Mafia Heiress Possession: Hurricane Thurston

Mafia Heiress Possession: Hurricane Thurston

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Territorial WP By GoddessNiMaster Updated 7 days ago

She's H u r i c a n e with a little bit of devil 
in her angel eyes.

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.

Beautiful but destructive.

She's not the kind of Princess that needs
saving, not a Princess at all.

She's not a damsel in distress.

She's so much more than a royal.

She's a bad ass with a big heart,
and you haven't even seen her bad side yet.

She wasn't born to be soft and quite.

She was born to make the world shatter
and shake at her fingertips.

If she wanted, she could destroy 

She could conquer the world if she
set her mind to it

But she's a good girl.

A good girl that everything you 
can't control.

You can underestimate her,
that'll be fun.

But be ready when she's mad cause
even the demons run for cover.

Because no one expects an angel to
set the world on fire.

She will not bow on every King who wears
a crown, studded with the jewels of
of every lives has ended.

May God have mercy on her enemies,
'cause she won't.

cover made by ; cadetcarswell

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zainnazee zainnazee May 28
Waaaaaaah!!akatsuki no yona?! Omahgaaaaad! One of my faaaaav!!
boomi_21 boomi_21 May 04
. . super ganda po n story nyo hahahaha nakakatuwa sa lahat ng  nabasa kong kwento ito yata ung paulit-ulit kong binabasa hindi nakakasawa . 😆😆😆😄 . .keep up the good work po . .👍👍💕
Kyaa~~ Try niyo pong nanoorin ang ' Akatsuki No Yona' Ang Ganda po grabe. pero mas mataas po ng chapter ang sa Manga. #Otaku4Ever
hooomayyyghhaass Akatsuki no Yona! Super ganda talaga ng manga na yun. So excited to read.Looking forward sa story niyo po. God bless and more votes to come miss author 😋😍😃
mayomaechan mayomaechan Jun 04
omg   i bet ms a si simone   is hak right??  waaaah  otaku her!!!  kyaaah😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖