This is an MPREG TAEKOOK story. so if you hate gay thingy and IMPOSSIBLE things like this... you can stop reading it here now. also... since it is MPREG this would be F...
  • sidestory
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  • yoonjin
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Our Secret Child (MPREG)  by _bunnyV_
Our Secret Child (MPREG) by _bunnyV_
Foreword "Do you know what does this mean?" . "No?" "You're not virgin anymore you dumbass!" "Who stole it?!" "Grandma i'm...
  • taehyung
  • mpreg
  • bottomkook
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The Holiday | Infatuation (Yandere Boys X Reader) by lostinjapanx
The Holiday | Infatuation ( Hika-chan :)
"We only have one job here... To make sure (Y/n) is happy." . . . (Y/n) is whisked abroad for an exotic holiday with her six guy friends, enjoying herself amon...
  • yandere
  • japanese
  • betrayl
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JUYI [SIDE STORY] by harui30
What is beauty? What is darkness? What is light? What is color? What is green? This is a "side story" to RUYI. To avoid confusion, first read RUYI befo...
  • historical
  • lovestory
  • fiction
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Harem x Male Reader by XDEATH_21
Harem x Male Readerby XDEATH
A 300 followers special... WARNING: There will be incest here Disclaimer: I do not own any media contents, You belong to yourself
  • malereader
  • romance
  • sidestory
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WANTED: ACTOR Role: MAIN ROLE ACTING FEE: 10,000,000 W [i'm writing a new story again and it's #Namseok cuz y not huhuhu]
  • hoseok
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  • sidestory
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Prinxiety //Completed  by Kirisha_ShipsIt
Prinxiety //Completed by Cliqué
I NEED TO WARN YOU NOW! THERE ARE A LOT OF TRIGGER WARNINGS IN THIS BOOK. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOUR ASS. . . . what do you do... When you can't... Stop your dreams...
  • sidestory
  • prince
  • gayfiction
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When the Two Mapangbara Meet (Trinity 10: Miadelyn Caela) by Bianca_ace15
When the Two Mapangbara Meet ( Acelyn Jamaica😂👑
She's Miadelyn Caela Santos or Mikaela for Short. A Cute, Pretty and Mapangbara Girl. Isa sa mga Member ng Trinity 10. May Kaisa-isa lang talaga itong Gusto. Ang Kanyang...
  • inlove
  • brokenhearted
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where in Hoseok signed the annulment papers but Namjoon ripped it into confetti. --- this is a book 2 for Wanted: Actor top! Namjoon bot! Hoseok
  • bl
  • jhope
  • taekook
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sticky notes » winwin by areumdawoes
sticky notes » winwinby s i d n e y
❝ in which an anonymous girl sends her love epistles to the boy she likes named dong sicheng. ❞ started: 160810 completed: [ hiatus ]
  • winwin
  • kpop
  • epistolary
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Raising Sapphire by ForgetfulGal45
Raising Sapphireby ForgetfulGal
Hal Jordan is 23, a huge ladies man, a pilot, and now, he has to learn how to raise a young girl. Follow Hal as he thinks his life has ended but really, it just got a wh...
  • childhood
  • ốc
  • justiceleague
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The Thug Intern and a Mafia Director by the1st_sun
The Thug Intern and a Mafia PAW
A side story of a Love Sick the series Fan Fic, a (more) Chaotic Life of an ex Blue Short Guy. Noh has become an intern in the hospital and guess who the director is? T...
  • sidestory
  • lgbt
  • boyxboy
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trampled flower » vhope [side FF] by wangzico
trampled flower » vhope [side FF]by 🔪7 o 3🔪
一 side story to "pricked" The most important thing is that Taehyung feels better. That's what matters to Hoseok - that his beautiful flower doesn't wither agai...
  • drama
  • hoseok
  • bts
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When A Phoenix Meets A Dragon by Luxiufer
When A Phoenix Meets A Dragonby Luxiufer
a spin off story from Hua Hua You Long Fanfiction, the adventure of Feng, the Third Prince of Datong.
  • huahuayoulong
  • hhyl
  • spinoff
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If I Fall To The Billionaire by hanneyame
If I Fall To The Billionaireby Jehanne Sumisim
Story of fiona and don (Clash of clan love story and when she met the mafia boss,cast) *Clash of clans love story* Fiona and don are together. Don is Sir's cousin *When...
  • mafiaseries
  • revenge
  • wattys2018
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Trouble Maker [Jiyeon&Tao]  by Mrs-Lee
Trouble Maker [Jiyeon&Tao] by ELF
"Yes, you're a bad girl. But I love you."
  • jiyeon
  • troublemaker
  • tao
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team candy by Erickgentile
team candyby Erick gentile
this story is to go along with lordaxoris' story "loki the new god of remnant"
  • loki
  • rwby
  • sidestory
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first love 。yoongi by fluffyjiji
first love 。yoongiby semi-hiatus bc 📚
jennie just chatted you, "kuya! diba ako 'yung first love mo?" | -many of us wants our first love, will also be the last
  • fanfiction
  • btsmembers
  • sidestory
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When Yuu met Seth by NovelistAnne
When Yuu met Sethby Anne
This is a side story to The Legend of the Blue Star! Heat specialist Yuu Hearthfire and Plant specialist Seth Coconut both get invited to the prestigious GSA Academy for...
  • boyslove
  • sidestory
  • romance
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The Cassanova Breaker   (ON-GOING) by AshleyAguas6
The Cassanova Breaker (ON-GOING)by Dyosang_Alien♥
Cassanova. Isang girl na kayang patinuin ang isang cassanova. Isang kwento kung paano nga ito na pa tino madaming nag tataka. Bakit? bakit nya papatinuin ang isang CASSA...
  • wattys2018
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