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STILETTO SISTERHOOD - Wattys2016 winner for HQ Love by FallonDeMornay
STILETTO SISTERHOOD - Wattys2016 ♕ Khaleesi ♕
PRIYANKA, ISOBEL, CAITRIONA, ESHE & SHAYNE are five diverse 20-something best friends out to conquer their dreams. But even the best laid plans can go awry when life kic...
  • sisters
  • sexandthecity
  • girlfriends
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Facing Her Demons (Lesbian, Transgender) by Blake_is_Awesome
Facing Her Demons (Lesbian, Blake
"You're chickenshit. I'm tough shit. And we're in a complicated relationship. I get it. Now kiss me." -- wisely said by Michelle Wachowski Francis Hughe...
  • girlxgirl
  • transgender
  • fights
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We should be together (posie AU) by gnarlydestiny
We should be together (posie AU)by gnarlydestiny
A universe where Penelope is actually best friends with Lizzie while also being in love with Josie.
  • fanfiction
  • cw
  • witches
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My 10 over-protective brothers |Completed| by rosesareblue01
My 10 over-protective brothers | Dani 💓
16 year old Amelia lives on her own with 10 over protective brothers. Her parents died, she never met her mother, and she got into an accident with her father which lead...
  • death
  • badass
  • brothers
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Paralyzed by how_to_be_awkward101
Paralyzedby Ya girl
*Highest rank #2 in Chicklit* "You're a girl?!" He asked in disbelief. "No, I'm a panda," I said, sarcastically. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...
  • pregnancy
  • girlfriends
  • cliche
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My Bio by jello-wolf
My Bioby jello-wolf
  • biography
  • girlfriends
  • personal
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All Hail The Queens (Lesbian) by tahjthegreat
All Hail The Queens (Lesbian)by Tahj The Great
Coming out is totally in. And Gia does it in a way that sends the school's social hierarchy in a complete mayhem of chaos. Now, Gia and the adorably certified GBF and he...
  • out
  • relationships
  • taygetsthegay
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My Bestfriend's Boyfriend by watt26ema
My Bestfriend's Boyfriendby watt26ema
Have you ever had that one secret that you tell no one, not even your best friend? That one secret that you keep locked up in your mind so that it can't get out no matte...
  • girlfriends
The diary of a special girl by Imjustaregularbitch
The diary of a special girlby Imjustaregularbitch
Lilly is a 14 year old girl who has a crush on her best friend but doesn't know how to tell her, so she writes in her diary what happened when she realized she was lesbi...
  • gay
  • morethanfriends
  • girls
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Some Dreams Do Come True by 1D_5SOS_are_daddy
Some Dreams Do Come Trueby Jazz
{A One Direction fanfic} (Will Include Zayn) Natalie Materson. She was an athlete at her school but a verbal punching bag at home. Her best friend, Ashley, decided to si...
  • horan
  • singing
  • styles
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OH MY GOSH! (UNDER MAJOR depaznicolegrace
Nicole Riley is a first year college student. Her life will CHANGE a LOT because of one guy. And that guy is her Crush since like FOREVER! One day he just knocked on her...
  • girlfriends
  • humor
Best Friends Together Forever by okaycynthia
Best Friends Together Foreverby okaycynthia
Sarah and Abby have always been best friends, that was until middle school came around. Sarah is more of a nerd who likes to pay attention in class and be herself, she...
  • teachers
  • boyfriends
  • trouble
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Our Love is Headed in One Direction by Kayla_Franklin
Our Love is Headed in One Directionby Kayla
Kristin, Kayla, and Rylee are just three ordinary girls, but everything changes when they meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION! See what happens when their lives collide...
  • kayla
  • chloe
  • seal
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What Are True Friends? by PolarP
What Are True Friends?by Saraya:))
Samantha and Ambree are ready to take on John Jason middle school in Texas together but when Ambree announces she is moving to New York, Samantha is nervous. But on the...
  • secrets
  • populargirls
  • girlfriends
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the fight by robynanderson731135
the fightby robynanderson731135
once upon a time there was this boy
  • friends
  • girlfriends
  • kids
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My Life. by Anonymous_Writer99
My Anonymous_Writer99
I guess people have done many things they regret in their life, but I've stopped regretting, because the things that have happened in the last 3 years of my life aren't...
  • heartbreak
  • girlfriends
  • relationships
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Siangie Twins and Dobre Twins by Yvette_love00
Siangie Twins and Dobre Twinsby love101
Two Twin Brothers aka Lucas and Marcus Dobre end up falling in love with two other beautiful twins named as the Siangie twins aka Sianney and Angelise Garcia. And I hope...
  • marcusdobre
  • couplegoals
  • dobreandsiangie
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God's Other Side  by blissfulmurder
God's Other Side by Dean
All I wished for was to die and go to heaven. But God has a different plan for me. I will add one more part at least every week.
  • fun
  • resentment
  • pain
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