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Monster boyfriend imagines  by raekentalbot
Monster boyfriend imagines by Serpent queen 🐍🐍
About monster-boyfriends can send requests in if want to it will be Morden and also medieval
Monsters x Reader one shots by MMA1999
Monsters x Reader one shotsby Bluestar Cat
I've kind of been reading more monster stories lately and thought "oh this could be fun if I wrote one shots." Simply for fun if you love these things that spo...
Fall (Percy Jackson x Reader) by imagines_i_guess
Fall (Percy Jackson x Reader)by s
BOOK TWO of the percy jackson x reader "Flower Girl" series! check out Rise first :) - WILL SOON BE UNDERGOING EDITS - The sun is the light that provides life...
Climb (Percy Jackson x Reader) by imagines_i_guess
Climb (Percy Jackson x Reader)by s
BOOK THREE of the percy jackson x reader "Flower Girl" series! make sure you've read Rise & Fall! - Patience is often considered a virtue. When necessary, even...
The Throne of the Four Realms ✔ by sharmee_m
The Throne of the Four Realms ✔by ✿ Sharmika ✿
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One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergirls! by Ry2_SinHeart
One Day, I Adopted Three Monstergi...by Sinheart
One fateful day, Eryn passes by the monstergirl shelter and notices its only remaining three monstergirls. Against his best judgment, he decides to adopt them and gives...
Mythical Guardians by Bladewing683
Mythical Guardiansby Bladewing683
Welcome to Peramis, a world filled to the brim with magical wonders. Yet, the majority of humans live their lives in complete ignorance of the so called mythical creatur...
It's Time: Past, Present, Future by CuriousEttie
It's Time: Past, Present, Futureby CuriousEttie
Time, it's such a fickle thing. It shapes us into who we are today, who we were yesterday, and who we will be tomorrow. Lucy's third year at Hogwarts is coming and time...
The Foreigner (Monster Musume & Orenchi no Furo Jijou x Male Foreigner Human) by PengeArrow
The Foreigner (Monster Musume & Or...by TheBladeRunnerPenge
18+ Book = For anyone's underaged, please read the message in the first page of this book. Thank you all! - Monster Musume - All characters were respectfully owned by Ok...
To Love A Myth: Book 3 - Mr. Higgs and the Clan by strawberryichigo15
To Love A Myth: Book 3 - Mr. Higgs...by Tragedy Collins
After the devastating events that took place, Higgs is finally home, but it's not the same as he remembers it. Things aren't lining up and people just aren't the same. A...
The Moon's Twilight(COMPLETED)(HALFYNX SEASON 1) by Macckiee
The Moon's Twilight(COMPLETED)(HAL...by TheGreatest:)
Divina Alinac is not some girl who walks on the streets, she's adventurous, a lady who's fond of stories told upon by her mother, a lady who looks up to Divine alinac he...
Destined Kills by BelleSwiftie0229
Destined Killsby Belle
Some are accidental, but these were destined kills. Destined? Well, in her perspective, at least.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by LogansNarnia
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion...by mj
COMPLETED "It's just Logan." Logan, an orphaned girl, gets sent to a professors home with her foster family, and friends, the Pevensies. During their stay, Luc...
Heirs of Nowhere (Centaurworld Fanfic) by winterfloof04
Heirs of Nowhere (Centaurworld Fan...by WinterFloof04
The third and final book of the "Change of Nowhere" series . . . . It's been 10 years since Elk's death, and the twins are growing up fast. Still trying to get...
The Loser Club by FanGirlNerd_03
The Loser Clubby The Impossible Girl
Paris Marshall doesn't have much. Sure, she has her parents and her older brother Tom and her pet dog, Met, but when it comes to friends, that's a different story. Many...
Offspring of Nowhere (Centaurworld Fanfic) by winterfloof04
Offspring of Nowhere (Centaurworld...by WinterFloof04
Book Two of "A Change of Nowhere" . . After they were wedded, Adalie and Elk decided to start something new together: Have a family of their own! And they did...
Fantasy RP by The_Moon_In_Darkness
Fantasy RPby Rowan
Finally made a book that is welcoming to all fantasy beings, that does include humans, anthropomorphic beings, etc. All art is made by me.
Everyday Life With The Elemental Dragon by RogueShadow77
Everyday Life With The Elemental D...by RogueShadow77
(I know Monster Musume isn't exactly specialized in action(let alone card games) but since nobody else thought of it and I want to be somewhat original, here we are) Qui...
Curse Breaker - Mystical Realm of Aether (Book 1) by MariyamMuzlifa
Curse Breaker - Mystical Realm of...by Mariyam Muzlifa
In the seclusion of her enigmatic past, Rory, a withdrawn local library assistant, seeks refuge in books and games, guarding secrets that could endanger her. But an ambu...
Magic of the Past by CeceLovegood
Magic of the Pastby Cece Hawks
Mic is a teenage witch, and student at Ironfall Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted. As he starts his Junior year at school, he runs into an old friend. Quinn is a wat...