial
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Cursed  by Dictator_Senpai
Cursed by Dictator_Senpai
The irony of being an insurance adjuster when you can barely get car insurance is not lost on Kakashi Hatake. Unfortunately, Naruto Uzumaki appears to be the human embod...
  • angstwithhappyending
  • sucide
  • romance
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No Longer The Same Phantom by MaiDemonLord
No Longer The Same Phantomby Alice XxX
This is my first ever Fanfiction that I'm posting. This story will be about Akashi and The GOM trying to take back their loving Phantom. To bad the Phantom is surrounded...
  • betrayal
  • sucidial
  • knb
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Broken Lonely Shadow by MaiDemonLord
Broken Lonely Shadowby Alice XxX
Kuroko is broken by the one person he trust more then anything. The one who didn't want him to quit at something he love. Now he nothing to love. He's all alone in the s...
  • kurokonobasket
  • knbfanfic
  • aomine
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Peter Parker X reader Hanging alone by Panic_WithMe
Peter Parker X reader Hanging aloneby Panic_WithMe
16 year old y/n is severally depressed. Her bff Peter try's to help her. By living with her for a few days. Peter leaves to get something at the store. And he comes back...
  • smutmaybe
  • depprsion
  • romance
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Baby Don't Cut 🔪 L.H by CalciumTHood
Baby Don't Cut 🔪 L.Hby Wiki
There is alot of triggering scenes in this story, if you are not into that please do not read the book and give it hate. This was inspired by the song 'Baby Don't Cut' b...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • sucidial
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Love and War by aliyah_brockstar
Love and Warby Aliyah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What do they become? What happens to their best friend? What happens when a fight breaks out between the two and what does it lead to? 3 teens and a lifetime ahead of th...
  • kidnapped
  • depression
  • colby
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MIDNIGHT TEXTS || SATZU ✔by Bts's Bts's❣
"who are you"? " Someone who hates your husband " "what"? Wherein sana a close by neighbour stalks tzuyu chou , a newly wedded lady by her...
  • twice
  • busy
  • girls
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Living With These Weirdos|✓ by baby-dolly
Living With These Weirdos|✓by Bethany Erin
{Adopted into a famous life 2} When Abigail finally gets home after being kidnapped she finds her life to be different than the last time she saw her parents. Her life w...
  • katrinastuart
  • sucidial
  • samandcolby
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Coverups And Lies || j.jk by Baby_Jungkookie_
Coverups And Lies || j.jkby kookie StoryArtist
Min Yoona [Yuna] is a 16 year old nerd who's abused by her parents and even though she goes to school it was more worse for her everyday. She would be bullied by girls a...
  • sucidialthoughts
  • lovetriangle
  • romancefanfiction
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Last Letter by anuvashah
Last Letterby anuva
The story is about Alice and her special crush. This LGBT thing is new for everyone in the Bay View high and some people are against it. Not only that but there are some...
  • hatelove
  • selfharmawareness
  • gaylove
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