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Swallowed Star (All Chapters) Volume 4 by Emina_V
Swallowed Star (All Chapters) Emina_V
This is from the Author Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi/ I Eat Tomatoes. This is not my work. Each part will have 200 chapters Year 2056, in a city in the Yuan Jiang Su Jin area. On...
Where Am I? (LOTR fanfic) by FanGurl1170
Where Am I? (LOTR fanfic)by StarDust
It started out as another boring day for Beatrix, or so she thought. While hiking through the woods one afternoon, she stumbles upon a strange creature with pointy ears...
Changing the human made villainess | Vol 1 by Yurina_j
Changing the human made Yuyu
°Status: On going° ° After dying in a house fire, Aria got reincarnated as the daughter of Duke Callista. Lady Aderi Nova Callista. A villainess in a story. A villainess...
Swords of Power by wmoore85
Swords of Powerby wmoore85
If you enjoy this title please feel free to message, comment below, or like it. This is an original story, so please do not use this content anyplace else. Cover design...
Second chance by whoknwswo
Second chanceby Your mom
A 20 year girl named rennee is in her last moments on earth do to a toxic gas the has covered the earth killing everybody .She will be joining everybody soon but before...
The Mystery Camp by Veebabyyyy
The Mystery Campby Veebabyyy🥺❤️‍🔥
Rya and a group of other students spend their summer in a summer camp, little do they know what mysteries awaits them
Alzreori - Character Gallery / Information by Amulas
Alzreori - Character Gallery / Kyle
Information and pictures of the characters involved in Alzreori. All art is by me.
Dirty Love | Killian Jones by raynelbabe
Dirty Love | Killian Jonesby RAYNEL
❝I WOULD DIE FOR YOU.❞ In which the girl known as the dark princess goes to great lengths to get her happy ending. or In which all magic comes with a price. If...
LILITH♕ by gunsan_
LILITH♕by gunsan_
لم تكن مجرد مدرسة ،بل كانت ملاذهم و مأواهم الوحيد، من شر العالم الخارجي. في غمضة عين تلاشى كل شيء و لم يبقى منها إلا السراب ...
Stories of Stardust by MintyWrites4951
Stories of Stardustby MintyWrites
Hayden hates web novels. Now, he's in one! Lost in the world of his sister's favorite web novel, Hayden quickly realizes he has the ability to traverse dimensions. With...
What Lies Beneath The Clearing by ktjane_
What Lies Beneath The Clearingby ktjane_
At just 7 years old, Lennox Rosewood suffers the most tragic experience possible - losing her mother. A day of exploring the mysterious Evergreen Forest turned out to be...
Sombre Boys Academy  by Littlegod33
Sombre Boys Academy by Jane R. E. O.
SYNOPSIS A plague of death catches Anastasia Munroo off guard, suddenly wrecking the once joyful childhood of the teenage girl. The name that once symbolized a happy fa...
So You Might be Soulless by BlueStarrySky1
So You Might be Soullessby BlueStarrySky1
"Why should I apologise for being a monster? No one apologised for making me this way." UPDATES AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK ...
the villainess acts pitiful again by SaraAbdAleem
the villainess acts pitiful againby Sara Abd Aleem
Yuri as the most popular actress in Korea receives an Oscar. With this, she takes her first steps on her dream of reaching hollywood. Unfortunately, on her way home aft...
Turning Nightmares Into Dreams by lee-reid
Turning Nightmares Into Dreamsby lee-reid
After making a careless promise to marry the king of monsters, Elle wakes up finding herself trapped in a kingdom of vampires, werewolves, orcs, and other mythical creat...
If the War Never Happened (years 3-4) by Phoenix72520
If the War Never Happened (years Phoenix72520
What would happen if the second wizarding war never happened? If Voldemort never returned? If Harry grew up with both of his parents and his god father? If Sirius Black...
Moonlit Nights by heyther800
Moonlit Nightsby heyther800
In the wooded forests of Færsland lies a magical school, where witches and wizards attend school in order to perfect their talents and gifts they received in their famil...
•New Game• by Jinny-jen
•New Game•by ••
Have you ever heard a fairytale that you believed was true? Well you're not alone, cause Dream and the rest of the Smp believe as well! You and Dream try to find Sēnlín...
Maho no hana - The Magic Blossom by JoanaOberlnder
Maho no hana - The Magic Blossomby jojo_34
Marie is 20 years old, her life changed abruptly due to a stroke of fate. Day in, day out, she walks the streets without any goal. But then she meets a girl called Fion...
The Conqueror Of Globes  by Zac_Tombone
The Conqueror Of Globes by Hisham Fayz
It about a guy going on an adventure to conquer the power globes like ice,water or any other types to defeat his oncoming enemies . Also to safe the world and government...