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Homestuck X Reader Oneshots by Tanavermillion
Homestuck X Reader Oneshotsby Caslin Vermillion
A series of one-part stories featuring Y/N (You), and a multitude of characters from Homestuck. Taking requests.
Just "Moirails" by dumbgae
Just "Moirails"by Newt
Mr. Krabs finds Equius and Nepeta playing games together, Equius says they're just Quadrant Moirails but Mr. Krabs thinks differently. Watch the story unfold as Mr. Krab...
Stranded ||Human!stuck Karezi AU|| by Galaxybread413
Stranded ||Human!stuck Karezi AU||by Galactica💫
A bright summer day, why not go to the beach? It seemed to be quite practical to do so. And that's exactly what the Pyrope family did that evening. But soon a fun day in...
homestuck shipping reviews by KawaiiUkeEgbert
homestuck shipping reviewsby kandie pando
watch me rant about homestuck charcters
Notes by Edit9r
Notesby Edit9r
This is a little high school erisol I based of of a book. You'll see the plot soon since I didn't stray to far from it. Eridan falls for sollux but even the nerd is out...
Mega Ultra Homestuck F/F Shipping Challenge by t99-many-ships
Mega Ultra Homestuck F/F Macks
Hi I'm here t9 write s9mething f9r ever f/f ship in h9mestuck hist9ry and I will n9t hesitate t9 write a pair twice if y0u wish it t9 6e. I w9n't use the characters quir...
-ASK: Nepeta Lejion- by HomestuckFandom120
-ASK: Nepeta Lejion-by :33< Nepeta Lejion
:33< Helloooo!! :D Ask me questions, ur ask me dures to do to my furends!
GamNep: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by rackyjr
GamNep: Somewhere Over the Rainbowby Oliver
Hey everyone! I have found a GamNep fanfiction I wrote in seventh grade, about three years ago, and decided I'd rewrite it and share it because the plot was just so grea...
A Source Of Nightmares by RowanArisen
A Source Of Nightmaresby Rowan Quinn
Nepeta frowned at the floor, "You're the source of my nightmares.....every night I dream about what happens to you. Sometimes they're happy, but most of the time th...
The Sburb Asylum by Callanee
The Sburb Asylumby Pineapple Drama
(c) Homstuck Andrew Hussie I don't own Homestuck or any of the characters. Humanstuck AU where all characters are in a Mental Asylum called "The SBurb Asylum"...
It's Cold Outside ||Human!stuck Karezi Au|| by Galaxybread413
It's Cold Outside ||Human!stuck Galactica💫
He's known Terezi for years, in fact he's lived with her for years. At first she just wouldn't leave him alone; desperately needing safety from these dangerous streets...
Male!Nepeta x reader  by nathbomb
Male!Nepeta x reader by no
Nepe and (Name) have been best friends for a long time. They like to role play and other little things like that. But over time (Name) has developed a crush on Nepe. Wha...