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Steampunk vs Dieselpunk by QuanCorneliusJames
Steampunk vs Dieselpunkby Quan Cornelius-James
A description of what steampunk is vs dieselpunk.
  • educational
  • dieselpunk
  • steampunk
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Turn: Book One of the Time Turner Chronicles by mahana258
Turn: Book One of the Time Turner...by Mahana
Annaliese Stone, a Terif of the Ceilion police, has spent the last year rooting out her enemies. She's ruthless, cunning, and a master manipulator. Her base, the...
  • wattys2018
  • dieselpunk
  • aeawards2018
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The Briefcase Blues by Ywander
The Briefcase Bluesby Jasper de Groot
The year is 1937. The United States has shattered under the weight of the Great Depression, regional Prohibition and mounting isolationism. The transcontinental railroad...
  • pirates
  • 1930s
  • air
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Treasure and Tribulation (Black Mark: Book Four - Sample Chapters) by Briarhenge
Treasure and Tribulation (Black Ma...by Randilee Pajari
Who said work as a translator was safe? This is war! In the fourth installment of the thrilling Black Mark series, the sly Azarola joins the aviatrix Audra’s multination...
  • worldwarweird
  • 1930s
  • dieselpunk
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Blaise Maximillian Collection of Short Stories by MatthewSylvester
Blaise Maximillian Collection of S...by Matthew Sylvester
An uneasy peace reigns over Europe. It’s 1922 and a victorious Germany watches over her defeated enemies after a long and bitter world war. The remote parts of the Briti...
  • dieselpunk
  • tweed
  • trenches
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Zakon #0 by BiSonek
Zakon #0by BiSonek
Wypociny maturzysty który pewnego nudnego wieczora stwierdził ,że chce przelać swoją twórczość na internetowy papier.
  • akcja
  • wampiry
  • horror
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Dulce et Decorum est by jpcatton
Dulce et Decorum estby John Paul Catton
To commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the World War One Christmas Truce, "Dulce et Decorum est" has been uploaded here! It's a science fiction mystery se...
  • science
  • fiction
  • history
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The Adventures Of Knolls And Hunter by Holly_Gonzalez
The Adventures Of Knolls And Hunterby Holly Gonzalez
Thomas Knolls and Joan Hunter are the most sought-after mercenaries in the known worlds. Follow the pulp dieselpunk adventures of this fabulous super-spy duo from my re...
  • dieselpunk
  • geneticengineering
  • scifriday
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Children of the War by Holly_Gonzalez
Children of the Warby Holly Gonzalez
The War has ravaged Earth for two generations. Young Walter Marlow and his family struggle to survive, in a world of desperation and death. When Walter and his loved one...
  • decopunk
  • robots
  • dieselpunk
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Wattpunk: Community Recommendations by Wattpunk
Wattpunk: Community Recommendationsby Wattpunk
Where the community recommends some choice punk fiction from Wattpad authors
  • steampunk
  • dieselpunk
  • cyberpunk
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The Skysplitter by RSBingham
The Skysplitterby RSBingham
1952, world war 2 rages on in melancholic bloodshed. The atom bomb has never been invented and the Nazis are stronger than ever, competing in a monumental race against t...
  • spying
  • diesel
  • warfare
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Counter ClockWise by boundpearl
Counter ClockWiseby boundpearl
Rosalee knew an age of steam. Her father the head of a company working to take ships to the sky. Not everyone is supportive, namely the dangerously driven competition...
  • dieselpunk
  • steampunk
  • timetravel
Default Title - Write Your Own by EthanMotter
Default Title - Write Your Ownby Ethan Motter
  • dieselpunk
  • fantasy
  • sciencefiction
Tales from the Steel City by Fredboy45
Tales from the Steel Cityby H.J. Mayland
(This is the sequel to Tales from the Bronze City) The Steel City: A place of order and peace. Where all its citizens lived happily as long as they didn't defy against...
  • city
  • talesfromthebronzecity
  • dieselpunk
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Fleisch Und Stahl (Flesh And Steel) by kingkarmichael
Fleisch Und Stahl (Flesh And Steel)by kingkarmichael
Linus Vahlen is a recruit in the Nazi German Wehrmacht, assigned to a platoon with the sole purpose of taking down Russian mechs on the eastern front. What follows are t...
  • dieselpunk
  • mechs
  • history
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Tevun-Krus #29 - Punk Wars! by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #29 - Punk Wars!by Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
That's right, 'troopers! Something brand-spankin'-new for you all. You thought WattPunk was innovative? Well, how about the long-awaited Punk Wars issue?!
  • dieselpunk
  • gothpunk
  • atompunk
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Hell's Womb by LostDMBFiles
Hell's Wombby David Mark Brown
Chemistry happens, in more ways than one. Trapped four hundred feet down, Serge and Gayle fight to survive while preventing an unspeakable evil from reaching the surface...
  • mining
  • steampunk
  • cave
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Gast Academy: The Viridian Vipers by oleggert
Gast Academy: The Viridian Vipersby O.L. Eggert
Soldier, spy, chanter, medium . . . for the right amount of coin, any need can be fulfilled. You need only contract the right mercenary academy. Of all academies, one na...
  • dieselpunk
  • mythology
  • steampunk
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The Guns of Thyton by ZacharyJM
The Guns of Thytonby Zachary McCarl
In the nation of Liora guns and tanks have long since replaced swords and siege engines, but war comes none the less. Arthur Randal volunteered to fight, but his homelan...
  • guns
  • fantasy
  • wizard
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Aurora's Gamble by LostDMBFiles
Aurora's Gambleby David Mark Brown
With the discovery of Æther in 1899, the world 
was propelled into a new age of limitless progress, fueled by the
 incredible power contained within the tiniest of Æther...
  • aether
  • gaming
  • dieselpunk
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