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Homestuck Scenarios by dynamiteTrickster
Homestuck Scenariosby this got popular?
(=.^W^.=) Miaou! A basic 'X Reader' Homestuck fic. It's basically how your relationship changes over time. ❇✴COMPLETED✴❇
Shivika ka vanvass  by jenniferpari8
Shivika ka vanvass by Jennifer Pari
The story start when shivika leave oberoi mansion lets peep in story see pain emotions family love shivika love love fight will love win will shivika always together
Homestuck One Shots by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck One Shotsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Homestuck one shots. Now adding Hiveswap too.
Davekat One-shots by Karkit_Vantass
Davekat One-shotsby turntechGeneticist
These are some old and new Davekat one-shots I wrote. Enjoy ig. :)
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED} by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED}by Noodleneck 💀
Homestuck Pics and Gifs by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck Pics and Gifsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Some of my favourite Homestuck pictures and gifs.
Sollux x Reader [Lemon] Does it Hurt? by Ms-Gamzette
Sollux x Reader [Lemon] Does it Ms. Beelzebub
It's hard being the only human in Alternia but there's always one person that their own way...
You've changed my life (GamKar) by germanwolf
You've changed my life (GamKar)by KpopTae
Gamzee is the king and Karkat was a low blood on the streets that was one day caught and brought to Gamzee and their whole life's where flipped upside down. Strider...
Tell me About Quadrants (DaveKat){EDITING} by malfunctioningEgoist
Tell me About Quadrants (DaveKat){ Kyler clupka
The young troll smiled into the humans neck. He was happy with the end results of the situation and honestly, he was glad that his anger caused him to do something stupi...
I think I like you. (A Davekat Fanfiction) (DISCONTINUED) by davekatismyotp
I think I like you. (A Davekat Davey The Strange
Sadness was all Karkat could see in his future. Until Dave came and turned that around.
The Meanings of Red by JustEatIt
The Meanings of Redby Christine
'He pursed his lips before speaking. “What the hell are you doing lying in a trash can?” “It’s for ironic purposes,” came a muffled response. Something clicked in Kar...
Homestuck x Pet!Reader by ItsPsychaPanda16
Homestuck x Pet!Readerby ItsPsychaPanda16
So, this is a new series I've been wanting to make for a while and just now finally got around to doing. I'm not sure how I'll go about this, so I'll love if you guys gi...
Game Over - DaveKat fanfic *HumanStuck* by erledigt
Game Over - DaveKat fanfic * fucker
❝Game fucking over, I'm done❞
Homestuck X Reader Oneshots! (Closed!) by Homestuckkitten
Homestuck X Reader Oneshots! ( Shelby
A bunch of HS oneshots! EDIT: As of 8.14.2020 I'm not updating this anymore.
Caretaker Kankri: Kankri X Female!Reader by EridanAmpora268
Caretaker Kankri: Kankri X Taylor Lake
This is a great story so reader it to find out how great it is.... ... ... Okay so it's about you (the reader) and Kankri and romance. That's all you need to know. I DO...
love letter to my bully (davekat) by xdumpsterface
love letter to my bully (davekat)by Dumpster face
karkat is bullied by his crush Dave is his crush I DON'T OWN ART OR HOMESTUCK
Us { davekat } by donotcrushmyotp
Us { davekat }by boop
Just some davekat man
Let's Backtrack (Karkat x Reader) by KanrisHive
Let's Backtrack (Karkat x Reader)by Kanri
So I made another reader insert, except this one will be a series. owo Hopefully you guys like it! :D
Did I 6reak him? by BloodySoul292
Did I 6reak him?by Burrito
((I have this posted up on another website so don't yell at me saying I copied it I FREAKING WROTE IT I JUST WANTED TO POST SOMETHING NEW ON HERE!!)) Anyways vantascest...
Only Safe in Your Arms by yikesmessylol
Only Safe in Your Armsby Lindsay Chappell
Davekat Fanfiction. It's a little heavy. So sorry. It all gets better in the end