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•Copyrights© 2022 All Rights Reserved•~ Ammar Muhammad El-Samad, 26year old fresh graduate with a lively personality. Ready to dive into an entrepreneurship career but f...
 LAURA by ikilima343
LAURAby ikilima343
Follow the story of Laura who is about to be forced into marriage to a criminal by her father after the death of her mentally ill mother With the help of her grandmothe...
Crossed Paths✅ by rukayyatuuuu
Crossed Paths✅by Ruu!
|Book one in the Royal Series| --- In the realm of royalty, chance encounters are not mere happenstance; they are ordained by destiny. They are destined to cross our pat...
Forced Love✔ by Haaaaafsat_
Forced Love✔by Hafsat Idris
© 2018 All Rights Reserved Yusrah's life takes a dramatic turn when her parents decide to get her married to Masoud Abdullah. That wasn't the life Yusrah wanted for hers...
JANNAH  by rukayya_abdullah
JANNAH by Ruqayya_aminchi
Read about Jannah Uthman, a twenty one year old girl who's trying to get justice for her deceased sister but everything becomes screwy when she meets Abdullah Abubakar D...
HATING ROYALTY by amnah_amee
HATING ROYALTYby amnah_amee
She hates royalty but she is royalty. What happens when a misogamist Amatullah is being asked to introduce a husband. Not only only does she have zero suitors but she is...
calm before the storm ✔️ by glimmer_Ink
calm before the storm ✔️by glimmer_Ink
Calm before the storm can't say much. One problem after the other Hermana a young girl faced with many trials in life yet she ached it all like a high school teenager...
SHU'UMAR MASARAUTAR Cmplt by AmeeraAdam60
"Na sadaukar maka da kishiyata a wannan daren, shi ne tukwicin da zan iya yi maka." Ba ta jira cewarsa ba ta ɗora rigar a jikinta. Bamaguje ya gyaɗa mata sanna...
NAJWA Complete ✔ by MSIndabawa
NAJWA Complete ✔by Maryam Suleiman
Najib yaron littafin bai dda buri da aaddu'a sai ta Allah yaya bashi mace ta gari mai ilimi Sumaiyya Yarinya ce yar karya wacce ba abinda ta iya sai kazanta ga kawayen b...
SEE  by H_A_A_
SEE by حسنة
CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RE-WRITTEN. Being married to her father's friend's son wasn't part of what Waleeda planned for in her life, yet life played a game of t...
February 28  by rukayyatuuuu
February 28 by Ruu!
February 28th. The day she first laid eyes on him... Her morning began with the usual annoyance from her sister, but all frustrations dissipated into thin air when her g...
THE STAR..MY CHOICE by Blueywriter
THE STAR..MY CHOICEby Bluey writer
Ayzar hisham Alee a man who doesn't believe in love again was ordered to marry an ordinary girl. Najma khaleel a lady with good values. She is loving and caring her fami...
Lovable Zainab by Aishaorahachi
Lovable Zainabby Orahachi
Zainab was always dumb and crazy. She never planned on getting married or even falling in love. What happens when she absentmindedly accept a marriage proposal from the...
"Meeeeeesuuuhuuuu." Uwani da ke laɓe ta sake maƙale murya ta faɗa da yanayin kukan uwar garke, tana gama faɗa ta dokon ƙauren ɗakin da suke ciki. A zabure Lami...
ƊAN AMANA by rahmakabir
ƊAN AMANAby Rahma kabir
ƊAN AMANA... Labari ne a dunkule sanin sirrin warwaransa sai an shiga daga ciki.... Akwai kyayawar Hikaya.
Visions (Kung Lao X Reader)(ON HOLD) by 111razorrangs
Visions (Kung Lao X Reader)(ON HOL...by razor
My first story :) Y/n is considered female WARNINGS: abu$3, language, kidnapping, toxic relationship with ex Barely a plot lol PS: Kung Lao and the reader don't start da...
A Peaceful Chaos by B_la_ck_pear_l
A Peaceful Chaosby Fatima Saad Gidado
In a world devastated by loss and hardship, a young couple fights against the odds to find hope and reclaim their life. Haunted by the painful memories of loved ones lo...
When a Heart Loves by aaalisanusi
When a Heart Lovesby Aliyu Sanusi
It portrays the story of a Hausa boy, Haidar, who's head over heels in love with a Yoruba girl, Keyshia. He's ready to give away for his love despite the fact that she d...
You're Next- Mortal Kombat x Reader by JaneCrystal10
You're Next- Mortal Kombat x Readerby JaneCrystal10
Immerse yourself in the universe of Mortal Kombat. Remember your kombos, GET OVER HERE, FIGHT, and FINISH HIM! Credit to the artist #1 in hanzohasashi #1 in erronblack ...
Mai Tafiya by donutfairy
Mai Tafiyaby Zahra Tabiu (Mrs)
Labarin wasu mata guda uku mabanbanta asali da kaddara ta hada su a yayin da suka dauki aniyar yiwa talauci gudun fanfalaki. Sai suka fada karuwanci..duniya ta zo musu a...