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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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Horror Stories ✓ by aliensretreat
Horror Stories ✓by أسود
WARNING: This book contains rainbows! Grey rainbows. Made with anything but love, this book contains chilling tales that you must never read in the dark. copyright © ali...
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The Devoured // Heroes of Olympus {on hold} by Opheliac_
The Devoured // Heroes of Olympus...by ・:*✧ pershie ✧*:・
The Apocalypse is upon us. Cover made by: @lostamongstars
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Criminal Minds: Flesh & Blood by SamanthaWilde
Criminal Minds: Flesh & Bloodby Sam
Alana Covington hasn't had the easiest life. Now that she's being accused of murder, even less so. Having lost her family at an early age to a serial killer, she promise...
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Flesh (BxB Percico) by Halbear789
Flesh (BxB Percico)by Hal
After a bad fight with Annabeth, she and Percy break up. A few days later, after skipping a campfire, Percy finds Nico in his cabin. Nico has something he needed to tell...
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Naruto and the demons eyes (Naruto fanfic) by painanime
Naruto and the demons eyes (Naruto...by painanime
what would have happened if Naruto awoken a ferry deadly and feared ocular jutsu that has the power to destroy the world if used in the wrong hands. ~~~~~~~ this is my s...
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apocalypse smut by Lioooons
apocalypse smutby bea
ya, Idk either :/
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Sins Of The Flesh ~A Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Fiction Story~ by RHPSFranksGirl
Sins Of The Flesh ~A Rocky Horror...by RHPSFranksGirl
Violet has found herself living with Dr. Frank N Furter after being dumped by her boyfriend and on the verge of loosing her job. When housed by Furter, she is to be expe...
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I'm Active, I mean Sexually by peacockd
I'm Active, I mean Sexuallyby 〽️AYA TYLER
With the ultimate aim of getting greener pastures in the promising street of Accra, a young hustler ends up getting more needs met than anticipated. Man shall not live b...
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Tokyo Ghoul: Welcome to Hell by ShimmyFire299
Tokyo Ghoul: Welcome to Hellby ╊ I ᵃᵐ ʰᵉʳᵉ ╉
Over the years, the number of ghouls has dramatically increased. The CCG is struggling to keep all the citizens of Tokyo safe until a girl with unique talents shows up...
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The walking dead gif imagines and random imagines  by wild_fire88
The walking dead gif imagines and...by wild_fire88
The walking dead gif imagines, request in comments, happy to write just about anything haha, and any character, and also choice stories, which you guys can figure out al...
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Scribbled Notes!  by skylights07
Scribbled Notes! by Emily Johnson
These poems are my healers. Somehow writing 'em was the perfect way of killing time since it's hard being insomniac!! Hope u guys would appreciate and as *sentiments de...
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Hunter X Hunter X Tokyo Ghoul《Mixed Dimensions》 by SilentWind5
Hunter X Hunter X Tokyo Ghoul《Mixe...by Silent Wind
Kaneki's little sister Mui Kanzaki finds a mysterious key that can unlock different worlds enters the world of Hunter x Hunter and meets the two boys Gon and Killua whil...
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Morning Sex. by TemporaryEuphoria
Morning Sex.by Pauline Aphiaa
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The Pale Cage by Christian_Otaku
The Pale Cageby Christian_Otaku
The Doctor awakes to find himself in a glass prison, surrounded by people in white lab coats. His reflection in the glass reveals that he isn't who he thinks he is. Why...
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Harbouring A Ghoul (KanekiXReader) by Amethysttheoneandonl
Harbouring A Ghoul (KanekiXReader)by Amethyst
You've been friends with Kaneki as long as you remember, being Hide's twin sister, why wouldn't you? You had to separate from them as you got a scholarship to go Nursing...
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Undead: The Journal of the Thinking Zombie (Short Story) by hope_forever_18
Undead: The Journal of the Thinkin...by I'm Hope, I'm 20, and adultho...
I don't have a name. I know I did have one, I just can't remember it anymore. The world around me has changed, and I'm surrounded by other creatures like me. Stupid, slo...
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BED SINS l Cameron Dallas by hanhawoo
BED SINS l Cameron Dallasby hanhawoo
Brie meets eye-candy Cameron at a club one night, and instantly she felt something. She's not sure what it was but what she does know is that she wanted him. And he want...
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Scary Shorts by MizfitZDoll
Scary Shortsby MizfitZDoll
it's a short horror story. Enjoy :)
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