BBC Merlin Fanfic - Destiny UNEDITED! by xKatnipx
BBC Merlin Fanfic - Destiny xCSx
Merlin and Row set out on their journey to Camelot but secrets unfold, romances begin and destiny's are followed. Arthur can not become the once and future king without...
  • bbcmerlin
  • magic
  • legend
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[ 1 ] Crossroads • PENDRAGON by braekerofchains
[ 1 ] Crossroads • PENDRAGONby GEM
❝ Merlin, you have the choice of one path." Idla said, looking up, her eyes glistened with tears. ‟I've have two, a crossroad that is impossible to choose between...
  • witches
  • medieval
  • history
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rubik's cube (merthur au | en) ✓ by dragoonlord
rubik's cube (merthur au | en) ✓by dear sherlock,
❝ why didn't you tell anyone? ❞ ❝ no one asked. ❞ ( BBC MERLIN ; post-season v ) ( MERTHUR ; (b...
  • bromance
  • merthur
  • merlin
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The Confectionary Chronicles || HP/SPN by Cheshire_Carroll
The Confectionary Chronicles || Girl in ฬ๏ภ๔єгℓคภ๔
~Harry Potter/Supernatural Crossover~ Hermione Granger is seven years old when she kneels in front of an altar she's made herself with an offering of the best sweets her...
  • sam
  • potter
  • winchester
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Merlin's Secret by grace_georgia
Merlin's Secretby grace
Merlin is the the lost Prince. Merlin has magic. Arthur has a secret. ------- A/N MORDRED IS NOT EVIL IN THIS. LANCELOT DOESNT WALK THROUGH THE VEIL, ANOTHER KNIGHT D...
  • prince
  • old
  • arthur
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The Queen is by much the most powerful of the forces - Howard Staunton Arwyn was very much a political pawn, as many noble young women before her, despite her unconventi...
  • morgana
  • gwen
  • gauis
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The RiverStone Academy Series. Book I: The First Year. by TheBookGoddes
The RiverStone Academy Series. T.J
What would happen if your life was changed all because of some random letter? Nakia Blue was a normal person... well as normal as an adopted kid can get. I mean sure...
  • greek
  • friends
  • friendship
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Soul Knight by JacobInTraining
Soul Knightby JacobInTraining
Montague Serpentine is a Soul Knight: A wondering wanderer who travels the world trying to discover the meanings of life, the existence of gods, and slaying monsters. He...
  • humor
  • comedy
  • soulknight
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Legend by BecauseBecky
Legendby High Warlock of Hogwarts
"You're Am and I'm Bruin. You get into hilarious misadventures and I'm there to laugh at you. That is the flow of the universe." Merlin, Camelot, Arthur, magic...
  • excalibur
  • medieval
  • arthur
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Dark City by MegMerriet
Dark Cityby Meg Merriet
Mixed with the music of Muse, this cerebral thriller plays on suburban fears and superstitions. A young war veteran honorably discharged after losing his leg returns hom...
  • arthurian
  • druglord
  • featured
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Guinevere by FaerieFaye27
Guinevereby FaerieFaye27
A story about one of the most famous female characters in historical legend; Guinevere. This is a tale through the eyes of this young girl, destined to be the bride of...
  • nobility
  • lancelot
  • arthurian
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Excalibur (A Lindsey Stirling Fanfic) by jaybug16
Excalibur (A Lindsey Stirling Jena S.
Ever since the great king had died, feudal wars broke out in the country of Britain. Happiness left the kingdom and joy no longer lingered. The lords in power refused to...
  • stone
  • excalibur
  • stirling
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The Proud Tyrant, a Dark Ages Novel by JamesCalbraith
The Proud Tyrant, a Dark Ages Novelby James Calbraith
The first draft of my brand new novel! Updated daily. It is the fifteenth year of Imperator Valentinian, the third of his name, according to those who still count such...
  • history
  • kingarthur
  • britannia
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A Knight in Gamindustri! by BartzK1au5er
A Knight in Gamindustri!by Magician of Light
A Knight, Sir Lance of Riverton, attempted to stop the evil Sorcerer, but got defeated and sent to Hell... But the enemy seemed to have made a mistake, and now Lance is...
  • rebirth1
  • neptunia
  • humor
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