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Waves and Bones (A Nico di Angelo love story) by IamAthenasDaughter
Waves and Bones (A Nico di Angelo...by Quinn
Sophia Jackson is the daughter of Poseidon and half-sister of Percy Jackson. she was randomly left at the door of the Jackson family four years after Percy was born with...
Hogwarts gains +1 ghost king by SammyValdezTheBoss
Hogwarts gains +1 ghost kingby Sammy Valdez
After the Second titan war, Nico has gone back to doing jobs for his father. When Lord Hades (Pluto if you're roman like me) issues Nico to go under cover as a wizard to...
3 Days to Fall in Love by xshipsetsailx
3 Days to Fall in Loveby god i have too many ships
The classic 3 days and the same "Doctors orders." Nico hears them every day, until one day, they sound different.
Black Magic // Percico by Opheliac_
Black Magic // Percicoby ・:*✧ pershie ✧*:・
✓~ Nico Di Angelo wasn't much for humans. So pesky with their small minds and lack of flare. But Nico was big on bets. Though he has an annoying tendency to lose those...
The Gender Bender: Percy Jackson and the Fates book 1 by sagariolily
The Gender Bender: Percy Jackson a...by Wild flower
*Book 1 of the Percy Jackson and the Fates series (PJF)* This whole story started with seven gems made by a primordial daughter of Chaos and Order. Imagine being to able...
Solangelo Oneshots by 23ShipsQueen23
Solangelo Oneshotsby 23ShipsQueen23
Decided to start this one because we love Will and Nico here. Fluff and angst ahead! I love and do take requests so please leave them! Enjoy these oneshots lovelies!
Flawless - Percico/Pernico/Perico - Percy and Nico by goodbyetuesday
Flawless - Percico/Pernico/Perico...by K
Um yeah spoilers of you haven't read House of Hades but I mean who hasn't Anyway I found the who Nico/Percy thing absolutely adorable even though I love Annabeth/Perc...
A Solangelo Alphabet by Bane_is_Bae
A Solangelo Alphabetby Trip
26 short Solangelo stories; one for each letter!
luce del sole (sunshine) by ShineorFade
luce del sole (sunshine)by mysa
a solangelo story :). "You shine," he said, "you know that, right?" Nico rolled his eyes. "Can it, Solace. I'm so going to tease you for this...
Nico di Angelo Headcanons and Stuff (COMPLETE) by AnnabethJackson0000
Nico di Angelo Headcanons and Stuf...by Cookie-Senpai
AND it includes his ships too (e.g. Reynico, Valdangelo, etc.). ENJOY PS This is my first time doing a headcanon thing so go easy on me, k? and I take requests I own the...
Camping by anna_beth_00
Campingby Pariahbutnot
Your mom decided that taking you on a camping trip with her friend and her son was an amazing idea. Little did you know you'd be spending it with Nico.
How To Fix A Broken Heart: Solangelo fanfic by Lovehatedream
How To Fix A Broken Heart: Solange...by Lovehatedream
So, this is the first fanfiction I'm posting on this app... Ehhh... It's just your normal solangelo fanfic. Lots of tears and feels. Umm constructive criticism is aloud...
Percy Jackson and The Council's Army by Jash_Parikh
Percy Jackson and The Council's Ar...by Jash Parikh
The war is over; Percy Jackson hopes to breathe a sigh of relief and have his happily ever after with Annabeth Chase. In comes Gwen - a daughter of Venus, claiming to b...
Please welcome the Ghost king,  Nico di Angelo, at Hogwarts by Lyla_Pearl_Bisaster
Please welcome the Ghost king, Ni...by Lyla_Pearl_Bisaster
The title says it all. I'm still going to say it. Nico goes to Hogwarts! Yay! With Will! Harry Potter and Heroes of Olympus crossover I don't own HP or HoO (or do I?) ...
solangelo oneshots  by theatrecats
solangelo oneshots by ★Jules★
THERE ARE TWO THINGS IN THIS BOOK: •a collection of one shots •a fanfiction character credits (excluding Eli) to Rick Riordan, cover art credits to unknown artist.
Nothing Left To Say (Percico) by XxhoodlumxX
Nothing Left To Say (Percico)by Liam+Boo
BoyxBoy Percico "Say it!" I repeated. "Tell me what you actually think of me! You're just like everyone else, Jackson, I know it! Just admit it-" P...
We Will Rise |2| The Ascension by thedoctorcried
We Will Rise |2| The Ascensionby thedoctorcried
✅ approx. 205,000 words. The Doctor and McKenzie started out small but now they're famous for saving New York alongside the Avengers. How will a new companion or two a...
Worth the Fight- A Solangelo Royalty AU by solangelo_ships
Worth the Fight- A Solangelo Royal...by Grace {she/her}
{COMPLETED} \ I suck at descriptions so here is a preview for you! I hope you like it! Will is a prince and Nico is the kingdom's thief. Enjoy! / WPOV- I watched in awe...
Avengers meet the Ghost King by fanficreader14
Avengers meet the Ghost Kingby fanficreader14
What happens when Nico is sent on a quest to kill a new breed of monsters. But something is different with this quest . Nico has to join a team of mortals , the Avengers...
Lips (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction) by alexinthebathroom
Lips (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)by alexinthebathroom
Percy can't help but love the way Nico mouths along to songs, books, movies, etc. Considering that's basically all he can do. But the past always leaves some mark on us...