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1968 by mysweetlordharrison
1968by mysweetlordharrison
The year in which everything changes for Sadie Harrow, signed to Apple Corps, and forever changed by four of the world's most sought after musicians, the Beatles.
Psychedelic Butterscotch by thewileymancan
Psychedelic Butterscotchby Steve Wiley
For those curious readers who've ever wondered (or wondered why they haven't wondered) what psychedelic butterscotch tastes and feels like...
Psychedelic and Meraki Quotes  by Fibonacci02
Psychedelic and Meraki Quotes by Psychedelic Ghostwriter
This is an authentic piece of work of my very own conscience and metaphysics. My mind offers me a chance of metanoia of solace over the convoluted reality of life. I ho...
Bad Trip by Ttinyy17
Bad Tripby Tinyy
Jhanae's life with her older brother was amazing. The closest person she had to her until something tragic happens and Jhanae falls into his dangerous world of drugs whi...
Ask Izaya, Shizuo, the Alts and my OC's! by ShizumallowFluffjima
Ask Izaya, Shizuo, the Alts and Shizumallow Fluffijima
Ask questions, make stupid dares and perhaps start a little shipping amongst Izaya, Shizuo and their alternates! List of people you can ask (plus a summary of that chara...
Secret Places and Hidden Things by Kajenx
Secret Places and Hidden Thingsby Kajenx
A boy wakes up in a mysterious castle with no memory except his name. The rooms are always changing and time has lost all meaning. Reoccurring dreams hint at his forgott...
Scarlet Reflection by alexfran1999
Scarlet Reflectionby Alexandria Francetic
Where life sparkles and fades, in a place where two worlds overlap... Shinku Kurenai finds herself waking up in the ruins of a gothic castle, with no memory of how she a...
Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast Boy x Raven) by T-Birdee17
Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast T-Birdee17
When Beast Boy and Raven wake up in the middle of the Rain Forest, with no sign of civilization, and their powers not working correctly, they have to work together to tr...
DeVoe Family Story by Rarevintage
DeVoe Family Storyby SkyEagle
Beginning with Roscoe and Carolina, Caroline's parents, this is the tale of Caroline DeVoe and how she grew up, who her friends and enemies were and what her hopes and d...
Why the Classic Rock fandom Rules [COMPLETED] by xPsychedelic_Vaderx
Why the Classic Rock fandom ☠︎︎ 𝑬𝒎 ☠︎︎
Literally about me. I vent. And talk about my favorite obsessions. And vent. Love meeee.
13/33/1 by WordsofanAesthete
13/33/1by WordsofanAesthete
A growing Poetry collection for those esoterically inclined. Mystical Poetry for the Erotic/Romantic Mind. *EROS* The Black Bukowski
relaxing with roger waters by tangerinerain
relaxing with roger watersby roger’s lil bitch
i haven't written in ages but i need an outlet rn so i hope that you enjoy:)
A Slight Reach Out Of Mundaneness by ZTGrimm
A Slight Reach Out Of Mundanenessby S E V E N
Vincent Flynn, a 17 year old high schooler and his four other friends contend with themselves, with life and dance with death.
4:20 A.M by bilakongo
4:20 A.Mby ×
Read at night.
The Shaman and The Shepherdess by psychonautdrew
The Shaman and The Shepherdessby psychonautdrew
In the plague stricken land of Baltavia, a shepherd's daughter named Talia is pushed to find ailments for herself and her family in a place she would not expect to find...
Self Love & Discovery  by Zhoanxox
Self Love & Discovery by Z=Z=
A poem about loving, hating, accepting oneself Fighting society and oneself Just a poem
FINE LINE - h.s by SwanWrites
FINE LINE - h.sby folklore
To celebrate Harry Styles' sophomore album 'Fine Line', this 12-chapter anthology story will depict characters from each of the songs featured on the new record. Each c...
Suicide Room (Fanfic) by evangeliontrash
Suicide Room (Fanfic)by Rei
This is an alternate ending/Alternate story line to the movie Suicide Room. It's about a boy who is trapped in the Suicide Room. A room where only certain people end up...
Celia Cave and the School that No One Built by liquidnonsense
Celia Cave and the School that liquidnonsense
Lonely, head-in-the-clouds oddball Celia Cave is just about ready to commit to a life of monotonous misery, when her only friend reveals the existence of the secret corr...
Drugs by skullfire_64
Drugsby Isaiah E. Taylor
Read about various drugs and their effects...