Hakuouki X Fairy Tail  by xox_Arctic_fox
Hakuouki X Fairy Tail by xox_Arctic_fox
They had a simple task which was to clean the guild's Library but when one of them opens a book they don't recognized they get sucked in by a portal to a different dimen...
  • hakuouki
  • mirajane
  • hijikata
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Hakuouki x Reader oneshot (Request Closed) by VirgoGoddess88
Hakuouki x Reader oneshot ( Mrs Nagakura
Request is closed but enjoy reading the oneshots. 💗 #1 Okita 💗 Date: ~12 May~
  • yamazaki
  • reader
  • saito
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Hakuouki Alternate Universe by whiteribbon27
Hakuouki Alternate Universeby Sherin
  • saito
  • hakuouki
  • hijikata
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Hakuouki One-Shots by WizzyGameMaster
Hakuouki One-Shotsby Wizzy
Just a little collection of stories for our wonderful Hakuouki men. May contain Lemons or semi-mature content at some point. These are also posted on my Quotev.
  • chikage
  • hijikata
  • okita
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Time travel Hakuouki by NgJesslyn
Time travel Hakuoukiby Sakura
She resigned to her fate, fully accepting her own punishment. As her breathing slows down and eventually cease to exist, she... was woken up in edo with a slap on her fa...
  • heisuke
  • kazama
  • harada
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The Form Switcher [Hakuouki Story] by nani_ynvr
The Form Switcher [Hakuouki Story]by • Nani •
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I am Ouchi Katsuo. I'm 19 years old and I live in the Edo era. I have referred myself as Shiraiwa...
  • furys
  • love
  • mistery
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Chuyện tình yêu của Minomoto Kozakura và Suzuki Tomoka ( chế ) by sakura20112006
Chuyện tình yêu của Minomoto Minomoto Kozakura
Hello các bạn , truyện này mình viết về mình và tomoka nha . Truyện này nhân vật thì mình làm khi đọc truyện của Tomoka viết rồi nghĩ ra thôi . Truyện này mình chế chỉ đ...
  • meiling
  • tomoyo
  • aikatsu
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Demons (A Hakuouki fan-fic) by yamatocookie
Demons (A Hakuouki fan-fic)by yamatocookie
What if Chizuru wasn't the only girl in the Shinsegumi? What if that girl was a captain there? What if she was the sister of the blonde haired demon Chikage Kazama? Inte...
  • sister
  • chikage
  • souji
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The Mysterious Samurai by Harukatsubaki
The Mysterious Samuraiby Haruka
At 7, Haruka Takashima washed up on the shores of Japan and was taken in by Sannan, of the Shinsengumi. She excelled in hand to hand combat and was accepted very soon...
  • hakuouki
  • anime
  • souji
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Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki fanfic] by Lovely-Moonlight
Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki Lovely-Moonlight
This story is a fanfic. I do not own the characters only my own OC. The story is about Hijikata Sakura. She lived in the modern Japan, but because of a car accident she...
  • chizuru
  • sanosuke
  • toshizo
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Hình anime chế Sakura thủ lĩnh thẻ bài by sakura20112006
Hình anime chế Sakura thủ lĩnh thẻ Minomoto Kozakura
Hello các bạn , mình sẽ đăng cho các bạn xem những hình chế của sakura thủ lĩnh thẻ bài mọi người đón xem nha
  • syaoran
  • kozakura
  • meiling
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Hakuouki - A Butterfly in Your Sky ( Okita Souji x OC ) by AoChouu
Hakuouki - A Butterfly in Your Ao Chou
Hakuouki Fanfiction He promised to marry her. She promised to wait for him to return. But as fate plays, the vision of a happy ending becomes blurry and their ways part...
  • souji
  • edo
  • hakuouki
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Scars Before Perfection {Hakuouki} by -kkoca
Scars Before Perfection {Hakuouki}by koca
" what can you do? when the person already dropped dead? dripping blood. that means their gone. you can't save the dead dumbass "
  • yukimura
  • kazama
  • hakuouki
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HAKUOUKI  Forgotten Heart-  3 books in one  by lunahanami
HAKUOUKI Forgotten Heart- 3 Luna Hanami
Luna has returned from her journey from Osaka. When she opens the door to the dining/ meeting room she is shocked to see another new member of te Shinsengumi, but that d...
  • sinpachi
  • nagakura
  • souji
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Hakuouki Oneshots (X READER!) REQUESTS ARE OPEN by Shiara1019
Hakuouki Oneshots (X READER!) Shiara1019
  • hijikatatoshizu
  • chikage
  • okita
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 Not From Here~ •Hakuouki X Reader• by ZheAnimeReader
Not From Here~ •Hakuouki X Reader•by ZheAnimeReader
(Name) (Last Name) a 21-year-old studying to be a doctor. For a 21-year-old woman, she watches anime and is a otaku. Recently, She watched a new anime series called Ha...
  • xreader
  • sannan
  • keisuke
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Different Times Saito X Reader X Hijikata X Souji X Shinsengumi by LillaLucis
Different Times Saito X Reader X LillaLucis
I didn't ask for this, nor do I regret it. I am happy I met you, but now it's my turn to return the favour.
  • sano
  • shinsengumi
  • hijikata
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Truyện ( sak & sya ) Yêu nhau , xa nhau vậy có nhớ nhau không by sakura20112006
Truyện ( sak & sya ) Yêu nhau , Minomoto Kozakura
Hello các bạn
  • souji
  • eriol
  • ccs
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Hakuouki SSL: Kazama Chikage x Reader X Okita Souji【Sequel to the  1st Story】 by Matcha97
Hakuouki SSL: Kazama Chikage x 長谷部君の妻?
This is the sequel for the first story. I am making it into a chapterised one. So, enjoy.~
  • ssl
  • chikage
  • kazama
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