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Dark Embrace (Mha x Male!Mephiles!Reader) by CaptainDroplet
Dark Embrace (Mha x Male! CaptainDroplet
Light won't mean anything without darkness... That is what they all seem to ignore... That when they see anything that is not hopeful, heroic, worthy, and, truly remarka...
True chaos by SparkySparkpaw
True chaosby Sparkz Lightning
Izuku yagi, a you boy neglected by his parents and abused by his sister, friends, and classmates. Why was this happening to his? simple, he was quirkless. One day while...
Sonic Boys X Reader (REQUESTS: CLOSED) by Silverx721
Sonic Boys X Reader (REQUESTS: Silverx721
Silver's Help by 0PepperMint0
Silver's Helpby 0PepperMint0
Hello, my Lovely Mints! I am back at it again with the Shadilver stories. This is the first story of mine that will have an actual lemon, so if you don't like stuff like...
With you( shadilver story) by saltyyy767
With you( shadilver story)by Jayce
Random shadilver story that came into mind! All characters are over the age 18 besides cream and tails of course. -!!fic contains heavy NSFW!!
Speeding Hero: (BNHA x Male Sonic Reader) by MetalSmasherNTT
Speeding Hero: (BNHA x Male MetalSmasherNTT
You had always dreamed of being a hero and you were determined to become one. You would prove your worth as a hero and become the number one hero
Our Dirty Little Secret by 0PepperMint0
Our Dirty Little Secretby 0PepperMint0
Silver's small experiment ends with the best mistake of his life. This is a half-lemon, so read at your own risk. I own nothing from SEGA.
Sonic characters x reader !Request Closed! by Emily_Anime72
Sonic characters x reader ! Emily 🦔
so it's maybe a one-shots or a scenario or could be both. Bad grammar, spelling and English. What will do:✅ Angst Lemon 🍋 Yandere 🔪 Platonic 🤝 Don't know:❓❔🤷🏻‍♀️ A...
A trip from the future (Sonic Boom AU) (Shadamy Boom) by Ender-Afton2
A trip from the future (Sonic
It was like any other day in the Sonic Boom universe. Or, it WAS until an unusual portal opened up in front of Amy's house. A silver hedgehog appeared. Amy was going to...
The Cosium Triplets by Moonaline
The Cosium Tripletsby Moonaline
Inspired and some of the characters by LiyuConberma from DeviantArt. Shadow, Sonic and Silver aren't friends nor at they enemies but what happens when they get exchanged...
Blood to Blood (Sonic Fanfic) by MagicalMagnus
Blood to Blood (Sonic Fanfic)by Magnus
"What's going on?" The creature asked. The professor looked at the computer. The data...the numbers were off what they should have been. The results were not s...
Silver Heritage by sargasso8
Silver Heritageby Maraja Sargasso
During a normal get-together with the gang, some surprising questions and even more bizarre answers come to light. Who is Silver's father? Who is his mother? What happen...
☆•°•● Sonic Characters x Reader (including FNF VS EXE) || oneshots || ●•°•☆ by Frowny13
☆•°•● Sonic Characters x Reader ( Smiley
-- Requests are open --> ▪■ RULES ■ ▪ > No Lemons > Light smut is allowed (EX: Makeout, Kissing session, etc) > NO YANDERE/R@P!/TOXIC RELATIONSHIP/INC!ST SCE...
I'm NOT Gay (Sonadow) by Ash_poyo
I'm NOT Gay (Sonadow)by Ashling
Amy Rose has been planning on getting Sonic the hedgehog in love with her, but instead of being patient to be loved back by her lover. She searches on the internet to ma...
Do You Believe in Ghosts? (Triple S x Reader) by T-Night
Do You Believe in Ghosts? ( T
The monsters are real. They roam this land. They terrorize the citizens. No one knows where they came from or how to stop them. That's what (Y/n) is for. She's immune t...
♡ 𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐂 𝐁𝐎𝐘𝐒 𝐱 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐑 𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐒 ♡ by speedy_boy_23
Don't Let Him Die (Sonadow) by iichocolate4life
Don't Let Him Die (Sonadow)by :o
I don't know what he has, and I don't know how he got it, but no matter what..I won't let him die... -Shadow the Hedgehog
You give me a headache by Azure_the_Hedgehog
You give me a headacheby Azure_the_Hedgehog
Sonic and his friends encounter a new danger, one unlike any other, one that they have never encountered before, yet our blue hedgehog knows what it is. How many secrets...