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The West Of Nothing by MisfitMish
The West Of Nothingby Mish
"Two hearts beat, and one will cease Both won't all the same survive The full moon shall bring death and peace But only one shall be alive" Only one will su...
  • myths
  • seer
  • empress
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Centaur's pride (Monster Musume fanfic) by MrBootleg
Centaur's pride (Monster Musume fa...by Mr. Bootleg
Ever since the government revealed interspecies to the world and the Interspecies Cultural Exchange took place, Kiba has recently volunteered to take care of an interspe...
  • monster
  • fanfic
  • centaur
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Stranded on Crystal Island (BoyxBoy) by xera_baba
Stranded on Crystal Island (BoyxBo...by xera_baba
June was on a cruise with his family, but a sudden storm cause them to steer off course. This resulted in them crash landing on a seemingly deserted Island. Though ther...
  • mythic
  • romance
  • boyxboy
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Lexi's Promise {Book 3} by neverfakeit
Lexi's Promise {Book 3}by Morgan Rider
Let's say you found true love. And say you had eternity to spend with that lover. So what if he was the god of the dead and you had to manage his dysfunctional family. Y...
  • greekmythology
  • strongfemalelead
  • minotaur
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The Other Kind: Rise of the New Kingdoms by LeahEStorm
The Other Kind: Rise of the New Ki...by LeahEStorm
'"I'm the Queen of Nightmares," her lips flickered, unable to smile this time, "and this is the stuff of dreams, a dream I'm not supposed to want."' ...
  • magic
  • queen
  • love
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Sea Phoenix by JesusFreak
Sea Phoenixby Mikala
Armina Mathers has been on the run her whole life. She and her brother have had countless identities all in the name of survival. But her luck just ran out. Armina is ca...
  • seer
  • romance
  • youngadult
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OkCryptid by FeatheredNutCase
OkCryptidby FeatheredNutCase
If you were over on Tumblr, you may have seen @thetravelerwrites little collaboration. OkCryptid id a dating app that allows monsters and humans to get together and roma...
  • monstergirlfriend
  • slime
  • teratophilia
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Born Wild Sequel  by Billdip_stories
Born Wild Sequel by Billdip_stories
its the second book of Born Wild. (Billdip)
  • centaur
  • billcipher
  • gravityfalls
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Inktober 2018 by FeatheredNutCase
Inktober 2018by FeatheredNutCase
Writing prompts from October 2018 that all have some form of relationships with lovely monsters
  • teratophilia
  • monster
  • monsterxreader
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Daughter Of Dionysus  by underooswentz
Daughter Of Dionysus by ;
Abigail Seven Middleton, 12 years old and getting abused by her not so real Mother and Father and her life is like hell! She found out that she was a Demigod because of...
  • jackson
  • ares
  • demigod
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Centaur next Door by VegasKnights
Centaur next Doorby TWNK
Alec is a 13 year old whose led a secretive life. From. being homeschooled to never leaving his house, Why? Alec is A Centaur, The only centaur in existence. When Alec m...
  • centaur
  • bxb
  • lgbt
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Mr. Higgs and Merida by strawberryichigo15
Mr. Higgs and Meridaby Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 104 in regency Merida Dunbrough is trying to find a job in England as a maid when she comes across a manor at the bottom of a hill. The girl tells her that...
  • centaur
  • maid
  • drider
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Running wild (voltron centaur au) (discontinued) by WolfKiller190
Running wild (voltron centaur au)...by WolfKiller190
Different competitions and competitors. Voltron stables need money before they go out of business. What do they do? Sent out for wilds born fast and strong all they need...
  • allura
  • keith
  • lance
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H4×Z€N A(@D3M¥: The Elemental Goddess by J9N3S0N
H4×Z€N A(@D3M¥: The Elemental Godd...by Jan_Tzu
"Hindi ko na makilala ang sarili ko, I think every part of me, every inch of my body has a secret to unveil." -Zhiana. Volume 1: Bloody Fangs "It's very i...
  • merman
  • mermaid
  • angels
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Camp Camp Danvid (monster au) by MatthewWilliams910
Camp Camp Danvid (monster au)by Julie Snipes
Daniel did NOT sign up for this. But he stays because he can't help but fall for a certain cheerful redhead. ( I'm bad at summaries-- anyways this was just suppose to be...
  • gwen
  • alien
  • neko
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My cousin the centaur  by No_Name332
My cousin the centaur by No_Name332
A heartbreaking story of love and romance, and breaking the norms of the dating world.
  • kid
  • nsfw
  • amazing
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Heir • peter pevensie [2] by MagicCrank16
Heir • peter pevensie [2]by MagicCrank16
Peter and Victoria have had their baby. Shes a little girl now. They must protect her from the telmarines at all costs! When caspian and his younger brother Noah come a...
  • centaur
  • narnia
  • noah
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Monster exchange by PanteraArcher
Monster exchangeby PanteraArcher
So as to say Luna Omara was shocked was an understatement, she never expected to be housing a monster for the government passed alliance bill between the two peoples, le...
  • werewolf
  • vampire
  • demon
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To Rise a Pine Tree by Jexxica_Jade
To Rise a Pine Treeby Jexxica_Jade
"Where are we?" "H-home." "Who are we?" "Friends." "What is your name?" "Pine, Tree." "No, it's Dipper...
  • wattpadpride
  • ford
  • dipperabducted
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Voltron, (Percy Jackson), crossover.  by rainbowpuppy001
Voltron, (Percy Jackson), crossove...by Pidge-Holt
This is both Percy Jackson and. Voltron. Obviously my favourite character Pidge/Katie will lead this story. Percy will also be lead, anyway the children of the gods an...
  • pidge
  • matt
  • camphalf-blood
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