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The Alpha's Faerie by hello152673
The Alpha's Faerieby hello152673
Alisa is a sweet and innocent Faerie. She has never left her home since the death of her parents when she was only 10 years old. Now 6 years later, she is hoping for her...
  • young
  • romance
  • innocent
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Scent of the Galaxy by CrispinOTooleBateman
Scent of the Galaxyby Crispin O'Toole-Bateman
Mira finds there's more to the world and beyond than she ever imagined. A story involving demons, dragons, dancing and desire. [How about I write a longer description on...
  • dragon
  • space
  • fairies
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Faeries and Mortals (Cruel Prince/Wicked King FanFic) by TheGreatMissMuffet
Faeries and Mortals (Cruel Prince...by TIMA
A compilation of fanfic stories about the Cruel Prince Series by Holly Black, featuring mainly Jude and Cardan. Enjoy!
  • cast
  • fandom
  • fae
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Alliance  (Walk Through Shadows Book Three) by Alexis_Green_writes
Alliance (Walk Through Shadows Bo...by Alexis Green
What should a faerie do when danger shows up on his doorstep seeking refuge? Invite it in of course. Alasdair finally had everything he'd given up dreaming about. Until...
  • eroticastories
  • nonhuman
  • kidnapped
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Stark Differences (G/T Oneshots) by GirlofIcyFlame
Stark Differences (G/T Oneshots)by Alina Keralova
Hear the wind calling? It calls for you in this moment to venture to faraway lands filled with magic and nightmares. In these lands, giants and humans walk side-by-side...
  • magic
  • winter
  • conflict
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Burning Gods And Wicked Angels by darvruni
Burning Gods And Wicked Angelsby Denise Darvruni
"Only she can make him rise again." Amelia Endor, a determined small-town girl sets out on a quest to find out what happened to her beloved sister. Travelling...
  • faeries
  • paranormal
  • magic
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The Stone of Twilight by EmilyKiddle
The Stone of Twilightby Emily Kiddle
Lillian Archer has a complicated past. After her kingdom was crushed under a tyrant from an unknown land, any, and all magic wielders around the country are sentenced to...
  • kingdoms
  • battle
  • medieval
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The Faeries of Fox Hill by TSBrookhouse
The Faeries of Fox Hillby TSBrookhouse
Emma Baker, heir to her family's generations-old bakery in rural Wisconsin, has started dreaming. The excitement of having dreams after twenty years without rapidly giv...
  • fairytale
  • youngadult
  • adventure
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When Night Comes by xohrats
When Night Comesby ❝K H A O S❞
Four realms at uneasy peace, a faerie seeking revenge, a prince of eternal suffering. In this world of magic and gods, a girl will seduce a prince and fight for the thro...
  • featured
  • fiction
  • faeries
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How to Survive in the Faerie Realm (A Collection of Tips & Tricks + more!) by Huntress_Waffle
How to Survive in the Faerie Realm...by TheWaffleGirl
[ONGOING] Have you accidentally stumbled upon the world of Fae, been held captive by a Fairie High Lord or High Lady, or perhaps stuck in a magical forest with no clue...
  • fairy
  • faery
  • supernatural
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Faerie Dust And Angel Wings [Coming Soon] by darvruni
Faerie Dust And Angel Wings [Comin...by Denise Darvruni
If the howling wind calls at night, father and mother shall not listen to it, but hide. The wind is lonely, looking for a new child to whisk away, impatiently ogling the...
  • witches
  • fantasy
  • fantasyadventure
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Bargains [Book One- Faeries Chronicles] by Water_Lili
Bargains [Book One- Faeries Chroni...by Sally H
After decades of war between the Light and Dark faeries, they finally struck a bargain to keep the peace. The truce was held as long as both side kept to their end on th...
  • bargains
  • orcs
  • lord
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Beauty and the Rage {Slow Updates} by IKMidsummer
Beauty and the Rage {Slow Updates}by I. K. Midsummer
Today 17 year old Calliope Belrose got her period for the first time. She's relieved because now she's one step closer to feeling "normal". Yet she's terrified...
  • angels
  • supernatural
  • romance
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In a World Apart by JocelynActual
In a World Apartby Jocelyn Actual
Rhodes and her outcast friends meet a brother and sister who are REAL outcasts...cast out of fairyland for their own protection. But when Halloween night brings danger t...
  • faeries
  • fairyland
  • witchcraft
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FROZEN STONE by AshSeadreamer
An original story written by Ashlyn Nicole (AshSeadreamer). Un-betad. ~*~ ❝I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It...
  • mythology
  • action
  • violence
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SNOWDROPS ; mbsby 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔤𝔬
" LET IT SNOW, BITCH. " - message board / status book
  • myoc
  • roleplaycharacters
  • faeries
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The Girl of Steel and Starfire by anyabosnjak
The Girl of Steel and Starfireby Anya Bosnjak
Andrea Carravere has always had a backup plan. She has always known what to do and what other people will do before they know themselves. That, and other qualities are w...
  • romance
  • powers
  • fire
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The Bloodline  by faegoddess
The Bloodline by faegoddess
Raylin Becker is from Lilles, the east kingdom where her people, the lithians live. Everyone in her land has a power. Everyone but her was born with power. The North, So...
  • betrayal
  • faeries
  • destiny
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Iron Knight - Clan of the Rim Chronicles #2 by KN_Campbell
Iron Knight - Clan of the Rim Chro...by Katelyn Noel Campbell
  • fae
  • faerie
  • thefaefolk
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Queen of the Underworld | Book 3 by _lovepenny
Queen of the Underworld | Book 3by _lovepenny
IN PROGRESS ~ Emylin is at last taking a much-earned break. At the insistence of the Fae Queens, she tries to pick up the pieces of her life before she was taken to the...
  • elysium
  • faeries
  • fantasy
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