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Homestuck One-Shots by neonlinen
Homestuck One-Shotsby .........
Exactly what it sounds like
Homestuck x reader (requests open again!) by Cr0nusAmp0ra
Homestuck x reader (requests open...by Kismesis
if you're still here, good job! Requests are open!!
Homestuck smut and fluff by Dunebug03
Homestuck smut and fluffby Pidge holt
This is all i am good at writing. here's some fluff and smut. enjoy. #2 kankrixcronus 2-11-2020 #1 rosexkanaya. 3-13-2020 #1 eridanxsollux. 11/13/2020 #1 for dirk 1/31...
Yandere Homestuck by OddlyTransparent
Yandere Homestuckby OddlyTransparent
okay first story I've ever written so sorry if it sucks :) , and I decided to write these because like none exist. I will be writing whatever comes into my head and I'l...
Bite for Bite by pennypopcorn999
Bite for Biteby pennypopcorn999
Dirk Miller x Reader POVS and one shots Inspired by the founder of The Emily Program Dirk Miller Shout out to Dirk for always being in the walls
Strider Strife ((Dave x Reader x Dirk)) by Unme_i
Strider Strife ((Dave x Reader x D...by Teenage Dirtbag
Dirk is Dave's twin who thinks it's fun to tease Dave with everything, mostly because Dave is the younger twin. When Dave meets (Y/n) and quickly falls in love, Dirk mak...
The Player's Game (Dirk x Reader) by xX_EternalSmiles_Xx
The Player's Game (Dirk x Reader)by Jo
Dirk Strider Where would you even BEGIN. He was a womanizer, a player of hearts if you will. He leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. And then theres you. D...
Only mine  by Beauty_B16
Only mine by Beauty_B16
..... READ TO FIND OUT.....
Homestuck! Grubs X Reader by EridanAmpora268
Homestuck! Grubs X Readerby Taylor Lake
So yah.... THIS IS NOT LEMON!!! I'm weird and fucked up in many ways but not that way! I'm not no grub fucker! But for real these story's are cute as fuck and are mine...
Homestuck x reader by TheRagingFangirl
Homestuck x readerby Yuko (fan name)
Tell meh who you won't me to do and I will. I will do lemons
Double pistol and a kiss  (A dirk x jake fanfic) by Dirk_x_Jake
Double pistol and a kiss (A dirk...by Dirk_x_Jake
This is a fanfic about #dirkxjake from #homestuck. Contains fluff and all of the smut.
~Fairy Tales Are Just Fiction~(AU!Dirk Strider X Reader) by Hipster_Nepeta
~Fairy Tales Are Just Fiction~(AU...by xena™
(y/n) (l/n) was just an average girl, living in a bleak world of grey, white, and black. She was completely color-blind, and not just the color-blind where you can't see...
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In Heaven (Various! X Reader)~ by Hipster_Nepeta
~Homestuck Seven Minutes In Heaven...by xena™
Your name is (y/n) (l/n) and you, my fine friend, are being pulled to a party. Whom are you being pulled by to who's party? Well, by none other than me, Xena, to only th...
Homestuck x Male reader by 5KU77C4NDY
Homestuck x Male readerby That-Fuckin-Duck
ᗯᗩᖇᑎIᑎG!!! ᑌᔕE Oᖴ ᔕᗯEᗩᖇIᑎG Iᑎ TᕼIᔕ!!!!! Reader is male and also bisexual but mostly gay. I might do some with a female reader just to make it even but we'll see. This b...
multi-fandom oneshots by goobblinn
multi-fandom oneshotsby fern
Fandoms include: . Buzzfeed Unsolved . The Witcher . Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency . Sherlock . YouTube All or most will be reader inserts
Waking Up With You: Homestuck X Reader by Toastergal
Waking Up With You: Homestuck X Re...by Toastergal
Cute little fluffs I wrote for a bunch of the characters! I do requests!
Dirk Strider X Jake English: It Was One Kiss by tricksterxwrites
Dirk Strider X Jake English: It Wa...by Bryce Writes🖋
This is my first fanfic so cut me some slack. This goes from a first date to romance. NO WARNINGS
The Boy and the Raven (DirkJake) by _Shipping_Sabriel_
The Boy and the Raven (DirkJake)by DaveKat *^*
I do not own the story, all rights go to ticklishivories on Archive of our Own!!!!
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Prince of heart, my heart ( Dirk x Reader fanfic ) by Dani-is-a-writer
Prince of heart, my heart ( Dirk x...by Dani
since my other fanfic bugged out I had to recreate it so here