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PAW Patrol: New Generation by Ecofinisher
PAW Patrol: New Generationby Ecofinisher
Restored from my old account. (Revealyear 2016) The PAW Patrol had closed for 2 years and the older members had to find a new place. Now Adventure Bay started the PP aga...
Beastars x Reader by awiebby
Beastars x Readerby Emily UwU
You're new at Cherryton Academy, and didn't plan on making any scenes, until someone picks a fight with you in the cafeteria... who will be the one to save you?
peace will follow // river phoenix fanfiction by grungelookingflower
peace will follow // river Maddie Phoenix
Nobody was prepared for Halloween day, 1993. But his heart didn't stop beating... Story starts off in 1978. ...
The Dead Fleet (Juggernaut #3) by PeterADixon
The Dead Fleet (Juggernaut #3)by Peter A Dixon
Tales from the Juggernaut #3. The dead keep their secrets. Having narrowly escaped Typhon on Parador, Tila, Ellie and Malachi have a new clue in their search for the tru...
Made For Mercy by legend201044
Made For Mercyby Fable Thorn
Werewolf fighting is just like dog fighting but more deadly and attracts more money. Verity is a female werewolf who was born into fighting, it was all she had ever kno...
gate: thus the SCP foundation and the UN fought there! by A_generic_writer2317
gate: thus the SCP foundation A_generic_writer2317
(W.I.P) In 2045, the final chain on SCP 2317 connecting to the last pillar broke. Due to standard procedure, the one kiloton-level nuclear device was detonated by the se...
Forsaken Skies: King of the Round Table || Kyoko Kirigiri X male reader by Reaper6883
Forsaken Skies: King of the ████████
Danganronpa Kyoko x Male reader Most of the artwork presented will probably be made by me. That includes the cover art. ___________________________________ "How hig...
I Think I Love You (Eddie Birdlace) by littlegirllblue
I Think I Love You (Eddie Birdlace)by littlegirllblue
In the 1960s, there were basically two groups of people; those for the war and those completely against it. Squares and hippies, norms and freaks- however you want to r...
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Revision) by LuisPetrizzoRengel
Earth Warriors (Undergoing Luigi98
It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolutio...
『 Game of Survival 』A Canine Hunger Games by CrookedXCrowned
『 Game of Survival 』A Canine 【SNICKER】
♢ Welcome to the 76th Annual Canine Hunger Games! ♢ - "Aspen..... have you ever wondered what happens to the 'bad dogs'?" - ...
New Man, Or Is It? by GeorgeRidge
New Man, Or Is It?by GeorgeRidge
Lieutenant Berwick is one of the top fighter Aces of the RAF (Royal Air Force) in WWII. Given the lack of competent pilots, the command sees fit to let Berwick fight in...
UnDeRaGeD  by dankmelancholy
UnDeRaGeD by Guns and Mangos
When a teacher and student fall in love... Shit happens
Tracker "The Killer" by goldenwolf248
Tracker "The Killer"by Golden Wolf
Tracker is an abused German Shorthaired Pointer forced to participate in dog fights for his own survival.
Splatoon One Shots by ZakalWasTaken
Splatoon One Shotsby Haris
Cover picture by the homie Mr.SexMachine on Twitter Name already says it, Splatoon short stories, some shorter than the others And here's the list of the OCs that may sh...
102 Silver Foxes I: The Prop Driven Drive to win by Ryosucc
102 Silver Foxes I: The Prop Ryosucc
1966, with the creation of the U.S navy Fighter weapons school, more commonly known as TOP GUN, shensado allowed airforces to be used, and the new "war match"...
100 days with my contract boyfriend by faithronalyn12
100 days with my contract boyfriendby faithronalyn12
there is a girl named yui faith guttierez di masyadong sikat sa school or maybe laging binubully sa school. pero there's a boy named kei Nathaniel Woods a super perfect...
No Goodbyes by v1taminC
No Goodbyesby Kaetlin
Ilang minuto lang ang lumipas nararamdaman kong may tubig na tumutulo sa paanan ko. I slowly opened my eyes para tignan kung ano ito. "What the-" hindi ko na n...
Pavlov (manxman) by Your_Local_Cryptid
Pavlov (manxman)by Your Local Cryptid
Vadim is a shifter in the hands of Sergey, a gang leader and owner of an illegal, underground dog fighting ring. He's the boss' favorite fighter for more than one reason...
This Kiss by theoceps
This Kissby Bookie
"Te amo tanto, mi corazón." He whispers huskily into my ear. I smile. Tris Prior's summer was going downhill. But when an opportunity knocked, she answered wi...
Aces High by Jayjet777
Aces Highby Jayjet777
Jerome Franklin was just following in the footsteps of his cousin, wanting to do what he couldn't do, be the best damn pilot in the world. Now in a world were UCAV's are...