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The Maruaders Chronicals : Quest For The Golden Snitch by Scarlett1333
The Maruaders Chronicals : Quest Lunaria
Scarllet has never been one for Fairytales... She has lived her whole life under her twin sister Lily Evans shadow. And for 14 years she has been living a secret life. H...
My Valentine by beyondlocks
My Valentineby Janice Martana
Joey Harris Your typical bad boy and popular boy in school. He has the face , the body and not to mention that he's athletic. He may not be smart in his studies but he's...
Gen Z Awards 2020 ✔ by xRigorMortis
Gen Z Awards 2020 ✔by 艾莉 • Filza
This Awards is dedicated to all the writers and to all the stories in the world. Happy Writing! Stickers by : @ABrunetteGirl and @thegrlulook_for
The Happiness Awards 2020 (OPEN) by TheHappyWriters
The Happiness Awards 2020 (OPEN)by Happy Writers 🌻
Welcome back to the Happiness Awards of 2020! We can't wait to see what you all come up with 💛 Here lies a contest for truly remarkable stories by undiscovered writers...
ethereal goddess//2kim by choerryxclipse
ethereal goddess//2kimby Δ
"Ethereal goddess who does nothing but to read books and drink coffee is just extremely boring." -kim chaewon x kim minjoo, in which chaewon is the campus...
RED: Welcome To Fayetteville | Complete ✔️ by WesleyBryant6
RED: Welcome To Fayetteville | Wesley Bryant
[Highest Ranks] ***2018 Watty's Shortlist*** ***FEATURED STORY*** #1 in Novels #5 in Murder Mysteries #6 in Mystery / Thriller Kathrine Woods was headed to Fayetteville...
Jungle Awards Season 1 by Jungle_Awards
Jungle Awards Season 1by Jungle_Awards
(❌) Open (🌿) Closed for Judging ( ) Ended This is a book award available to all aspiring authors. We will carefully review and judge the books using carefully designe...
حبيبتي منقبة (مكتملة) by E____83
حبيبتي منقبة (مكتملة)by .......
رواية باللهجة الليبية 🇱🇾💚 للكاتبة " بنوتة الجعفري " منقووووولةةة 😊💛
Falling in love with Ms. Bennet by lavenderdaisee
Falling in love with Ms. Bennetby Ven Daisee
Amanda Adams, a romance novelist, has lived in 25 years with only 5 contacts in her phone, barely going out from her apartment, writing romance that she herself has neve...
Chinese Novels Recommendations  by chow_stories
Chinese Novels Recommendations by chow_stories
A list of novels that i have already read or currently reading
Best Books In Wattpad by sweetbirdie
Best Books In Wattpadby marosha black
These are the books that I recommend you read. But this is only my opinion, maybe some books are not your type. Because you are entering my world that is filled with bad...
MATAR SADIQ by Pherty-xarah
MATAR SADIQby Fertymerh Xarah
Complete story of a young girl Ummy.
Best Romance Books on Wattpad! by Enchantress-
Best Romance Books on Wattpad!by Queen Nikki
Do you have a hard time finding a good romance book on Wattpad? Well this is right place for you.I have great romance book recommendations, based on books I have read on...
Race to Refuge by ElizabethSCraig
Race to Refugeby Elizabeth S. Craig
When the world crumbles around you, how do you keep hope alive? Mallory, escaping a damaging relationship, struggles to navigate a chaotic world...where a viral outbreak...
Korean Novels & The Authors  by Jinnxz_
Korean Novels & The Authors by 𝔈𝔲𝔫𝔪𝔦𝔯
Names of Korean authors and their books Mostly Ro-fan!
Heaven Official's Blessing (Romantic Moments)❤💕💞 by Heather_Bell
Heaven Official's Blessing ( ❄
Heaven Official's Blessing novel မူရင်းတရုတ် ဒါမှမဟုတ် eng translation ဒါမှမဟုတ် မြန်မာ translation နဲ့တွဲဖတ်ပေးပါ။ 💞💞ဝတ္တုမဖတ်ဖူးရင်တော့နားလည်မည်မဟုတ်ပါ။ Heaven Offic...
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Hide & Seek: The Last Game by Ms_Horrendous
Hide & Seek: The Last Gameby Jakayla Toney 🏳️‍🌈
Tori and her friends use a ouija board at the ruins of Mr. Harmon's old mansion After losing one of her friends to a supposedly ghost, she seeks for answers. In order t...
This serves a directory that will guide you where you can find the list of all my series and the novels/stories under each series. If you are looking for a certain chara...
Felicity Reviews by TheHappyWriters
Felicity Reviewsby Happy Writers 🌻
| 📌 currently hiring reviewers 📌 | After someone to review your work? To help you grow as a writer or even grow your reader base? Is it your dream to win a contest rig...
Write On! by BRMyers
Write On!by B.R. Myers
How to get the story out of your head and on the page. A collection of blog posts full of writing tips and encouragement. Writing is an ongoing learning experience and w...