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Heal Me With Your Love✓ by ReaderDisha
Heal Me With Your Love✓by ReaderDisha
At times life brings you at a point where you can't control anymore. Either you fight the battle or you give up. This is a story of two people who were brought together...
Harsh And Divine by PurnimaNegi
Harsh And Divineby Purnima Negi
A story where a woman is stuck between two men of clashing power and authority. She piqued his interest as soon as he saw her....at the very first sight. She was differ...
Always There for Each Other by amu0430
Always There for Each Otherby a
| mainly a shivika fanfiction | Shivaay and Annika have learnt their lessons and are focussing on making their mansion in Goa, their home. But, their family is in Mumba...
Ek Naya Agaaz by ShwetaRanawat327
Ek Naya Agaazby Shweta
When he realised he loves her... When in Goa💕 #2 in Goa in 1.76K stories 6-12-21 15-12-21
Shivika - the love of my life (completed) by rivanya__riv
Shivika - the love of my life (com...by secret_soul
Every relationship needs either love or trust, but he had neither of them. What if Anika didn't forgive him for what he did to her? Will he be sorry for it? I have gi...
Destiny had its own plans! by Jeevikaaa18
Destiny had its own plans!by Cherriee🍒
Hello Guys!!! Okay so it's my first time writing a story on Wattpad! I hope I can come up to everyone's expectations and Begin this journey with a great start! Sakshi Na...
GOA DIARIES  by Liittle_Aish
GOA DIARIES by ×TheStoryTeller×
with few changes , the goa episodes of immj2 naya safar is re-written by me COVER CREDITS TO -( ME )
"PONDICHERRYTALES"  by rainbowsalt08
"PONDICHERRYTALES" by blackroseamonglilies
**Read at risk!! Because this story is very amateur. Well I wrote this when I didn't know even "w" of writing. So please don't judge me!!** Thank you!! "I...
AvNeil - LIFELINE (COMPLETED)✓ by _mahwish_
AvNeil - LIFELINE (COMPLETED)✓by Naylah Muyassara
When Avni left home and Neil is showing little to no interest in searching for her. The families tired of Neil's indifference after he left for Auckland decided to look...
Our Destiny by quest_53
Our Destinyby Khushi
Two college rivals Purvi Mathur and Kavin Khanna cross paths again after 5 years in their best friend's wedding. Will this rivalry create drama in the wedding and in the...
Sandcastles | A Virat Kohli Fanfiction by penthusiastic
Sandcastles | A Virat Kohli Fanfic...by raksha ♡
We are so obsessed with the complexities of life and navigating our way out of the labyrinth every day that we often pay least attention to what's cribbing from inside...
GOA WALA PYAAR by dashreyaa
GOA WALA PYAARby dashreyaa
It will be a short story mainly on MaNan...Basically the story going to be how manik and nandini are going to be manan...Trust me it will be different plot on Manan and...
Rendu Manasulu(Two Hearts) by Telugu_girl
Rendu Manasulu(Two Hearts)by Pakka_Andhra_Pilla
Amyra and Sanju grew up together. Their parents plan on get them married to each other, but they don't want to marry each other. The two best friends decide to go to Goa...
Mr. Mystery by bestdeveloper97
Mr. Mysteryby Angel
Ridhimaa returns home after two years, completing her postgraduate. She decided to enjoy her vacation with her family. One day she goes to market with her mother, where...
  Happily together by tommygirl97
Happily togetherby Tommy girl
Nndhini and manik are in love for 6 years.They are happily living together ! come, lets read their beautiful love and knok joke....
Festival Lights by Suecastellino
Festival Lightsby Sue Ellen Castellino
Matthew first saw her dancing in the crowd, the crown in her hair reflecting the festival lights. She twinkled. Nalini first noticed him when she heard the gravitas in h...
Her Decision  by _thistroublemaker
Her Decision by NASH
There is a reason why Avery Parker shies away from drinking... because when she does drink, she is bound to do stupid things. ***** "And you know what the pathetic...
One Piece: Night Circus by WonderlandWriter13
One Piece: Night Circusby 501st Loth Cat
On the eve of their arranged marriage Prince Sabo Overlook of the Goa Kingdom and Princess Vivi Nefertari of Alabasta wish nothing more than to be free of each other and...
Leave Us : A Horror Tale by Shivika_2018
Leave Us : A Horror Taleby Prîyã
A Shivika horror tale. This is the sequel of book Ishqbaaz So it starts with the happy family of Shivika .... Shivaay and Annika are now happily settled in their life...