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I Think I Love You (Eddie Birdlace) by rphoenix03
I Think I Love You (Eddie Birdlace)by S
In the 1960s, there were basically two groups of people; those for the war and those completely against it. Squares and hippies, norms and freaks- however you want to r...
  • riverphoenix
  • 1960s
  • war
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PAW Patrol: New Generation by Ecofinisher
PAW Patrol: New Generationby Ecofinisher
Restored from my old account. (Revealyear 2016) The PAW Patrol had closed for 2 years and the older members had to find a new place. Now Adventure Bay started the PP aga...
  • marshallxeverest
  • variousdogbreeds
  • dogfight
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peace will follow // river phoenix fanfiction by grungelookingflower
peace will follow // river Maddie Phoenix
Nobody was prepared for Halloween day, 1993. But his heart didn't stop beating... Story starts off in 1978. ...
  • runningonempty
  • 90s
  • phoenix
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A kidnap tale: Coming home! by AntoineeMojito
A kidnap tale: Coming home!by Antoinee Mojito
A boy being kidnapped, got chopped both his legs and tongue, on his way to overcome the difficulties to get back at life.
  • thriller
  • unlimitedpride
  • dognap
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Unwanted Omega by psych-ward
Unwanted Omegaby Katy Mills
Throughout my life I knew what I was, it was impossible not to. I was a weak, unwanted Omega. A plague, they say, a pathetic mutt that drags the pack down. Just anothe...
  • dogs
  • mates
  • omega
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Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revision) by LuisPetrizzoRengel
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Luigi98
It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolutio...
  • humanity
  • integration
  • war
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Made For Mercy by legend201044
Made For Mercyby Fable Thorn
Werewolf fighting is just like dog fighting but more deadly and attracts more money. Verity is a female werewolf who was born into fighting, it was all she had ever kno...
  • fightback
  • fighter
  • werewolf
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Forsaken Skies: King of the Round Table || Kyoko Kirigiri X male reader by Reaper6883
Forsaken Skies: King of the ████████
Danganronpa Kyoko x Male reader Most of the artwork presented will probably be made by me. That includes the cover art. ___________________________________ "How hig...
  • kyokokirigiri
  • danganronpa
  • fighterpilot
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100 days with my contract boyfriend by faithronalyn12
100 days with my contract boyfriendby faithronalyn12
there is a girl named yui faith guttierez di masyadong sikat sa school or maybe laging binubully sa school. pero there's a boy named kei Nathaniel Woods a super perfect...
  • dogfight
  • familyproblems
  • sweetness
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Werewolf girl by Dornip33
Werewolf girlby Dornip33
The story of a girl who was born a werewolf. She is the first ever to be born as a wolf pup and this is the story of how she learned she was a werewolf.
  • dogfight
  • experiment
  • werewolf
river phoenix imagines by standbyriverjude
river phoenix imaginesby sunshine
reader insert river imagines please feel free to request also i can write almost all rivs characters so yeah
  • chrischambers
  • eddiebirdlace
  • runningonempty
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musical trash by maddyyythekat
musical trashby maddy.manning
read the title. i take requests. if u have anything u want me to put into the book DM or comment.
  • chershow
  • musicals
  • random
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My EXTRA Life by bringthatasshereboi
A crazy ass bitch with a crazy ass life. Cursing involved. Like. A lot.
  • weird
  • dogfight
  • karmaisabitch
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Dog fight vs labrat rp by gamergirl644
Dog fight vs labrat rpby Shadowland Graphics
your a dog stuck in the world of dog fighting or your a labrat that is now being forced to fight against dogs that haven't been experimented on (genetically and robotica...
  • fights
  • experiment
  • becreative
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This Kiss by theoceps
This Kissby Bookie
"Te amo tanto, mi corazón." He whispers huskily into my ear. I smile. Tris Prior's summer was going downhill. But when an opportunity knocked, she answered wi...
  • divergent
  • mexico
  • tobias
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dog fight of rp by hercega
dog fight of rpby hercega
welcome to your new or last life in this place in xdeatds here there is one thing to do survive and kill dogs from all over are brought here to fright and kill well you...
  • fighting
  • ocs
  • differentdimensions
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musical trash by will-to-live
musical trashby legra
im trash
  • dear-evan-hansen
  • groundhog-day
  • heathers
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Knights Of A New Era: An Empire Destroyed by flamesword01
Knights Of A New Era: An Empire flamesword01
It only takes two people to start a feud, but it takes several more to start a war. Dustin Rickland, young prince of the Moreskoan Kingdom, craves adventure and yearns...
  • hero
  • love
  • christianity
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Through Amber Eyes by Ultimate_Oblivion
Through Amber Eyesby Utimate_Oblivion
The story of Serene, a Pittbull who suffers through life.
  • abuse
  • dog
  • awareness
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Caged  by NoticeMe_Senpai3533
Caged by Pride Consumer
"I am strong I am wild by blood I will not stay caged for long"
  • wolves
  • dogfights
  • battle
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