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The abandoned princess by ToyGirl22
The abandoned princessby ToyGirl22
Tony Stark never wanted children. That was until he started to fear who would run his empire after he was gone. After discovering that Pepper is barren and will never be...
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[1] Lions Inside | Tony Stark by xarrow_hunterx
[1] Lions Inside | Tony Starkby xarrow_hunterx
"Everybody has a lion inside of them, waiting for the time to come out and roar" - Me - Jade Dawson is a shapeshifter who has been running her whole life from...
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Starks little Girl by katiesimaginelife
Starks little Girlby katiesimaginelife
Alexis Nala Stark. Well, that's the name Tony and Pepper gave me when they adopted me from a beautiful place called Wakanda. My life is not normal. Growing up around a...
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Yes... Mr Stark? by IronmansApprentice
Yes... Mr Stark?by Emz
Pepper Potts was never really there. She worked for Tony Stark as his PA, but she was no way at all attracted to Tony Stark. But did you ever hear about Samantha Rolling...
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IronDad One shots.  by melodey123
IronDad One shots. by melodey123
Iron dad one shots to cure your Endgame Depression Endgame spoilers. Some angst not a lot tho. Harley and peter too.
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Beauty and the Beast by katythefluteplayer
Beauty and the Beastby Katy
We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. This story follows the outline of the traditional story pretty well with some changes to make it seems more real, more in...
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The Half-Life of a Radioactive Spider by ScarletWitch777
The Half-Life of a Radioactive Spi...by ScarletWitch7
Peter's fight with the Vulture ends up with Peter more injured than he's ever been. He begins to heal, but the Vulture comes back to seek revenge on Tony Stark. What wil...
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SHOTTA | nle choppa by LovexGalore
SHOTTA | nle choppaby ✨Baby Shotta✨
No Love Ent. 💔 I'm still a menace... I am a devil, whole other level
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Big Reputation [An Iron Man FanFiction | Pepperony] by ShannonRona
Big Reputation [An Iron Man FanFic...by S Rona
In the aftermath of the Hammeroid attack, how easily does Tony Stark adapt to having a relationship...and with Pepper Potts of all people. And as if that wasn't hard en...
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Don't Worry About Me (Clint Barton Love Story) by Kitty-Black
Don't Worry About Me (Clint Barton...by Obsidian
*Avengers + Guardians of The Galaxy* [NOW HAS A READER INSERT ON CHAPTERS 11 AND AFTER!] Tony Stark has an adopted sister, Diamond Lucy Stark. Once his secret is uncover...
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The Path We Travel by Marvel_Rules
The Path We Travelby ¦FΔNG¡RL¦
As Pepper and Tony continue to deny their growing attraction to one another, neither one realize that the separate path they travel are about to converge. COMPLETED [FR...
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IronDad and SpiderSon One-Shots by Bi_Slytherin_Bitch
IronDad and SpiderSon One-Shotsby Bi_Slytherin_Bitch
Tony Stark being a father, and actually caring for his children
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Chemistry by perfectlyparadox
Chemistryby Quincey
One year after the New York 'incident' and Bruce Banner and Tony Stark have just finished putting New York and The Avengers Tower back to rights. Now working on a projec...
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The Secret Rebellion (Book 3 in The Secret Series) by EmJaneR
The Secret Rebellion (Book 3 in Th...by EmJaneR
Loki and Hela have won. Midgard has finally been conquered. The old heroes have vanished, leaving Earth to suffer under Loki's evil rule. But two years after the Avenger...
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Sally Stark (Stark's Daughter fanfic) by MarvelGirl1218
Sally Stark (Stark's Daughter fanf...by MarvelGirl1218
Sally Stark has had an average life well as average as it can be having a billionaire, genius for a father however that was all about to change when she joins her father...
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13th Doctor Preferences by UGottaLoveDraco
13th Doctor Preferencesby UGottaLoveDraco
It has officially happened, the 13th Doctor is a female! The future is female! This book contains preferences based on the newest face of our beloved time traveller. :)
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shes priceless// Tommy Lee Fan fiction by t-bone_tommy
shes priceless// Tommy Lee Fan fic...by Veronica
Sammy takes on another normal day at the record store with her friend Michelle when a group of boys over take her world. one in particular drummer boy catches her eye. w...
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Spider-Man: Dark Web by PeterParkerStark19
Spider-Man: Dark Webby Peter Parker
When Peter returns from the events of the Infinity War he isn't the same as he once was, struggling to cope with the events and the loss, how will Peter cope with a new...
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The media by Nuggets445
The mediaby Nuggets445
Part 4 of Peter's new life series Aunt May lets the secret loose. The family have to deal with it. Peter freaks out
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(Irondad And Spiderson)The Stark And his Spider Baby by Lokilover7lorna
(Irondad And Spiderson)The Stark A...by Ayanna
Irondad and Spiderson fluff. Will take requests. I DON'T OWN ANY ARTWORK IN THIS STORY.
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