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Redemption {THE HOBBIT} by diabolos
Redemption {THE HOBBIT}by Queen
She's a hunter, soldier, mercenary, guide, recluse (not human, not elf, not dwarf, not hobbit, nor witch). There are secret's not worth knowing, are you sure you want to...
  • lotr
  • bilbo
  • gandalf
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The Heart of the Mountain by AnodienFirestorm
The Heart of the Mountainby Makenna, Anodien, Alora, Dark...
Universally hated by the world, Aurae is a creature known as a Fae. Abandoned by her race for her kind disposition, she finds she has nowhere to go-- until she is found...
  • gandalf
  • thorinxoc
  • smaug
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Sauron's Creation- A Thranduil fanfiction by Cherie578
Sauron's Creation- A Thranduil fan...by Cherie578
Created from the fire of Mt.Doom she was to be his greatest weapon. But before she ever saw her first battle, Sauron was defeated and the one ring lost. The nameless cre...
  • thranduil
  • fili
  • fantasy
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Tolkien reader inserts/one shots by MegLPie
Tolkien reader inserts/one shotsby Meg
So here begins my collection of Tolkien one shots! Feel free to send in requests! I will write for: *Thorin Oakenshield *Thranduil *Fili *Kili *Bofur *Dwalin *Bard *Lin...
  • fili
  • thorin
  • bofur
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Half-Breed ■ The Hobbit  by marblefloor
Half-Breed ■ The Hobbit by ?
"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return their leader." "Well, aren't you already one?" "I didn't ask for your input."
  • bilbobaggins
  • hobbit
  • thorinoakinshield
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Flying Without Wings by blackNdeadly1989
Flying Without Wingsby Selena Jade
After a confrontation with a few rogue deatheaters, Athena James 'AJ' Potter, Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley find themselves in an entire new world known as Middle E...
  • baggins
  • bilbo
  • ring
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A Warriors King (Thranduil x OC) by babearahs
A Warriors King (Thranduil x OC)by The Descent into Madness
A warrior goes on a journey with her companions and meets the Elf King, Thranduil.
  • hobbit
  • thranduil
  • fantasy
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Lady of the Sea (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Lady of the Sea (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Persephone "Perci" Jackson, Daughter of Sally Jackson and Poseidon - Greek god of the Sea, - has just finished the The Giant War. But, she is not done yet. For...
  • kili
  • legolas
  • gandalf
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The Darkling(Legolas/The Hobbit) Book 1 ✔️ by ThaleCarter
The Darkling(Legolas/The Hobbit) B...by ThaleCarter
"You talk too much elf-boy," Arya muttered, her voice hoarse from all the screaming she had done due to the pain of her injuries. Legolas scrunched up his nose...
  • smaug
  • thranduil
  • mirkwood
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+antidote | thranduil by aly-bozak
+antidote | thranduilby alyson
When Aria Hollister had decided she wanted to die after the landslide she called life had finally done its part in tearing apart every aspect of her life, the valar deem...
  • hobbit
  • thehobbitfanfiction
  • battleofthefivearmies
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Infinity Ring (Legolas Love Story)  by sexylegolas
Infinity Ring (Legolas Love Story) by Natalie Rushman
LEGOLAS X OC. TENTH WALKER. Leigh Ann woke up in a forest with a strange ring on her finger and a blade on her neck. A medieval looking man and a certain elf prince came...
  • legolaslovestory
  • saruman
  • pippin
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Caught (a legolas fanfiction) by emotion_wizard
Caught (a legolas fanfiction)by Sylvi greenleaf
I did not write this. I just took it off a website and put it on here. The authors username on Fanfiction.net (where I got it from) is injoythouhastlived. I love this s...
  • leggy
  • aragorn
  • legolas
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Another Life (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Another Life (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Four way crossover Hobbit LOTR HP PJO Click story and check out full summary. **#52 in Lord of the Rings** **#84 of Elves** **#54 of Hobbit** **#57 of fempercy**
  • fempercy
  • harrypotter
  • hobbit
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Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story ) by DormantAuthor
Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story )by DormantAuthor
AFTER the Battle of Five Armies, an elf prince journeys North in search of the mysterious Strider, but primarily to escape the grief of a 'love unspoken' as well as the...
  • fantasy
  • lotrfanfiction
  • legolasgreenleaf
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Middle Earth Gif Preferences by athousandwishes1000
Middle Earth Gif Preferencesby -ˋˏ rachel ˎˊ-
middle earth gif preferences. ❝ i'm looking for someone to share in an adventure that i am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone. ❞ included : ↬ bilbo ↬ bo...
  • frodo
  • bilbo
  • boromir
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Queen of the Sea (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Queen of the Sea (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Book 3. Lady of the Sea (1) Champion of the Sea (2) Fem!Percy LegolasxPercy Based on the Hobbit movies
  • elf
  • percy
  • legolas
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Champion of the Sea (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Champion of the Sea (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Persephone "Perci" Jackson's journey continues in this story where she encounters many challenges. Will she stay and find love in Middle Earth or will she only...
  • thorin
  • fantasy
  • thranduill
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The Outcast Elf by lotr_love
The Outcast Elfby lotr_love
Aerethiel Vanyae is the last of her kind. Not one knows she exists--albeit a horde of orcs who desire what she possesses. Her rogue lifestyle comes to an end when the Pr...
  • lordoftheringsfanfiction
  • mirkwood
  • ice
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Arrows (Legolas X Reader) by thewalkingdead20100
Arrows (Legolas X Reader)by BlondeBerry
You are the daughter of Queen Galadriel, living in Lothlórien as a princess. You can't read minds like your mother, but you have the power to talk to animals, and create...
  • hobbit
  • legolasgreenleaf
  • legolaslovestory
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