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Beauty and the Demon ni supladdict
Beauty and the Demonni Miss Sha
(Bloodstone Legacy #2) "Sometimes, it takes a pure and innocent beauty to tame the beast of a demon." Every girl wishes to be a princess. To live in a palace...
When It All Starts Again ni Lena0209
When It All Starts Againni Lena
Anim na taon mula nang magbago ang nakalakhang buhay ni Stella Daprisia, inisip niyang isang malaking pagkakamali na ang lahat ng nangyayari sa kanyang buhay. Mula nang...
Reincarnated As An Emperor's Hated Daughter  ni areaderwrites
Reincarnated As An Emperor's areaderwrites
Haily Constello is an orphan who lives alone and who loves to make a mess. But an unexpected accident happened that changed her life. She got reincarnated as an Emperor'...
Mafia Heiress Possession: Hurricane Thurston ni GoddessNiMaster
Mafia Heiress Possession: Territorial WP
An extraordinary girl who's not afraid of facing all kinds of monsters, Hurricane Thurston is set on an adventure that would shake the world of the Ten Kingdoms. Will sh...
Marriage Contract with the Villainous Prince ni blackmeowie
Marriage Contract with the Queen Arriane (Queen A.M)
"Devil, I don't need love. What I need is power."-Eclipse Caelum ____________ Copy pasted from WRAWA so expect some errors in this story Made in WRAWA Fb Group...
Shantell Reese in the Kingdom of Manta ni Mystery0so
Shantell Reese in the Kingdom of Jerwin
Shantell Reese an IT student, she have the wit, beauty and most of all a gamer who always stand out in this field. One day, she received a golden memory that she thought...
BABY AND A WEDDING![Completed] ni BlackLanthanum
BABY AND A WEDDING![Completed]ni Pukyutan
No matter which Life I am into, I will always choose you, so in this life, please choose me too. [COMPLETED] Namatay siya nang mahulog ang sasakyan na minamaneho sa taas...
Magical Elite Academy: The Anonymous (Completed)  ni Rikamadz
Magical Elite Academy: The Akire Cutie
Witness the magical journey of Kathylina Amara Ferrtollo! Highest Rank Achieved: #1 in Fantasy #1 in Magical #1 in Academy #1 in Elite #78 in Teen-Fiction Bookcover by:...
Violet the Wallflower | COMPLETED ni ariacle
Violet the Wallflower | COMPLETEDni ariacle
What would you do if you have given the chance to live out in your favorite novel? Misty, a normal high school student was reading her favorite novel The Beauty Within w...
Reincarnated as Vampire's Unwanted Mate ni Shen_Manunulat
Reincarnated as Vampire's Shenny
𝗦𝗬𝗡𝗢𝗣𝗦𝗜𝗦 One day, she just reincarnated as vampire's unwanted mate Book cover by: Ms. Keilyn Wp
Tamora Academy (Series #1) ni Eyescoffeeee
Tamora Academy (Series #1)ni A
Sorcerers. Mage. Magic. Spells. Dealing with different dilemmas and revealing the truth behind the mask. Meliora Hart has been hiding for so long, but not until she fina...
The Last Immortal ni Ms_Kylaaa
The Last Immortalni Ky
Si Yssabelle Sebastian ay lumaki sa isang ampunan. Walang kaibigan at pamilya. Walang nakakaalam kung ano ang tunay na pagkatao niya, maliban na lang sa kaniya. Paano ku...
The Man She Met In Her Dreams ni Monami_Pantasya
The Man She Met In Her Dreamsni K
Her dream is someone's reality. His reality is someone's dream. TAGLISH STORY APRIL 2022
The Lost Ice Princess❄ of Elementia Academy👑 ni annen1504
The Lost Ice Princess❄ of Hera
What happens when you found out that you are not what you think you are? And you belong into some magical world, would you cope up or just let it be the way it is? That...
Ways To Escape Death ni shineberry
Ways To Escape Deathni Shine Diong
Sophia D. Ark, an ordinary college student that loves reading fiction as its only way to escape her not-so-good reality. After dying in an unfortunate accident, her soul...
Another Samara (EDITING) ni demirontism
Another Samara (EDITING)ni HIATUS
(COMPLETED) SAMARA HAYA MARTINEZ - She was imprisoned at the age of 20. She was sentenced of death penalty by the court. She planned to escape from prison so that death...
Once A (COMPLETED)   ni REalBUel
Once A (COMPLETED) ni Just Imagine
(1/3) She died. She remember that. But how come she's alive in a different world. And the twist is, she got kids to take care of? Her another story starts as she unveil...
Almira: Unang Heneral ni krayola_03
Almira: Unang Heneralni kray
Almira Fuego, 25 years old, ang klase ng babaeng na kapag ngumiti, mapapangiti ka, sobrang lamlam ng mata mapapaamo ka, at sobrang lambing ng boses, kakalma ka, ngunit s...
Heleina Cross Academy Of Magic: CURSED (Part 1) COMPLETED ni LoVeChikiTita
Heleina Cross Academy Of Magic: LoVeChikiTita
Highest Ranks #1 in Mages as of September 23, 2019 #1 in Mages as of June 28, 2020 #1 in Fantasy-Romance as of June 18, 2020 #2 in fantasy adventure as of May 30, 2020 #...
PRINCESS OF ZHEPRIA #Wattys2016 [ Published Under Pop Fiction #CLOAK] ni xxladyariesxx
Kingdom of Tereshle story #1. [COMPLETED] [Wattys2016//Hidden Gems Category] Althea Magnus. A fierce young lady of Zhepria. Noon pa man ay pinangarap na ni Althea ang m...