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The Dragon Princess by dahfne22
The Dragon Princessby Dani
___________________________________________________ h o l d y o u r h e a d h i g h u p g i r l, c a u s e t h e r e a r e p e o p l...
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MAGIAN ACADEMY:The Legendary Princess by mandarambs
MAGIAN ACADEMY:The Legendary Felicityyyy
Sabi nila lahat tayo may pag asa sa buhay.......... May mga maswerte na natupad at nakuha nila ang mga bagay na gusto nila. Mayroon naman na hindi pinalad na makuha ang...
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The «Transmigrated» Angel Protects The Earth from... by Ruimare-Chan
The «Transmigrated» Angel ɌɄƗⲘ₳ɌɆ-€Ħ₳₦
My third story!♥ Yay! __ Ange Bluebell, a 25-year-old famous surgeon doctor. Once raised with love and affection when suddenly it was taken from her in a blink of an eye...
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Descent of the God of Magic -2- by Cream_Pastel
Descent of the God of Magic -2-by Qin Seri
✓ [Chapter: 401 - 726(end)] Description: Link was the top Archmage in the entire server. He had just defeated the strongest boss, the Lord of The Deep, Nozama with his p...
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Willowtree Academy school for the gifted by ElieMay26
Willowtree Academy school for Elie_Chadwick_xxx
NUMBER MINE #MAGICAL POWERS !!! Willow tree Academy isn't like other schools, it is a school for the gifted where thousands of people from all around the world come to c...
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Sofia The First: Winter Love by -theasdfghjkl
Sofia The First: Winter Loveby = Alli Cruz =
ok this is my very first otp ok, so sorry if i wierded you guys out because of my craziness. Oh and btw this book maybe very different from the real sofia the 1st and hu...
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Night Luminous Academy: (The Lost Princess Of Celestine Kingdom) by _MissyC_
Night Luminous Academy: (The °TheGirlWhoNeverLeft°
Yureiko is an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, simula ng may mangyari sa dati sa kanya na kakaiba sa dati niyang eskwelahan ay inilipat siya sa NIGHT LUMINOUS ACADEM...
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The Lucky Clover Maiden ~Version 2.0~ by epicface752
The Lucky Clover Maiden ~Version Anime trash you find everywhe...
This book is a rewrite of the first one, so some of the things will be vastly different from the original book!
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The Lucky Clover Maiden~ Black Clover x OP!Fem!OC by epicface752
The Lucky Clover Maiden~ Black Anime trash you find everywhe...
Asura Nightsong truly is a one of a kind girl. Of course you'd expect that from someone who's a half elf with a grimoire that is the only one of its kind. Just what kind...
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The Realm Seeker by Belle_Manuel
The Realm Seekerby BelleManuel
November 2018 - Second Place Winner - Fantasy in the @TheBerryAwards August 2017 - FIRST PLACE WINNER - FANTASY IN THE Net Monthly Awards!!! When 21 year old Elise...
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Sorrow's Gift by SarraCannon
Sorrow's Giftby Sarra Cannon
ETERNAL SORROWS SERIES, BOOK 2!!!! If you are new to this story, read Death's Awakening first!! It's completed here on Wattpad!
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#5 in asr 03/01/2019 Cover credit @MeghaMiglani its a arshi story.which doesnt match to the real series of IPKKND.All the characters will be the same .But sequences wi...
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Light Academy by Chelsy_023
Light Academyby 𝕮𝖍𝖎𝖑𝖘𝖎𝕯𝖗𝖚
This story is just a short one I don't want to I made this story This is just about their life.....yeah >>>>>>>>><<<<...
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City of Snakes (Book 2 Council of the Light series) by ablueartist
City of Snakes (Book 2 Council SannBarlow
High King of the Leprechauns Clarence O'Leary knows that his steward Grendal Innis is keeping secrets, including the truth behind the assassinations of his parents. But...
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The Possessive (a steamy vampire/witch para-romance) by EmilyLK
The Possessive (a steamy vampire/ EmilyLK
When Soph is saved from a near-collision with a truck by a vampire she seeks him out to thank him, only to discover that her saviour is a Possessive; a powerful breed of...
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Dragon Academy by DesiLovesDragons
Dragon Academyby Desi💕uwu
This opportunity only comes every 100 years for those in the land of Blix. Which is the time of choosing. You touch an amulet and a color tells you how special you reall...
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The Demon Queen's Knight by Shipping_lord2000
The Demon Queen's Knightby Shipping_lord2000
Yuuto Yamazaki is normal highschool student but after dying while saving the person he likes the goddess called creator chose him to be the one who will bring peace to a...
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Athenia by NixUnkown
Atheniaby NixUnkown
Long ago the magic realm of Athenia was seized by the evil Cragin in hope of stealing Athenia's life source the Core Crystal. The Crystal was hidden by ancient magic, on...
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The Impossible is Possible by MsDomino41908
The Impossible is Possibleby MsDomino41908
The first book in the fan fiction The Impossible is Possible (fan fiction off of The Phoenix Files by Chris Morphew young adult series)! It's about five teenagers who go...
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Craft Codex by Maverick48
Craft Codexby Maverick48
What if you could gain experience and skills just like in a game? Would you sacrifice your soul to be a hero? Alec Lee has always been interested in legends, fables, and...
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