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Machina Arcana by ROO__1
Machina Arcanaby
The common trope in Isekai stories revolves around the summoning or reincarnation of humans, typically males from Japan, into new fantasy worlds. These individuals ofte...
Dragon Tales: Reincarnation by symanoid
Dragon Tales: Reincarnationby Symanoid
Kaneko Fuji an ordinary 19-year-old with an interesting background, lives a relatively peaceful life. One day he heads home, after buying some stuff from a convenience s...
Trophy of War by magnum263
Trophy of Warby magnum
The world was at its end. The final war that ended most of mankind was over,only a few survivors were left now and it was time for the alien conquerors to claim their pr...
Be My Princess [Editing] by dandan101
Be My Princess [Editing]by Danielle
Kiara's been an orphan for as long as she can remember. A promise made to her as a little girl by a then very young prince is all she holds on to as she dream of a be...
(Game of Thrones) The Weirwood Wolf by Fionntan040607
(Game of Thrones) The Weirwood Wolfby Telling_Tall_Tales
What if Robb stark had a twin brother, what if this brother had a near death experience, what if in his final hours the Old Gods save him. When the Old Gods save Thorin...
GDI goes to Remnant by XwarCommander1230
GDI goes to Remnantby XwarCommander1230
After Jaune was being exposed of his fake transcript by Cardin, he's being teleport to the world where tibarium is spreading throughout the world & a war between GDI & N...
Eternal Echoes by karetje0000
Eternal Echoesby Mad scientist
In the shadow of the moonlit night, Willow Manor beckons, its ancient secrets veiled in mist and mystery. When Emily Parker leads her adventurous friends into its embrac...
The Assistant ➵ h.s by WeTukAChonce_
The Assistant ➵ h.sby M
Jade Collins is a 19 years old teenager. She has just completed her degree for Media Makeup at the College of Fashion, in London. Just as she is done her last day at col...
Conquer by Fangirlwriter256
Conquerby The Fangirl
After Annabeth Chase is disowned by her family, her sick father is informed he must go into war. She secretly runs off in the night with his armour and joins a war she's...
King of Overlords by AinzOoalGown519
King of Overlordsby Ainz Ooal Gown
English is not my mother tongue. I don't own Overlord. Warhammer and World of Warcraft; How there are multiple groups that are constantly conflicting with each other. So...
Jewel of Lucis | FFXV  by andyx3xo
Jewel of Lucis | FFXV by annieangel
This is the story of an Angel. Born from the Crystal and the only one of her kind, Euphemia Lucis Caelum must set out on a journey beside a group of hefty warriors, one...
Hard Knocks  by Talahia
Hard Knocks by Nicole
Brock " Rock" Jennings, who has served the maximum sentence for his crime will soon be a free man. All he just wants to do is provide a better life for himself...
The story is about two people who were arranged to get married to each other. They come across so many challenges as they later find out that they are siblings. They are...
[401-600] THE LORD'S EMPIRE by thegamer3496
[401-600] THE LORD'S EMPIREby thegamer3496
Author:Shen Tianyi, 神天衣 Alternative names:TLE, 领主之兵伐天下 Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Wuxia Source:Gravity Tales Status:Ongoing *** "Ding! S...
Perseus The Conqueror by GalacticGoblin8
Perseus The Conquerorby Curry Stan
When Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus, Annabeth dies on the fall down. When Chaos gives Percy the ability of the Conqueror, what will happen? ---- This is not my ow...
The Usurper's Queen | COMPLETED by shazzarra
The Usurper's Queen | COMPLETEDby susannah b. 💜
How far are you willing to go for a taste of power? Through the eyes of an outsider, Phoenicia might seem like a peaceful, prosperous kingdom. But take a closer look, an...
Conquer the seas by BATABOOP
Conquer the seasby Bataboop
this is a Command and Conquer (Rise of the red) X Azur Lane crossover.
Summoning System by PrimalDragonKing
Summoning Systemby PrimalDragonKing
Mystical Creatures? Check! Terrifying Beasts? Check! Magical Land? Check! Unexplored Regions? Check! Mages? Warriors? Check! and Check! Welcome, to the world of Gaea!
Fate of Existence | Book 1 ✔️ by -S-N-O-
Fate of Existence | Book 1 ✔️by Milan
Lance Hallen is nothing short of unsociable. He is rude, ill-tempered, and can become quite violent when he feels it is necessary. Much like everyone else, he questions...
World powers in Remnant (Male Reader and Wife Reader x RWBY) by 410Jackass
World powers in Remnant (Male bucketman
Two Couples named Y/N and his wife W/N were killed by a bank robber in new york city. The Goddess give them a chance and send them to remnant they're had to survived in...