My Mate Thinks He's My Babysitter  by Paxstories
My Mate Thinks He's My Babysitter by Paxstories
Piper never wanted a babysitter let alone a possessive mate. Well she got both. Me: "It's not fair." Will: "Sorry you did this to yourself." Me:...
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W-ARMY Awards 2018 | Inscripciones Abiertas | by w-army-
W-ARMY Awards 2018 | W Army Editorial
Bienvenidxs a la primera entrega de los W-ARMY Awards 2018. ¿Crees que tu historia merece más reconocimiento en esta gran plataforma? ¿Qué esperas para inscribirte? Aquí...
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Quill and Ink: International Book Awards 2018 [OPEN] by QuillAndInkIBA
Quill and Ink: International Quill and Ink
Season: First Year Established: 2018 Hosts: @DaphneFisherOfficial, @skai_D_limit, @Aurora_Margo An award giving body recognizing talented people in the arts of pen and p...
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Stop Making Us Reincarnate Already! by YouthfulPeach
Stop Making Us Reincarnate Already!by YouthfulPeach
By chance, the tenth princess of the Underworld and seventh prince of Heaven met after sneaking away from the Banquet of Gods. By chance, they got into an altercation t...
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The Novelist  Reviews by NovelistAnne
The Novelist Reviewsby Anne
Looking for the next book to binge? Or do you want to know if your masterpiece is worth a read? The Novelist provides you with thorough reviews on books of all genres. T...
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Character Interviews. (Novels to be read for readers) by Angelic_Vamp
Character Interviews. (Novels to A. L. Lilia
(I DON'T OWN THE PICS OR VIDEOS) For all you readers have been seeing author interviews, reading requests, critics. But have they ever let your own main characters do...
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Its A Wattpad Thing  by Sarahss2000
Its A Wattpad Thing by Sarah Bg
Chatting in a whatsapp group: WLC (Wattpad Ladies Closure) Sarah bg:Hello,please I want a picture of a beautiful lady and a hot guy that I could use as characters for M...
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Chinese Novels Recommendations  by chow_stories
Chinese Novels Recommendations by chow_stories
Here are the books which i have read so far.
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வானவில் சிற்பமே by MadhumathiBharath
வானவில் சிற்பமேby MadhumathiBharath
இது என்னுடைய நாலாவது கதை.இப்பொழுது எழுதிக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறேன்.கதையை அதன் போக்கிலேயே படித்து பாருங்கள்.
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The Dusk  by shamkumarmonger
The Dusk by Sham Kumar Monger
**Mature Content Ahead!** *UNEDITED* Intro. It's a contemporary story of a boy named Dawa who is thought to be lacklustre and socially not well off who is too poor for h...
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طريق الاقناع  by Greek_syrian
طريق الاقناع by girl_mint(louis-girl
آن تعيش قصة خرافية. منذ لقائهم الأول شعرا تجاه بعضهما, تعارفا على بعضهما بهدوء وبدأ حبهما. لم تكن تريد آن ان تشغل مارك بمشاكلها. لكنها كلمته عنها فيما بعد. لكن ماذا سيكو...
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It Takes Forever To Know by Wonderwriter1D
It Takes Forever To Knowby Bella Regular
Highest rank: #2 in #Loveproblems !!! Elizabeth Victoria Stonefield is one typical girl who's life is far from perfect. Broken family, abusive drunken father, confused l...
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Bucket List BOOKS❤ by angel_sree
Bucket List BOOKS❤by angel_sree
Novels that are sooo good that you get addicted and get bookgasm so good that you even forget to sleep eat till you complete the book..👅👅
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MAFiA||BBH by sarallx
MAFiA||BBHby ساااآره تشاااآن
لقد حلت علي كاللعنه،كنت دائما امتلك الاختيار للتحكم في تلك الحياه لكنني الأن أصبحت عاجز.. لقد أصبحت عاجز بفضل حبي لها بالرغم من أننا مختلفان نْعم نْحٍـنْ مخـتٌلُفَآنْ ...
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BOOK COVERS (OPEN) by Syeda_Zara
covers for the wattpad books pm me if you want me to make your book cover All I need is your love and support in return❤❤
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Compilation's by yeppeoyeppeoyo
Compilation'sby Jeon Cheska
please read thank you!!:*
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Romance One-Shots by TwilightSiren
Romance One-Shotsby Twilight Siren
A bunch of one-shots about the romantic life of superheroes, supervillains, characters from novels, or characters from my own stories. Most of them will be focused in th...
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Story Ideas and whatnot by Xivo59secs
Story Ideas and whatnotby X I V O
Where I contain ideas of my future stories which will be posted or not. "Sharing is caring", they said. So here you go. Lol. DO NOT STEAL MY HANDSOME IDEAS. T...
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