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A Dusty Nightmare (A Continued Nightmare and Dusttale Crossover) by adamabyss12
A Dusty Nightmare (A Continued Nig...by adamabyss12
On Mobius...there are 3 creatures. Mobians, Humans, and Monsters. The Planet Mobius, created by the Highest. Every single living things on Earth, created by Exetior, the...
Promise This (English Version) by SophieQH
Promise This (English Version)by Sophie
"A strand of hair was laying over her left eye and he slowly tucked it behind her ear with his index finger. His hand kept going down to the back of her neck and he...
A Bittersweet Love Story of Us by Mariefrinnxx
A Bittersweet Love Story of Usby Mariyahh
Love obsession. This is how people describes Alexa's feeling towards Jayden - a notorious playboy. Since the day she laid an eye to him, he immediately caught her attent...
Smitten By The Street Girl ✔️✔️ by SherryCruz54
Smitten By The Street Girl ✔️✔️by Sarah Njogu
Adrian Grey. He was broken. She shattered his life. He had once believed in true love, not until she breaks his heart and turns him into a ruthless cold mafia boss. He n...
It all start in June ✅ by khadyjatt
It all start in June ✅by khadyjatt
STARTED ON APRIL 9 2022 FINISHED ON MAY 8 2022 #1 in June on 6-may-2022 #5 in patience on 6-may-2022 #3 in tolerance...
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BROKEN  by MostWorth
BROKEN by Promise Worth
I stop at the last room, stare at the number on the door and crosscheck it with the one with me. I stuffed the paper away and ready myself for what lies behind the close...
Tiana (More Than a Story Book 1) by trueblue132
Tiana (More Than a Story Book 1)by <3 <3 Cece <3 <3
"Let me get this straight." I ran a hand through my tight curls. "You, Ray, and Louis vandalized Shadow Mans house yesterday." "Yep." Navee...
Give and Take by Mitch_real_love
Give and Takeby Mitch_ Kangar
Give and Take is a dramatic love story about Emily and Jonathan. From hating each other one night to loving each other with passion, forever. Emily agreed to have a rel...
Hooked By The Hijabi by Saucy_Confetty
Hooked By The Hijabiby SaucyConfetti
Maha Ifa Ayat doesn't thinks any guys who's less than extraterrestrial or from a cross-dimension can interest her, having grown up watching DC and Marvel movies. Enter Y...
Power Rangers: The Saif Warrior (Book One) by JohnnyEl-Hajj
Power Rangers: The Saif Warrior (B...by Johnny El-Hajj
Adrian is a sixteen year old boy with an explosive personality. He is also unaware that his brother Troy is the Red Megaforce Ranger, or that his father and mother were...
Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? | \__/Familia Mythk by LeoYanselRosario
Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Gir...by CrazyAshFan
Hey! This is my version of how I would have liked Familia Myth to go. Bell Cranel won't be the same as he was in the series but even stronger and he will be a faster lea...
Paglalakbay ng Puso: Mga Tagpo ng Pag-ibig  by Aginomoto1001
Paglalakbay ng Puso: Mga Tagpo ng...by New leaf
Sa mala-kaleidoscope na mundo ng pag-ibig, tayo'y dadalhin sa isang masalimuot na paglalakbay ng mga puso. Tatlong magkakaibigang kasama nating susuong sa mga kakaibang...
The Untamed Sheikh (a Fazza novel) by JohnnyEl-Hajj
The Untamed Sheikh (a Fazza novel)by Johnny El-Hajj
What do you do when you realize your life was never really yours, to begin with?
NYCTOPHILIA  | JOEL DAWSON | by theweepingmonk1212
In which, charlie tries to come in terms of having feelings for her best friend. When the world is ending? Will she be able to confess her feelings before it's too late...
My Mafia Husband (Yoongi ff) by KookieJeon576
My Mafia Husband (Yoongi ff)by Kookie7728
What a desolate place would be a world without my flower 🪷 . . . . . This book might be dark ( sorry if y/n gets a lot of pain in this one but karma is a bitch u know)
(DISOWNED) The Book Of Permaberry Misery REMASTERED by Darraghcourtney_03
(DISOWNED) The Book Of Permaberry...by Darragh Courtney
⚠️ As of January 19th, 2023, this story has been disowned for reasons I wish not to disclose ⚠️ After The Strange Man put a curse on Bowser, Ludwig, Iggy, and Larry, La...
A Blind Love by Islaamfirst
A Blind Loveby Islaamfirst
People say love is blind, some don't believe it but it might be true. This is a love story between a blind rich girl and an orphan. They are both completely different fr...
Naturally Beautiful by Vera-Jane
Naturally Beautifulby Sunflower
In South Korea, being fat was worse than being ugly. At least you were able to do plastic surgery. Kwon Hye, a 284 pounder, never really cared what others thought of h...
Kè-Siyé by Luckyjonathan
Kè-Siyéby Jon Lukas
The planet Ini-Wari plunges into an unending circle of chaos as a Demi-god, Sei-Teme over writes the anguish of the first men with his pride to becoming exceptional like...
JAWAHEER by summylurv
JAWAHEERby summylurv
This is the story of the gentle and easy going Jawaheer and the arrogant Dr Raasheed . She wasn't all prepared for wat has being happening to her ,first of all her fath...