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In the End by Honey_Money_
In the Endby Mo Money
Jovie Rawlings is many things but in control is not one of them. She's arrogant, loud, sassy, the biggest flirt you've ever met and proud to say she's never had a relati...
Accidentally In Love |COMPLETED✔️ by autumn_311
Accidentally In Love |COMPLETED✔️by autumn_311
Nikita Epson has never been one to give up easily. But after finding out that her mother was in some shady business that involved feared by all, devilishly handsome, maf...
World Strongest Swordsman (RWBY X Mihawk/Jaune) by Drunken_Crow
World Strongest Swordsman (RWBY X...by Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc who dreams to be the strongest swordsman will face many challenges to the top, He will learn new things about the world and face them with a fearless attitude...
The Chronicles of Eldoria by H_A_N_A_234
The Chronicles of Eldoriaby @Dream
In the land of Ratan Tara, where magic flows as freely as the wind and adventure awaits at every turn, five kingdoms stand tall - Fire, Spirit, Wind, Earth, and Water. A...
Raine's Stained Paws by ozzylikesnuggets
Raine's Stained Pawsby Ozzy
This is yet another super edition! This is based around my Friends OC. I was happy to Write it and make it into a book for them. But for some parts to make more sense I...
SaiRat- One shot by ArJ463
SaiRat- One shotby M. Dubey
Sai breaking down in front of family members after they keep taunting her about her upbringing. Virat steadily lend his support to her. Can the pain in her eyes melt th...
Cantralot's Heirs by MsBooks17
Cantralot's Heirsby MsBooks17
Sheneil mother was murmured by her first husband, whom she had not divorced and she learned that she has a brother, but her brother doesn't know about it, and he hates h...
Mafia possession  by 0resznn
Mafia possession by oretia
Ariana Albani a sweet girl who crosses path with the Italian Mafia boss "Luciaono Bianchi" the devil himself. Luciaono known for his cruelty and reputation fin...
Just some random short stories by JessieeMarvel
Just some random short storiesby JessieeMarvel
if you like any of these and want me to make them a book just comment or vote on the one you like the most :) xx
The Big Three; Missing by DabixHawks101
The Big Three; Missingby Izuku Midoriya
I took time to make a cover but it was aweful lol. Miriro goes missing and the next day, Nejire was found on the brink of death in an alley way. Detective Kori Kagama i...
Crowns: A Feisty Princess|| Oh Sehun [Hiatus} by Hanalll_
Crowns: A Feisty Princess|| Oh Seh...by Hanalicioussss
A beautiful yet feisty princess meets the hidden prince at midnight, not knowing their paths will cross more than once. [Crowns: 1] ~•~•~•~•~ Oh Sehun Shin Daemi ~•~•~•~...
(Rebelion) The second book of the mackenzie and the hunger games by Kgarrett90
(Rebelion) The second book of the...by Kgarrett90
I won...I won the games... 100th annual hunger games it doesn't feel right, my best friend Hector was killed sacrificing his own life for me. My parents haven't spoke to...
DECEIT-behind the scenes by Harmony1819
DECEIT-behind the scenesby HARMONY'S KREATIONS-currently...
(Previously known as SISTERS) RANKED #10 in FEIRCE (Liskook and Jirose) -----JUDGES DON'T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THIS! ...
Asylum by MBenz757
Asylumby MBenz
I'm the boss, I'm in charge, I'm feminine and independent. I'm Sancha Camryn King, my people call me SK, the people who fear me call me The Stone-Cold Killer. I lack emo...
💵⛓Sold to him ⛓💵 by fhvvvbbvhj
💵⛓Sold to him ⛓💵by fhvvvbbvhj
Alyssa was a fairly normal girl. She was part of a weak mafia family. Her mother died when she was born, her father blames it on her and beats her black and blue. Her fa...
My Little Book of Poems by Soul_Of_Sound
My Little Book of Poemsby Shelbee
Love A simple word, only four letters long Yet it hold so much power It could break you or heal you It could change you completely Love.. Is a powerful thing
The Shadow by 4leafedclover
The Shadowby Azure Avery
A lesbian warrior trying to find a way to get into the royal guards training program in a time where woman are hidden in houses and being apart of the lgbtq+ community w...