Secrets in the Moon (Crescent City Werewolves #1)

Secrets in the Moon (Crescent City Werewolves #1)

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Julie Midnight By JulieMidnight Updated Nov 02, 2018

In Crescent City, the domain of werewolves, ferocity bristles beneath fine suits and glittering jewels. No hunger is too savage and no urge is too forbidden. And yet even these ancient streets of strange magic and spilled blood are about to be threatened by something unknown. Something feral. Something eager to butcher all in its path, werewolf or human...

As a beautiful socialite known for her wild behavior, Cora Marshall is no stranger to scandal. Yet right now she's in the wrong kind of trouble: her father has mysteriously vanished and she's the prime suspect for his murder. Determined to prove her innocence, Cora hires Detective Sam Hayes, an irresistibly handsome werewolf with as many secrets to his name as she has to hers. 

He's good at his job, yet if they want to uncover the terrible truth behind her father's disappearance, they must trust each other with everything--especially now that the real killer is stalking the entire city, its endless appetite moving ever closer.

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