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Safrina  by OBreenaSmith
Safrina by OBreena Smith
I can't be falling in love with him, I can't... none of this is even real. I'll never survive the three months... Luke Hayes is gonna destroy me, I know it... So, can't...
A Baby For The Beast by Kylie_got_issues
A Baby For The Beastby R.A Higheels
Every 200 years, a virgin is sacrificed to a powerful beast, for breeding. In the previous years passed, no offspring has been produced. It is known that only the mate t...
My Step Sister And I: Pregnant For Me by feargodprince
My Step Sister And I: Pregnant feargodprince
She's seductive and irresistible. A pretty angel, well endowed with amazing shape. She has all it takes to keep a man under her control. She's super sexy and she knows h...
Jesse's Girl! ⌘︎ [Uncle Jesse] by bonbonsandbooks
Jesse's Girl! ⌘︎ [Uncle Jesse]by ♡ вσnѕαndвσσkѕ ♡
After Rebecca Donaldson refuses to marry Jesse, she moves back to Colorado, after she lands a new job on another tv show. Jesse is broken hearted. He vows never to get c...
Howling For Red by ZoeyTraver
Howling For Redby Author Zoey
Red is on her usual walk through the woods. Except this time shes looking forward to an erotic night with her savior and lover, the woodcutter. But something stops her i...
Kidnapped By My Childhood Friend by bakonchopsticks
Kidnapped By My Childhood Friendby bakonchopsticks
She was only planning on stopping by to take back something stolen from her. That was the biggest mistake of her entire life. *This story will mess you up. It's disgust...
The Chase by Always-A-Sinner
The Chaseby Always-A-Sinner
A short Red and the Wolf story
Prisoner Negotiations  by SPECTACULARDRACULAR
Prisoner Negotiations by S P E C T A C U L A R V E R N...
Hannah sat on the ground, her mouth bone dry. She'd thought he was trying to escape. But the fact that he locked himself in here with her? Panic shot through her body an...
One Crazy Household by Jason_sky
One Crazy Householdby Jason_sky
WARNING 18+ Your the new tenant of a peculiar family. When you realise that the house is full of nothing but total bombshells, some sexy shenanigans ensue All characte...
peeping david by dallsowdstorys
peeping davidby Dallas Smith
catching the neighbour perving on me
 mirror image by Outdoor_lover
mirror imageby Outdoor_lover
Ginny finds herself watching her parents going at it
Cult Girl by kookiexkreme
Cult Girlby Death Kookie
A girl wants to escape her stepfather's cult, and she will do anything to accomplish that goal. (18+) - First Draft
Christmas Present (COMPLETED SHORT STORY) by RainLioness
Christmas Present (COMPLETED Rain Lioness
A little kinky Christmas story Warning: 18+ NSFW. This story contains hot steamy sex torture and mature languaged. Read at your own risk.
A Ransom Paid in Full by The-Lovely-Lard
A Ransom Paid in Fullby Selka Saywitz
A princess finds herself in peril once she's captured by a neighboring kingdom. As the strangeness of her situation escalates, so too will the weight of royalty hang upo...
Island Adventure by KawaiiBunnyX0X
Island Adventureby Bunny
Strange erotic island adventures with a twist
Inside my Window by Teddybear9698
Inside my Windowby Brielle Gilbert
The fantasy of my biggest secret Admirer
Uber Driver by sweetfacedlust
Uber Driverby sweetfacedlust
A short trip leads to unexpected pleasure
The Night by Jesano87
The Nightby Jesano87
*Trigger warning* CNC is a legitimate kink that does mimic rape. The story is a consensual story not one of legitimate rape.
His Unknown Weakness by Riley9691
His Unknown Weaknessby Riley
A Prostitute and a Mafia Leader are in the same club... what could go wrong? Warning- extreme trigger warning Contains- Murder Abuse Violence Sex Scence Etc.