Turn: Book One of the Time Turner Chronicles by mahana258
Turn: Book One of the Time Turner...by Mahana
Annaliese Stone, a Terif of the Ceilion police, has spent the last year rooting out her enemies. She's ruthless, cunning, and a master manipulator. Her base, the...
  • futuristic
  • action
  • time-travel
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Secrets in the Moon (Crescent City Werewolves #1) by JulieMidnight
Secrets in the Moon (Crescent City...by Julie Midnight
In Crescent City, the domain of werewolves, ferocity bristles beneath fine suits and glittering jewels. No hunger is too savage and no urge is too forbidden. And yet eve...
  • murdermystery
  • magic
  • crescentcity
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All Punked Out by Wattpunk
All Punked Outby Wattpunk
Join us for a month-like engagement for all things punk!
  • splatterpunk
  • steampunk
  • punk
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Captain Kittyhawk & The Cloud Wars by The-Scrivener
Captain Kittyhawk & The Cloud Warsby R.K. Adams
Trixie discovers a young female pilot with the head of a cat who is been washed up on the beach of her island home. The bedraggled pilot has no memory of who she is. Wh...
  • teen
  • fantasy
  • animals
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Beauty In The Bones: Season 1 by Holly_Gonzalez
Beauty In The Bones: Season 1by Holly Gonzalez
Innocence is subjective, and power always has its price--so his elders told him. Silas Blane is destined for greatness. Born into an elite family with many skeletons in...
  • secretsocieties
  • retrofuture
  • darkshamanism
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The Fall Of An Empire by Alaudo
The Fall Of An Empireby Alaudo
LGBT+ story Everyone's recollection of how Xavis' reign began differed. If you asked a person from the country's upper class they would likely tell you that he was democ...
  • war
  • fantasy
  • rebel
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Terra Contra by TituyCruz
Terra Contraby Tituy Cruz
For centuries, Humanity have long thought of a world that revolves around our Sun but it is situated on the opposite side of it and therefore, hidden from view. But th...
  • dieselpunk
  • fiction
  • counter-earth
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Wattpunk: Community Recommendations by Wattpunk
Wattpunk: Community Recommendationsby Wattpunk
Where the community recommends some choice punk fiction from Wattpad authors
  • piratepunk
  • bardpunk
  • recommendations
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Alex in Wunderstrande: The Clairvoyance Clock by kalelawrence
Alex in Wunderstrande: The Clairvo...by Kale Lawrence
Things are never as they seem. [Highest Rank: #41 Steampunk] For seventeen-year old Alexander Rosengrant, the recent war in Wunderstrande was anything but victorious. H...
  • feature
  • youngadult
  • war
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Valley Where the Mushrooms Grow by ZachLiollio
Valley Where the Mushrooms Growby Zachary Paul
In memory of Stanislav Petrov, The Man Who Saved the World. This book is the feeling you get when a tornado awakes you in the middle of the night. When you lose control...
  • science
  • police
  • pulp
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The Last Guardian by Aunikesufae
The Last Guardianby Aunikesufae
When a mission of charity goes horribly wrong, Jirondious finds himself in the midst of a sinister plot that threatens the island of Kolishin-Geme. Normally, he would ne...
  • swordandsorcery
  • sacrifice
  • action
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Tales Told Beneath the Gaslamp : A Wattpunk Anthology by Wattpunk
Tales Told Beneath the Gaslamp : A...by Wattpunk
A collection-in-progress of short stories created by Wattpadders, curated by @Wattpunk, for all those seeking brief adventures in punk worlds. Stay tuned for: Steampunk...
  • wattpunk
  • steampunk
  • random
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The Art Deco Wake by WilliamJJackson
The Art Deco Wakeby William J. Jackson
It's 1935, and two good friends out for a bad time find more than one of them bargained for...
  • decopunk
  • dieselpunk
  • wattys2018
Lord Beardsmore and The Children of Midnight's Thunder by The-Scrivener
Lord Beardsmore and The Children o...by R.K. Adams
Set in London in the 1930's. The young Lord Beardsmore is a witness to the daring theft of a priceless wooden tablet from the British Museum. Soon the action is complica...
  • 1930
  • egypt
  • suspense
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Teutonica: Black Birds  by Krautroach
Teutonica: Black Birds by krautroach
A Teutonic is a man who understands at an early age that power is the second most important thing in his life, the first being the man who has more then him. Ravens, ho...
  • sci-fi
  • wattys2018
  • dieselpunk
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