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The billionaire in my pants  by Jenniferwest2018
The billionaire in my pants by Jennyreads
Jennifer•••• I gained admission into one of the best college in the city through my scholarship exam. Have always been different in everything though, I had my eye on so...
  • wattpad
  • boss
  • fantasyfiction
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Stone Cold (Newt Scamander x Blind! Reader) by Newt_Newt_Scamander
Stone Cold (Newt Scamander x Charlotte
You were blind at a very young age, by something you held very dearly to your heart, a magical beast. You never let anyone know that you were blind, and your creatures a...
  • blind
  • love
  • scamander
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Adopted by BTS?!??? by 4554_JeonJi-ae247
Adopted by BTS?!???by Jeon Ji-ae
A "5"year... named Skylar.. (sorry I love that name) abused from her parents and wasn't loved she gets beaten up everyday with no reason... one day she decided...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • bangtan
  • action
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Obsession; Crème de la Crème by Tintindew
Obsession; Crème de la Crèmeby Tintindew
This is a compilation of non cliche, mind boggling, jaw dropping books on wattpad. I realised most books being recommended because of their number of reads are really j...
  • mystery
  • books
  • romance
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Ian Somerhalder Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Ian Somerhalder Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Ian Somerhalder and his characters' imagines. Enjoy!
  • action
  • lost
  • damonsalvatore
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Please Don't Cry Freddy X Reader Fnaf by itsnotaphaseanymore
Please Don't Cry Freddy X Reader itsnotaphaseanymore
Your family was in desperate need for money since you were a poor family of 3. Your father left you and your pregnant mom at 4 and ever since then you have been supplyin...
  • love
  • fantast
  • goldie
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Seducing my teacher.(student/teacher)  by Littlesashy
Seducing my teacher.(student/ Vera Igwilo chisom
She leaves all she loves in Nigeria due to the arrest of her mum and goes to Canada with her dad. Living in a new place she needed some adjustment to flow in, but during...
  • dreams
  • love
  • crush
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La cuestión, es qué cada reacción trae sus respuestas. by Berroa1899
La cuestión, es qué cada reacció Robert Berroa
Realismo fantastico. cuentos corto.
  • fantast
  • shortstory
Arranged Marriage! Not if I Can Help it! by Pinkperel
Arranged Marriage! Not if I Can Pinkperel
  • marrage
  • arranged
  • story
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Legend of spyro: a Hero's tail by alphaleaderwolf
Legend of spyro: a Hero's tailby alphaleaderwolf
Because of the title it is not like the game.
  • casf
  • love
  • spyro
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Lavangers by bugocnanilalang
Lavangersby Super Cutiepatotie
A hundred years ago, there were people who believes in supernatural powers. There's a group of supernatural humans that saves the world from diabolical doings, they're c...
  • bugocnanilalang
  • fantast
  • supportme
Darkness Of The Void: Book 1 by AFan4Lyfe
Darkness Of The Void: Book 1by AFan4Lyfe
The Council of protection(COP) is a guild of superhumans who protect the earth. Adam is one of them. Adam is a boy who thinks His life is normal. That changes when he fi...
  • hunt
  • fann
  • book
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The Memoirs of a Warlock by RJNoronha
The Memoirs of a Warlockby RJ Noronha
This book compiles excerpts from the notebooks of Jason Vaz, an Indian writer who claims to have come in contact with the world of magic through his work as the official...
  • teen
  • fantasy
  • blood
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This Thug Life by SnookiexKey
This Thug Lifeby Snookie & Key
  • thuggette
  • thug
  • cubandoll
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Stay | by loveisjhobi
Stay | p.jmby _Love_Sunshine_
There's always an I and a you...but it all felt like a dream .A dream i didn't want to wake up from,I couldn't leave I wanted to stay...stay...until, I noticed my life w...
  • fantast
  • romance
  • drama
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Blue Moon by JerseyGirl7392
Blue Moonby JerseyGirl7392
It was a stormy night, at the California beaches, the Blue Moon as strong as ever on Mako Beach.
  • fantast
  • fiction
  • mermaids
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The Secret by alexisbreeanne
The Secretby Wolfie_Books
Frightened. Scared. Afraid. Alone. All words that described a young girl only the age of 15 . She came back to her family who she soon realized were never coming back. S...
  • alternate
  • universe
  • fantast
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The Dream of a Ridiculous Man by ainylaa
The Dream of a Ridiculous Manby ainylaa
  • adventures
  • fantast
  • teenager
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