Lost and Found (A Once Upon a Time/The Hobbit fanfic.) by MegLPie
Lost and Found (A Once Upon a Time...by Meg
The life of a pirate's daughter is exciting, but what do you do when a villain is hunting you down and your father has abandoned you? You find yourself a new realm, meet...
  • tolkien
  • abc
  • fanfic
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The Secret of the Forest -  A Thranduil Romance by floranocturna
The Secret of the Forest - A Thra...by 💫 Flora Nocturna 💫
A shadow lies on Thranduil and his forest and only a power stronger than the darkness of old can save them. Grief and loss have turned him into a king with a heart of ic...
  • tolkien
  • ongoing
  • thehobbit
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PLOT SHOP by acciokeanureeves
PLOT SHOPby Victoria Harris
I see so many of these so I thought I may as well attempt one. Might be slow on updates depending on how much info I can gather for the story. I might end up writing s...
  • multifandom
  • gameofthrones
  • thewalkingdead
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Random x teen/child/baby reader *REQUESTS CLOSED!!!!!* by BadwolfRed18
Random x teen/child/baby reader *R...by BadwolfRed
All of my favorite fandoms based on the reader being a child or baby. I've always had a guilty pleasure for reading fandoms with the reader being a child or baby. They a...
  • httyd
  • disney
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Daughter of a King by ThorinsChild110
Daughter of a Kingby Arulla Návíán
Young Arulla Durin is snatched away from her home in Erebor when she was only 20 years old(Which is like 9 or 10 in dwarrow years) 70 years later, her friend Gandalf com...
  • daughter
  • thorin
  • thorinoakenshield
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Dragon Fire (Thranduil Fan-fiction) #Wattys2016 by TiedinRed
Dragon Fire (Thranduil Fan-fiction...by E.S Smith
In the Home of Elrond of Rivendell, there is a warrior known for her skill and grace in combat and by the rare color of her eyes. Mantheniel, who had also been called &q...
  • legolas
  • fanfiction
  • thranduilxoc
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Imagines (Requests Closed) by ImryllCImagines
Imagines (Requests Closed)by ImryllCImagines
Hobbit/ Lord of The Rings Imagines. Taking requests WHEN STATED!
  • thorin
  • frodo
  • dwalin
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Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story ) by DormantAuthor
Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story )by DormantAuthor
AFTER the Battle of Five Armies, an elf prince journeys North in search of the mysterious Strider, but primarily to escape the grief of a 'love unspoken' as well as the...
  • love
  • lotrfanfiction
  • romance
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The Companion (Hobbit fanfiction.) by Mirkwoodlove
The Companion (Hobbit fanfiction.)by The Smith's daughter.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Strange, everyone seemed to be here. "Killi, open the door. Quikly" Gandalf urged. He looked tense. I opened the door...
  • thehobbit
  • wizard
  • gandalf
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Enigma | The Hobbit: Thorin Oakenshield | by CryingLyrics
Enigma | The Hobbit: Thorin Oakens...by LYRIC
Enmira is a half elven skin changer, that went through a lot in her early years. After an encounter with Gandalf, she sees the company that she needs to protect and the...
  • love
  • lotr
  • hobbit
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Smut Fluff & Other Stuff! by marveluser
Smut Fluff & Other Stuff!by Marvel User
A book filled with smuts, angst, fluff etc. about different fandoms, if you wish to request please either DM me your character from your fandom of choice and what is it...
  • gay
  • vikings
  • hobbit
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Back To You (Thranduil Fanfic) by xTheExecuter
Back To You (Thranduil Fanfic)by Evangeline
"What do you mean a child jumped off the bridge?" This is where young Lúthien's story continues, after experiencing a traumatic experience she finds herself ru...
  • thranduil
  • lordoftherings
  • mirkwood
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Hope and Memory[Thorin Oakenshield Love Story] by DurinsQueen
Hope and Memory[Thorin Oakenshield...by Durin's Queen
Freya Brandybuck is Bilbo Baggins little cousin and is also his closest friend. She has a big interest in the maps of Middle Earth and hopes to visit some of those plac...
  • battle
  • hobbit
  • smaug
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The Dragon's Curse by LoveYourTalent
The Dragon's Curseby R. Walden
Artemis is Smaug's daughter. Cursed to be human by day and a monster of a Dragon by night. She is cursed until Erebor would be rightfully taken back by the true host of...
  • action
  • hobbit
  • mystery
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My Lost Love  by Wolf_Lover10234
My Lost Love by Hannah
It had been sixty years since I last saw my beveled. That terrible night that occurred. I thought I had lost him forever. That was until I saw him enter that hobbit hol...
  • shire
  • lordelrond
  • thehobbit
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The Mountain King and His Queen by TargaryenMartell
The Mountain King and His Queenby Ms. Curly Crawley or Curly H...
Smaug had everything he wanted when he attacked Erebor. The wealth of the dwarves, the mountain to himself and so much more. Yet he also got something he didn't bargain...
  • hobbit
  • smaug
  • lotr
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The Forgotten Elvish Princess (Hobbit Fanfic) by RememberKThranduil
The Forgotten Elvish Princess (Hob...by MarvelinMiddleEarth
5000yrs old, no memory, incredible power and an evil rising. Tulsa, the child of Valinor, meets the King of the woodland realm and the King under the mountain. Nessa and...
  • lordoftherings
  • valar
  • legolas
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TOLKIEN; imagines by _thrnduil
TOLKIEN; imaginesby ˗ˏˋ sin ˊˎ˗
  • oneshotcollection
  • lindir
  • thranduil
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DAVINA  ⇝ Thorin Oakenshield by darlingvixen
DAVINA ⇝ Thorin Oakenshieldby K ι м в e r l y
"In her eyes, the sadness sings of one who was destined for greater things." [Lang Leav] Davina Roswell was the forgotten princess of an otherwise-extinct race...
  • fili
  • kili
  • thorin
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