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WWE: The Bella Twins Feet Story by FootWorshipStories
WWE: The Bella Twins Feet Storyby FootWorshipStories
Brie has always kept a secret to herself. She has a foot fetish! She loves FEET! One in particular, her sister Nikki's feet. But Brie never told Nikki about it because s...
My Mom's Friend by Xens458
My Mom's Friendby Just a person
A story about how she make me her slave.
The Warmth of Archea (GxG) by Feverish
The Warmth of Archea (GxG)by FEVERiSH
When Honan, a free spirited young adult, falls from a cliff on a routine jog with a her Unit, she's saved by a large mysterious and beautiful wolf. Honan starts to belie...
Priest of Salvation  by Shoieux4951
Priest of Salvation by Laura Harukaze
Yoo Joonghyuk was a priest who served a god known to no one. A god that had been forgotten. No one knew how he found this god; no one knew the god's actual identity. Som...
Jack... The face in the floor by feetlover3
Jack... The face in the floorby feetlover3
A most unfortunate story of how Jack became locked in a facebox with only his face sticking up. Now he must deal with the most awful smelling feet of his new owner Britt...
That Woman on the bus by Xens458
That Woman on the busby Just a person
The way how she make me her footstool, steptool and etc.
The Black Sky: OC x Hermione by AJ_tonightat5
The Black Sky: OC x Hermioneby AJ_tonightat5
"I think if I would get on my knees in front of you, for you. I would put you on the spot." Edmund said with a weak teasing smile. "In my eyes, nobody des...
Daily Bible Verses: Part 9 by TakeAGiantStep
Daily Bible Verses: Part 9by Kit Fisto
This is the eighth Bible Verse book I've done. You can start here or with part one. I sometime include quotes and songs with the verses. I pray this book is a blessing t...
Sleep token oneshots  by imsorryhuh
Sleep token oneshots by imsorryhuh
This is a bunch of x reader one shots of the masked band called sleep token. I don't see many on here. have fun pooks <33
Antara Dua Semesta by d_jackman
Antara Dua Semestaby D Jackman
Menceritakan petualangan dan pengalaman seseorang pria yang berpindah tempat ke dunia lain. Homofobik dilarang masuk!
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Am i the main character? by scribeV
Am i the main character?by scribeV
life is a story book. we all have new chapters. new pages. something new awaiting for us. Yet i still feel that im just a supporting character. do u as well? would thing...
New Believers Of God by NateDax
New Believers Of Godby Nate Dax
Sixth Grader Cole Carson chronicles his journey learning the true meaning of Christianity through a youth group.
Fate Is Against Us by The_UnspokenWords
Fate Is Against Usby s c e n t
"I'm terribly sorry, Hakeem. Katulad mo, walang nagbago; I still love you. Ngunit wala na tayong magagawa. Just... take care and always put God in the center of you...
Daily bible verses by DylanBrunkow
Daily bible versesby Unique_Writer
I'm going to try to update this every morning everybody, unless I'm busy of course. Stay strong and true to yourself my fellow friends! Don't let anyone tell you what yo...
Selena Gomez 's Lesbian Vampire Foot Worship by LoveofSelena95
Selena Gomez 's Lesbian Vampire Fo...by Love Of Monsters
Selena Gomez has hated feet all her life until she meets The Vampire Queen and gets turned into a vampire!
Prayer Prompts by She_Flourishes
Prayer Promptsby 𝐒𝐅𝐌
A book filled with prayers to prompt you to pray. Filled with encouragement, prayer points, scripture and guidance to motivate, encourage and guide you to pray. The goa...
A Cup of Love by ilurvbooks
A Cup of Loveby Kim
Thoughts, words, and emotions fighting to be set free. (Poems about daily life, unrequited love, random things, battle of faith, and the ups and downs of being a human b...
iCarly: Foot Worships by FootWorshipStories
iCarly: Foot Worshipsby FootWorshipStories
A story about iCarly characters worshipping each other's feet. Every chapter is different.