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punishment one-shot by Iflovefai
punishment one-shotby Jess adam
Angel (Bnha x Male reader) [On Hold] by KawaiiItsumi2
Angel (Bnha x Male reader) [On Hol...by KawaiiItsumi2
(Y/N) is a powerful boy who want's to become a hero and to make his parents happy and proud. He is the only child in the family. He is an only family left because, his f...
The Abduction by katielovesxo
The Abductionby katie
Arielle North is walking home when everything goes dark... She wakes up somewhere out of her worst nightmares.
Flower Of Autumn (NCT JAEHYUN) ✔✔ by _aurra_dwell_
Flower Of Autumn (NCT JAEHYUN) ✔✔by Aurra Dwell
"Would you please tell us how all this started?..Everyone here wants to know your story!...Do you regret anything that happened!?". The whole studio drops dea...
He's The One [BxB]  by MyDreamsWorldsEnds
He's The One [BxB] by N.C.Anderson
Meet Chris. A twenty years old guy who was extremely shy and don't like to socialize too much besides from his elder brother and his maiden boss from a drive thru. Ev...
My Boss is My Ex (On Going) by miss_A162
My Boss is My Ex (On Going)by miss_A162
When she doesn't know that her boss is her ex. Kung ikaw kaya anong magiging reaksyon mo. Ang mga inaakala niya ay hindi naman pala totoo. Kahit gaano na katagal ay di p...
UNTIL THEN by -amitola
UNTIL THENby 💚 Haz x Lou 💙
They said she will return when her children are lost but she will live a human life until she turns 27. This is a story of the 'Styles-Colorado-Mikealson' family I don...
To be her lover by xxxTheKinklesxx
To be her loverby xxx The Kinkles xx
Stevie gets involved in a new steamy relationship, but can it be more?
Marshall and Skye A story of love and triumph by skarshall_159
Marshall and Skye A story of love...by Skarshall for life
Marshall and Skye a story of love action destruction and Victory And also because I couldn't read another Skye and chase story seriously they are not a good match.
Someone Like You {A Kendall Schmidt love story} [DISCONTINUED] by BTRlover2211
Someone Like You {A Kendall Schmid...by BTRlover2211
This story is discontinued and unfinished, and will stay that way. You're welcome to take a look. The summary will be inside for those of you that care.
Jeff hardy love story by Bella_babygirl
Jeff hardy love storyby Bella_babygirl
Your a wrestler and then you get stuck in a storyline with Jeff Hardy... see what happens next
Tsuna, The Vongola Decimo [ COMPLETE ] by KoMiyuRen
Tsuna, The Vongola Decimo [ COMPLE...by Ren
Since the Tenth generation had took over the Vongola, it slowly changed little by little. However, one day, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Tenth boss suddenly acted weird. H...
BottomKiri Oneshot <3333 by BxtchDokki
BottomKiri Oneshot <3333by BxtchDokki
just a Bunch Of Ships With Bottom Kirishima
Kinky sex by Miffy95
Kinky sexby Pretty face
Hi guys, so I don't want to beat around the bush. I am going to put this straightforward. This book is all about extremely dirty sex and as u can read in title. If...
Renegade of the dead (High School Of the Dead) by SaeuKano
Renegade of the dead (High School...by Adiel Sedigo
Hi my name is Saeu Kano, and this particular story is a fan made novel as well as a tribute to High school of the dead (HOTD) and references to its characters in the ori...
"Ice Bear is Sad." by cannibal2
"Ice Bear is Sad."by Cannibal
Little angst story about Ice Bear... I'm sorry for every single thing I write... I'm a little extra... might get a little crazy bros... I dunno I'm gonna regret this w...
Swiped my heart by FanficWhores
Swiped my heartby FanficWhores
Dora and Swiper had always been enemies he would steal everything from her and one day he stole her heart
Guess the warrior cat by Pup_Party11
Guess the warrior catby Mudstar
Guess the warrior cat is where you guess the character based on it's picrew, hints, facts, and quotes. Inspired by @BluestarTheBaddies 's guess the warrior cat, so check...
Complicated lovers by emowhore_ang
Complicated loversby
backstory: a girl ,jada, falls for her guy friend,anthony, and even after they confirm liking each other they still dont date. which creates a awkward situation as they...