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The Land of the Samurai ; 侍の国 (Gintama x Reader) by mochiaus
The Land of the Samurai ; 侍の国 (Gin...by mochiaus
[Various! Gintama x Female! Reader.] [name] happened to just settle down in the Kabuki District, Edo. An encounter with an old friend, changed how she lived her ordinary...
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gintama 銀魂「various x reader」 by mochiaus
gintama 銀魂「various x reader」by mochiaus
「 love is based on unpredictable events 」 - 桂 小太郎 Katsura Kotarō 〔a gintama oneshot collection〕 → lowercase intended → shortfics → female reader SLOW UPDATES。
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Shinsengumi and the quiet girl by 515151mkha
Shinsengumi and the quiet girlby 515151mkha
Kathryn a rich nonsocial girl that parents died from illness and working to hard. she had never been out of the walls of her property. When her brother wants to join the...
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Gintama x Reader One Shots by MargueritePartello
Gintama x Reader One Shotsby MargueritePartello
Various one shots about you and the amazing characters of Gintama! Note: I do not own any of the images or characters used in the story.
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Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki fanfic] by Lovely-Moonlight
Under the Sakura Tree [Hakuouki fa...by Lovely-Moonlight
This story is a fanfic. I do not own the characters only my own OC. The story is about Hijikata Sakura. She lived in the modern Japan, but because of a car accident she...
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Hakuouki One-Shots by WizzyGameMaster
Hakuouki One-Shotsby Wizzy
Just a little collection of stories for our wonderful Hakuouki men. May contain Lemons or semi-mature content at some point. These are also posted on my Quotev.
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ɢɪɴtama 銀魂 | ɪmaɢɪɴes  by statistaecs
ɢɪɴtama 銀魂 | ɪmaɢɪɴes by 太宰治
[ Gintama Characters X Reader ] Imagines, drabbles, one shots. I DONT OWN ANYTHING. All rights belong to their Rightful Owners. Also, i don't own any of the characters...
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Reborn into Hakuouki!? (Hakuouki Fanfiction) by monyekyoyahibari
Reborn into Hakuouki!? (Hakuouki F...by monye:D
Ever since Akamine Jun fell down the stairs, everything has changed. Her world, her time and of course, her life. A series of not-so-fortunate events somehow lead her to...
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OKIKAGU PART 2 by not__myself
OKIKAGU PART 2by not__myself
The okikagu part 1 reaches its limit so this is thepart 2 enjoy!
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HAKUOUKI: Scarlet Fate by Kim-YuBi
HAKUOUKI: Scarlet Fateby 김유비
Hatsushimo Kotone has not had an easy life. Abandoned, and an orphan, she was sold to a geisha house. Learning that she would be deflowered that night, she escaped her t...
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OKIKAGU PART 1 by not__myself
OKIKAGU PART 1by not__myself
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Between the Lines by chione-chama
Between the Linesby shuuenka
[Okita Souji x Reader] Living in Kyoto these times got really interesting, right? Even for you, bakery shop owner. It's not like you could ever be bored having the Shins...
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あなたの物語 by sixzerosix
あなたの物語by 𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓮
【Reader X Various】 ✯ It's hard being involved with a group of terrorists and having childhood friends in the police business. Who knew it would be such a thrill, though?
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The Okikagu Book by 1Brieanna1
The Okikagu Bookby Brieanna
The Okikagu book, full of random Okikagu things, from theories to fanfictions. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR MANGA/ANIME. I have warned you.
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Fate Girls x Male Reader Series by D3nNy_J0nG
Fate Girls x Male Reader Seriesby D3nni
Most of these will probably be based on Fate Grand Order, due to the Masterverse being the most stable and easy to understand. I may include some of the backstories or u...
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A Secret Ambition by Mochinomnom
A Secret Ambitionby Mochinomnom
Okita x OC! Leaving her country, and secretly entering Japan as silk merchant, was all a mere secret goal. Yet, as the 'merchant' thought she could achieve, but was soon...
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Little Half-Breed (A Hakuouki Story) by WizzyGameMaster
Little Half-Breed (A Hakuouki Stor...by Wizzy
A thief has broken into the Shinsengumi's headquarters. After having successfully stolen and hidden away her precious target, she has to escape. But that's where everyth...
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Sadistic Prince's Return by Luna_Uchiha1
Sadistic Prince's Returnby Luna Uchiha
What if Okita Sougo was reborn in Katekyo Hitman Reborn?!
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OkiKagu One-shot's  by EmiYxx
OkiKagu One-shot's by EmiYxx
different short story's about Sougo and Kagura from Gintama ✌ My English isn't the best, just saying. don't judge me :') ~It's not always a happy ending~ •Slow updates...
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Moonlit Rose: Hakuouki by elvithian
Moonlit Rose: Hakuoukiby elvithian
Mizuki Kirigaya is just an average girl in the US, but when she wakes up in Japan in the 1860s, she embarks on an adventure that she has never dreamed.
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