Twitch and Die!

Twitch and Die!

10.4K Reads 307 Votes 23 Part Story
David Mark Brown By LostDMBFiles Completed

The Company mining town of Thurber, Texas has fallen off the map. Some want to keep it that way. Others seek the truth. But its plague-infected residents have a mind of their own.

"Forget emergency landing procedures. When reading Twitch and Die! all one can do is hold on for dear life."

"Disguised as double-fisted pulp fiction, the Lost DMB Files resurrect a forgotten history. The life's work of author David Mark Brown, mysteriously disappeared in the 1930's, has only recently taken on new life surrounding the controversy that these "Lost" files are more than mere fiction. Let the reader decide for her or himself." ~ Professor Jim Buckner, Dept. Geology University of Texicas, Austin

Two populist Texan folk-heros, Chancho Villarreal and James Starr, embark on a mission of political endorsement, but what they find is a hill country rife with fear and rumor. A so-called Angel of Death is executing individuals infected by a terrible plague, and the company mining town at the epicenter has gone dark.

It's up to Chancho to navigate a world of shifting allegiances while uncovering the truth about a plague and its infected who refuse to die quietly.

"If there was a top to be over, Twitch and Die! removed it completely, and with electrifying results."

  • action
  • dieselpunk
  • horror
  • plague
  • pulp
  • western
  • zombie
  • zombies
jeter02 jeter02 Jan 22, 2014
Just read the first chapter, and was very happy with it. I could already imagine a movie of this, but I will read on first
LostDMBFiles LostDMBFiles Aug 26, 2012
@ToxicityDown Thanks so much! It is published. Currently on sale for $1.99 at kobo and amazon!
ToxicityDown ToxicityDown Aug 25, 2012
This is incredibly interesting so far, I can definitely say that I'm greatly reminded of some great graphic novels as I read this. If not already, this one oudda be published!
LostDMBFiles LostDMBFiles Aug 10, 2012
@ThomasRemnant ha! Indeed. Maybe it is as simple as the little boy in us, remembering what it was like to crush the swelling forces of evil and doing it with that Han Solo glimmer.
LostDMBFiles LostDMBFiles Aug 10, 2012
@ThomasRemnant Thanks for that. I'm not totally sure why, but he was the easiest for me to write as well. And he has come off as the favorite character for many. I've planned more stories for him, partly because of how fun he is to write into stuff!
jewel1307 jewel1307 Jul 30, 2012
Reefer Ranger and Hell's Womb in one, excellent! I think I'm going to enjoy this