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The Mystique Of A Warrior (Book 2) by Blue101Art
The Mystique Of A Warrior (Book 2)by Blue101Art
BOOK TWO: Four months ago, Linda changed Middleton in a new light. With the help of Goldwind and Sanchez, her sightings of being the Valiant are more noticeable now and...
The Shadows Part - II by LinaHopes
The Shadows Part - IIby Lina Hopes
Another Shock is waiting for Artemis. Can she crack the case let's find out.
Call of the Forest by _WaitUrNotDead_
Call of the Forestby I___00:]___I
Baron, a moon elf, lives deep in the woods, where people usually don't bring themselves to wonder. Its a normal day for him, he tends to his pets. He picks food from h...
Evening Rose: The White Petal  by LunaPrimrose
Evening Rose: The White Petal by LunaPrimrose
A flower-loving princess in a vast vivid world, Beatrice. Who soon will experience a flowery story with in the new chapter of her life.
Sypnosis: She suddenly find herself in a body of a stranger being surrounded by strangers in a strange world. Content: When I woke up this morning, I found myself in a s...
Roots and Oxygen by SianaghGallagher
Roots and Oxygenby Sian
Prince Sage, the man next in line to be king, offers to nurture a dying house plant back to life. He soon realises that the plant has a mind of its own, and perhaps a bo...
That Should be me by Kenna1788
That Should be meby Kenna1788
"Why her? What's so special about her? I think Steve is just wasting his time on her. She has literally nothing to offer. She's a teacher's pet and she's gotta stic...
The Shadows Part - I by LinaHopes
The Shadows Part - Iby Lina Hopes
It's about the life of a teenage girl Artemis and how her life changed when Nathan, Nolan two teenage boys and the shadows enters her life. She has to go through shocks...
Army of the Damned by ArchiveOfStories
Army of the Damnedby Multiple People
"The objective here is to return home. By any means necessary." An Isekai about Politics, Strategy and War. Players suddenly got transported into an Isekai wor...
The Frog Collector by EddHenry
The Frog Collectorby Eddarck Henry
Princess Agatha is about to live the most intense days of her life. It all starts with a answer she will give to Prince James. But when she goes to the usual place where...
The Light of Wonder // BeeDuo Fantasy AU by Somone_Around_
The Light of Wonder // BeeDuo ..•☾︎💙..•𝚂𝚊𝚐𝚎•..🖤☽︎•..
Tubbo is a normal human boy. One day he finds a door in the middle of the woods and is transported to a world of his dreams. What will happen when he finds a boy named...
A Little Snow Fairy Tae by PriskeBTuniverSe
A Little Snow Fairy Taeby PriskeBTuniverSe
What If you were alone your whole life. But suddenly you see magical creature everywhere. Will this have a turn in your life?
Lucid by FreddieDifranco
Devon Alexander is a 15 year-old teenager coping with a terrible job during a boring summer. His life takes an interesting turn as he has his first realistic dream of a...
Aden'in Hikayesi Asenta by sena_nur141
Aden'in Hikayesi Asentaby sena_nur141
Aden'in kendini arayış hikayesini hep beraber okuyacağız .
Enchanted Flower Fairy by Quien_not_Queen
Enchanted Flower Fairyby Quien_not_Queen
isang mabait na diwata ang na damay sa isang gulo na ang may kasalanan ay ang dalawa niyang kapatid,at dahil dun ay napa punta sila sa mundo ng mga tao....
where the thorns grow by nyxiekitsune
where the thorns growby ( karlie )
WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE IS INVITED STRAIGHT INTO THE HEART OF YOUR HOUSE? Seven years ago, Rhysa Jiang ran. She buried her past, chose to start over fro...
The Warrior, The Healer and The Thief by Catmonk
The Warrior, The Healer and The Catmonk
Ava wants to be like her father and be a knight but is seen as a weak female, Layla wants to follow her in her families' footsteps and be a healer but doesn't have the c...
Tales Of My DRs and Shifting by One_Badass_Stapler_
Tales Of My DRs and Shiftingby Amelia Lane
This is me talking about parts of my DRs including Marauders, fame and more. I have not shifted fully so these are only scenarios, headcannons and other things I have sc...
The Mare From Hell by Lilac_20322
The Mare From Hellby Lilac
Cinder, a mare soon-to-be Herd Leader, comes an unexpected guest who is killing off her herd mates, one by one. When she had become suspicious, she, the strongest mare...