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Mischief and Mayhem (ONC) by storieswithsoul
Mischief and Mayhem (ONC)by storieswithsoul
There is so much that people don't know about the universe. So much that humans still have to discover. When he finds a mysterious book and starts looking for answers he...
  • book
  • scifi
  • 2019
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NiGHTS: The Darkest Hour (NiGHTS x Reader) by AstrixZCreator
NiGHTS: The Darkest Hour (NiGHTS AstrixZCreator
- [ Read Description ] - [NiGHTS does not belong to me. credits goes to SEGA. The Image creators also get full credit. I own nothing but the Plot of my story.] "You...
  • nightopia
  • darkfantasy
  • sega
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kuebiko - nct  by bbhmm_01
kuebiko - nct by sup itz me, stupid
n. a state of exhaustion inspired by an act of senseless violence, which forces you to revise your image of what can happen in this world , , ,
  • nct
  • fanfic
  • kpop
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Black blood... by nikt_wazny_x
Black nikt_wazny_x
opowieść o dwójce osiemnastoletnich przyjaciół ze zdolnościami innymi od wszystkich... - wolno pisane - 06.02.19 - #133 w magia
  • fantasy
  • walka
  • magia
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Demon and Angel (Boyslove) by ikoi02
Demon and Angel (Boyslove)by ikoi02
Bl and yeah I'm really bad so sorry
  • boyslove
  • yaoi
  • semifunny
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I'm awake by kweenixie
I'm awakeby KWEENIXIE ^3^
What if... What if you're given a chance to have that most dreamed love story... 'Yung tipong may guy kang ma-eencounter. Tapos, siya yung tipo na hinahangaan at pinapan...
  • love
  • realization
  • awake
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Fictional Bucket List by _CuteButPsych0_
Fictional Bucket Listby ~SJ!
"Play wizard chess with Ron Weasley... And win!"
  • mutants
  • superpowers
  • cape
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The Prince's Bodyguard by Tearria_S
The Prince's Bodyguardby Princess Luna
You can't be a bandit and a royal. Clara, an orphan whose only ever known the streets of Cylestia is thrown into the royal court as a knight in training.
  • friendship
  • love
  • adventure
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Marcianti (Racconto breve - COMPLETO) by user96163850
Marcianti (Racconto breve - Alberto Mettuno
Nell'eterna notte, Adam si fa strada in mezzo alla nebbia cercando l'Elisir in grado di condurlo alla vittoria. Un lungo cammino, padre di una scelta, che darà una svolt...
  • mela
  • fantascienza
  • nebbia
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Guardians' Destiny - Kathrinna by YohinerMS
Guardians' Destiny - Kathrinnaby Yohiner Moreno
On a day that seems to follow the daily routine, a small event will take Egios through a journey in the company of a mysterious woman, going through deep caverns, accurs...
  • action
  • medieval
  • adventure
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Oath by bagelqueens
Oathby claire
"With every broken bone, I swear I lived." Kenna Lysander is not a violent person by nature but when she gets kidnapped by a gang of Gaians and forced into ill...
  • zion
  • raven
  • blanche
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Where Your Dreams Reside by storieswithsoul
Where Your Dreams Resideby storieswithsoul
It all started with a dream that leads Sarah to a magical place. It's a place like none other, a place where all the dreams reside. Something is amiss though, things in...
  • cmc2019
  • teenagers
  • sister
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Forgotten & Fallen (Fairy Tail) by CelestialSakuraa
Forgotten & Fallen (Fairy Tail)by CelestialSakuraa
Lucy wakes up to find herself within Magnolia with little to no memories about herself and her past. all that she knew was that her name was Lucy Heartfilia and that she...
  • fantasy
  • corruption
  • romance
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I Am Exploding With Covers! [PAUSED] by Miss_Sarcastic27
I Am Exploding With Covers! [ Girl Online
Looking for a cover for your book which is eye-catching and splendid? Then you are at the right place. Trust me. All you need to do is fill a short form, do the payment...
  • adventure
  • horror
  • romance
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The Cracks In Belief  by _undead_tulio_
The Cracks In Belief by Stevie-Jo McClane
Darkness. That is all Tulio BlackThorne can remember. Not the life she might have had before, just darkness. When she wakes and starts on a journey with no destination a...
  • discovery
  • darkness
  • friendship
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Bizarre || JJK by mikie_bunny
Bizarre || JJKby B@ngtannie~
"I know what you are........." "Say it!" "A VAMPIRE" KookieXReader Falling in love with a vampire will not be easy.......😈
  • bts
  • fantasy
  • jeonjungkook
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shᎥᏁᎬᎬ by thai_king_bambam
shᎥᏁᎬᎬby ŴȏṅԀєя
ᴡᴇ'ʀᴇ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs ʙʏ ʏᴏᴜʀ sɪᴅᴇ~
  • vampire
  • adventure
  • random
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The Secret Dragon Isle by DragonAves88
The Secret Dragon Isleby DragonAves88
(Y/N) is a princess who wants to escape her life and start a new one. So what happens when she runs away into a world of dragons and mysterious creatures? Will she survi...
  • magicalcreatures
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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Nuk esht e mundur by Umy_love
Nuk esht e mundurby lorenc
  • aksion
  • romance
  • fantasy
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Mafia Darkness by The_insanitywriter
Mafia Darknessby The Insanity Writer
In the modern era Mafias are feared because of their danger. But not as many people know that the Mafia families have a hidden power. The power that only them has... Tha...
  • revenge
  • badboy
  • powers
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