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When It All Starts Again ni Lena0209
When It All Starts Againni Lena
Anim na taon mula nang magbago ang nakalakhang buhay ni Stella Daprisia, inisip niyang isang malaking pagkakamali na ang lahat ng nangyayari sa kanyang buhay. Mula nang...
The Death of Athyeia (COMPLETED) ni Aeronicles
The Death of Athyeia (COMPLETED)ni Aeronicles
16 year old Alaina lived a rather short life. at age 16, by an unknown person, she was stabbed. And that was when her unreasonable life began. She was transported to a w...
The runaway bride reincarnated as the bride of heartless Emperor.  ni jamqtiee
The runaway bride reincarnated Jamille Dionicio
Synopsis: AKIRA SENSUI A daughter of a millionaire's family, she's beautiful, smart, strong and a brave women, but when it comes to her family she's nothing but a tr@sh...
Mafia Heiress Possession: Hurricane Thurston ni GoddessNiMaster
Mafia Heiress Possession: Territorial WP
An extraordinary girl who's not afraid of facing all kinds of monsters, Hurricane Thurston is set on an adventure that would shake the world of the Ten Kingdoms. Will sh...
Reincarnated as a Stupid Daughter of the Mafia Boss ni DemLux_Pain
Reincarnated as a Stupid DemLux_Pain
Carnelia Manelli, isang anak ng Major General ng military at sikat na Fashion Designer na sina Jared at Kacey Manelli. Dahil dito, hindi naging madali ang buhay niya sim...
Reincarnated as a Binibini  ni yrioosterical
Reincarnated as a Binibini ni Yriobelle Rousveldt
Isabelle loves reading books, especially a novel. One time may nabasa siyang novel, a famous novel entitled 'Grow Old with You.' Isabelle was betrayed by her sister. Wha...
The Villainess Rise from her Downfall ni asdfghjklurs
The Villainess Rise from her h.y.m.n
[Villainess Series 01: Ellesmeere] One day, I got into an accident, remember my past and reincarnated in the novel as the villainess who got her bittersweet ending, deat...
When Ms. Agent became the Duke's Idiot Daughter (01) ni Fantasylian
When Ms. Agent became the Duke's Miss Fantasylian
Nang regaluhan si Griella ng bomba ng kanyang Fiancé at namatay dahil sa kanyang sariling *Sneez* ay tanggap nya na talagang hanggang dito nalang siya. Ngunit nagulat si...
The Assassin's Reincarnation   ni LiviusGogh
The Assassin's Reincarnation ni Boa
"I just woke up as a villain in the novel that i was reading," - Amara Grammatical errors || Typos || Unedited Ara grew up in an orphanage and became a famous...
Ways To Escape Death ni shineberry
Ways To Escape Deathni Shine Diong
Sophia D. Ark, an ordinary college student that loves reading fiction as its only way to escape her not-so-good reality. After dying in an unfortunate accident, her soul...
The Hated Male Lead is Chasing Her [Complete] ni Alesonah
The Hated Male Lead is Chasing Alesonah
Akira Cruz is just an ordinary university students who is obesses in reading novel and obsessed with many fictional character especially the male lead except the male le...
I was reincarnated as a Kontrabida in another world ni asli_always_asleep
I was reincarnated as a ashlly mhae
PROLOGUE Pagka gising ko nasa ibang lugar na ako at isa pala akong kontrabida sa isang istorya ng mga bida. Eh ano naman? Love story? Ewww, never pumasok sa isip ko unle...
Magical Elite Academy: The Anonymous (Completed)  ni Rikamadz
Magical Elite Academy: The Akire Cutie
Witness the magical journey of Kathylina Amara Ferrtollo! Highest Rank Achieved: #1 in Fantasy #1 in Magical #1 in Academy #1 in Elite #78 in Teen-Fiction Bookcover by:...
Reincarnated as Vampire's Unwanted Mate ni Shen_Manunulat
Reincarnated as Vampire's Shen
𝗦𝗬𝗡𝗢𝗣𝗦𝗜𝗦 One day, she just reincarnated as vampire's unwanted mate Book cover by: Ms. Keilyn Wp
Reincarnated As An Emperor's Hated Daughter  ni areaderwrites
Reincarnated As An Emperor's areaderwrites
Haily Constello is an orphan who lives alone and who loves to make a mess. But an unexpected accident happened that changed her life. She got reincarnated as an Emperor'...
A Timeless Revenge ni Ms-Azerla_Lame
A Timeless Revengeni Azerla Lame
After being betrayed by her bestfriend and fiancee and die in their hand - Catalina Abestreu time travel to the past and bowed to take revenge to change everything once...
When I Reincarnated As the Billionaire's Wife  ni SweetiestNightmare
When I Reincarnated As the Do Not Exist
(The cover is not mine,credits to the rightful owner) Life is too short and Camelle can't accept the fact why some other people just waste it. A girl named Camelle Ann...
His Peculiar Empress, WAS A Man[COMPLETED] ni BlackLanthanum
His Peculiar Empress, WAS A Man[ Pukyutan
[COMPLETED] He was born a beta of the family. Unfortunately, died early without money or fortune, pero totoo ang kasabihan na hindi mo madadala ang mga iyon sa hukay, ca...
Becoming the non-existing character ni Shen_Manunulat
Becoming the non-existing characterni Shen
Title: Becoming the non-existing character Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Action Author: Shen Manunulat Synopsis "I became a character in the story where I don't even bel...
When a Villain wants a freedom (COMPLETE) ni blackimona123
When a Villain wants a freedom ( Alyssahale
Namatay siya dahil sa car accident at hindi inaasahan na mapupunta siya sa libro na binili ng best friend. eh Combat books mga gusto niya! Hindi cliche na mga stories...