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Error's Butterfly Dream by BalmAnn
Error's Butterfly Dreamby Melissa Higgs
Being reincarnated as the destroyer countless times, Error breaks out of the cycle as he comes inside a womb. The womb belonging to Dream with his tormentor as his fathe...
Royal Love [COMPLETED] by _AngieorAngel_
Royal Love [COMPLETED]by _AngieorAngel_
In this book, you will found many ( my fav ) ship! Geno x Death, Error x Ink, Fell x Classic, Blueberry x Dust, Nightmare x Killer, Dream x Cross, Lust x Horror, and Dal...
Undertale ships pictures and comics...>:3 by Annisaerrorink4ever
Undertale ships pictures and ErrorinkforlifeBRUH💕
Just pictures of my ships... Included:- Errorink...(I must put it!!! >~<) Cream Dustberry Chasriel Afterdeath Poth Paperfresh Killermare Scifell All of it are my...
Broken dreams  by amy3223
Broken dreams by Amy.Rose
Hi sorry I'm not good at describing so... Dream always had Nightmares and cut himself but never tell it to his friends but no one know specially nightmare know that hi...
Moonlight Princess (Empireverse Nightmare x Child! Reader) by MidnightArch05
Moonlight Princess (Empireverse Kawaii Potato Queen
You are a little orphan girl that was lucky enough to be adopted by Nightmare the King of the Moon Empire after years of abuse and neglect of the orphanage. Living your...
Replaced by another multiverse selves (On Hiatus) by ArtsySharmyuwu
Replaced by another multiverse ArtsySharmy uwu
this is a story where the star sanses took a very long "trip" without telling anyone, the king decided to replace them for a while to take care off the shenani...
The Fallen Star sanses by Starofender
The Fallen Star sansesby starofender
so, in the middle of a fight dream drops to his knees in pain, nothing hit him, he screams "code black". the bad guys go back to base confused I know I'm terri...
Green Dream x Corpse [COMPLETED!!!]  by DreamWasABlob
Green Dream x Corpse [ Dream
Idea by- @May19617 and @UwUjeffthekiller I made this because I saw there aren't a single Corpse x Dream fanfics and I also wanted to see how many people would actually l...
|Bang!| (Dream!Swap And Originals) Hitus by Lmao_Thats_Sus
|Bang!| (Dream!Swap And Originals) Whaddup Itz Ren
It was a normal day for the Meme squad. They were doing the usual, you know making jokes, robbing Taco bell for sixth time that week, playing with Kevin, and running awa...
The King's Deputy (Cream&Killermare) by Azieruu_
The King's Deputy (Cream& dance with me or you go see t...
Nightmare, the King of Solis Kingdom, went on a journey to find the Enchanted Forest. As the legends say, the gate only appears when the Ruler strives alone and finds it...
My treasure : Cross x Dream by FKathleen19
My treasure : Cross x Dreamby FKathleen
The title says it all ! Here is the part with the fluffiest ship I know ! And here is how they got together in My treasure
Crossing Paths || A Cream Fanfic (Cross x Dream)  by PizzaRollLive
Crossing Paths || A Cream Fanfic ( Twix
Cross sans x dream sans fanfic, with some of my head cannons and au lol
Sanscest lemon by LemonSweet6
Sanscest lemonby Night🌙
Welp... just like it said... The cover picture belongs to hekiyoo (Create: 05/15/20) (Ended:??/??/??) --well depends on meh~
30 Day OTP Challenge ~Cross x Dream~ by DreamerPup366
30 Day OTP Challenge ~Cross x Call me Core!
Cream is my OTP! Welcome to my first OTP Challenge featuring Cross x Dream!
Sonic the Hedgehog: High School Adventures Book 1: Freshman by 23stedom
Sonic the Hedgehog: High School Cosmic Space
The first in a series about Sonic's life in high school. My first Wattpad story. Will include ships and my OC.
Sonic X (Various! x Reader) by ShiraFangirl
Sonic X (Various! x Reader)by ShiraFangirl
The anime based on "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game series, mainly the "Sonic Adventure" series, where Sonic, his sister (Y/N), and his friends are be...
The Hot Girl Called Mommy by luvitgirl
The Hot Girl Called Mommyby Alisha
Alissa's mother passed away. Her dad, who abused her, was scared off by her older brother. She is starting 11th Grade now after not attending school for tenth grade (she...
[[ NightKiller Oneshots ]] by TheKawaiiShipperHB23
[[ NightKiller Oneshots ]]by 👁️👄👁️🔪
[ REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED ] More ships of mine will be added soon into the Requests Lists to give this book more ships and accompany NightKiller. I hope y'all don'...
30 day OTP challenge(Killermare/Nightkiller) by EAT_POTATOES
30 day OTP challenge(Killermare/ POTATO GIRL!!!
Nightmare and Killer are forced to do a series of challenges for the following 30 days. If they do not complete one a worse challenge will appear and if they do not comp...
Mint to Be by Ilikebigboooks
Mint to Beby I LIKE BIG BOOKS!
All Noelani wanted was 25 cent ice cream. Little did she know, that the ice cream came at a cost. And it was a hell of a lot more than 25 cents. ...