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The Beau & the Beast ( boyxboy ) by Emmian_
The Beau & the Beast ( boyxboy )by Emmian
~ A vampires tale ~ ~~~ Belmont runs as fast as he can through the dense forest, he does not dare to look back, or even think, just keep running he told himself, beca...
RP Fight Book by godzilla15
RP Fight Bookby Hank
Enter the world of battle with several scenarios that pit you and a powerful opponent!
Take your Medicine [boy x boy] by an3sth3s1a
Take your Medicine [boy x boy]by 【anestheticallypleasing】
[Not a serious upload] Jae-sang works the night shift in a pharmacy when suddenly an interesting customer walks in, well more like falls in, and they might need more th...
Frozen Beauty || Yu-Gi-Oh Book 2 || by melsforever
Frozen Beauty || Yu-Gi-Oh Book 2 ||by Melly ©
Book #2 of the Love Through Time series A story frozen in time And a curse so cold and lonely Seto Kaiba always rejected the past, looking ahead and not back. Seto was d...
Reign by _the_great_escape
Reignby alaska young
The prince is in search of a queen to rule by his side. For the prosperity of the Kingdom, each of the 12 houses must submit one female as its candidate for the prince's...
Secrets of the universe  by elenesandadzeicloudc
Secrets of the universe by elenesandadzeicloudc
A girl who wants to know more about life and reality, space and time goes on a mission where she finds all the answers. Or does she?
From the Fairy Lore of Oribithia : The Crest by 7JadeKing7
From the Fairy Lore of Oribithia Darcell Kemp
Woulfe Glenn is one of many unfortunate enough to call the Twilight Isle's Roaming Wilderness of Legends Lost home. Tis a dangerous place indeed;a place that claims not...
How did I become a super cute loli?! by an3sth3s1a
How did I become a super cute 【anestheticallypleasing】
[Not a serious upload] What I wanted the title to be: So, I was trying out this virtual reality game and ended up becoming a super cute loli?! Japan has come far with...
Four Corners by SamMc12
Four Cornersby Sam
Ryder, the fire master. Lyla, the water queen. Ethan, the earthshaker. Kara, controller of the winds. Four teenagers with unique elemental abilities are brought toget...
The Original's Hybrid by Pan2da2005
The Original's Hybridby Erin
And thats how i started another apocolyspte style event just by having a dream about my past. Acelynne Smith is a girl with a difficult past. know that it's been years s...
The Siren of the Village by BrunetteFromCali
The Siren of the Villageby BrunetteFromCali
Serena Ibanez was once the most famous female opera singer of Spain. But a journey through Romania cut her fame to pieces. Especially when a witch decides she's of bette...
Dark Kingdom by BlueBerryOppiste8
Dark Kingdomby BLUEBERRY
A place where kings and queens live, where mystery and evil pollute the air, and a few special kids who stop these forces with no help, when they unlock new abilities, s...
They Come At Night by anasianamateur
They Come At Nightby anasianamateur
[ONGOING] A murder unsolved, an empire destroyed, and an orphan willing to use all of his strange abilities to take it back. If he knew how to use them in the first plac...
the line between real and fake has been crossed. taekook au hnymoons
One Ephemeral Tale by Harra_Thalassa
One Ephemeral Taleby virago
Arden Veradeo is a noble angel from his own world. In order to claim the throne, he was ordained to fetch a young orphic soul from the mortal world, who was destined to...
WhatsApp Secret / +18  by SammyDolan8
WhatsApp Secret / +18 by SammyDolan8
Olivia is one of this cutest and nicest persons that you could ever meet. The innocent was real, she was blessed, untouched, not even her tiny hands could handle somethi...
Motus Animi by adoreafedora
Motus Animiby adoreafedora
Million years ago, before the universe was created, The Greater Good created emotions as individual beings. Joy, Rage, Excitement, Sadness, Fear, Love and Hate lived tog...
His Creation - That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime by BliTz53
His Creation - That Time I got BliTz
Everything which is once started have to End one day, It doesn't matter what It is. This also applies to the Universe Itself. A Story of Rimuru being the Ultimate Creato...
The White Enchantress by starrixxx_21
The White Enchantressby forget me
Anne, the girl with pale white skin, bright blue eyes, and ravishing blonde hair. Who once was an ordinary teenage girl, wishing she was popular like the rest. Who grew...
Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything by TapRead_Novel
Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants TapRead Novel
She was the Spirit Master of the Tea Hill. He was the Head of the Kunlun. They met each other by chance in Jiangnan. With many twists and turns, they got married. Unexpe...