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Project Boa by axel-or-anime
Project Boaby axel&anime
Sweet lamia boy meets avengers and they all collectively adopt him Takes place at no particular place in the timeline and doesn't follow canon in the slightest I'm liter...
Lamia fever🐍(Sasuke x Snake girl reader) by SweetFlowerPrincess
Lamia fever🐍(Sasuke x Snake 🌷
🐍 Sasuke is a skilled Genin who has you trapped and won't let you go no matter what 🐍 This story is still under construction 🚧 *Snake girl wraps around Sasuke*
In a World Where All Monsters Are Men by LavenderCreature
In a World Where All Monsters G.S.
(Monsters x reader) Venture into a world where monsters are chasing after you in hopes of a chance to take you as their wife!
underswap papyrus X bitty lamia reader by Pagankittycat
underswap papyrus X bitty lamia Kora Regalia
your name is Y/N. you are a lamia bitty. you lived in an inclosure in a pet store. one day a monster skeleton walks in and sees you hanging in your inclosure on a fake t...
A Bitty of Four, Actually by Meggiegirl6473
A Bitty of Four, Actuallyby Meggiegirl 6473
Mara a poor collage student, she had always wanted a Bitty after working with them for a long time. Finally she decides to get one, a Cherry specifically. Though things...
Lonely Lamia Mommy by Yurinbloom
Lonely Lamia Mommyby Yuri
All alone no food no selter buts that's okay ! lamia mommy will take care of you and then well you'll just have to find out Cover art not mine all rights to the owner
Random Vore Collection by ColorNinja
Random Vore Collectionby -
This is a collection of the stories that aren't related to the stories in my series, Mental Adventures. All stories made by ~me PM me stor...
Mythical Creatures x reader one shots (Requests temporarily closed!) by LoserTriangles
Mythical Creatures x reader one LoserTriangles
Read the title. Again, I don't own any images
A Family/Monster Musume Fanfiction/ by Taffy__Starbucks
A Family/Monster Musume Fanfiction/by Taffy__Starbucks
Ever spent the entire summer with your big brother and his seductive monster girls? No? Well then, you're about to as soon as you click "Read"!
my damsel in distress turn at to be a lizard girl by xelric
my damsel in distress turn at to xelric
I'm a knight in a small town. it's surrounded by forest filled with monster and bands of thieves. during one of my nightly patrols a heard a damsel in distress. I of cou...
[EDITING]Aria Jackson and the Cure of the Deep(Percy Jackson Fanfic) by c4tw0m4n1
[EDITING]Aria Jackson and the AshBash
Now, you may have heard all about my famous brother Percy Jackson. But trust me, you know nothing about me. Hey, I never asked to have a brother. Like, NO way. But thank...
Magic and Bones by Extremicatia
Magic and Bonesby Extremicatia
A genocide run ends with Frisk smashing Sans legs into pieces, killing him, the kid resets and his magic is left to figure out a way around this problem. (UNDERTALE) Ho...
#2 Double Agents (Librarians Fanfic) by Rhodinareads25
#2 Double Agents (Librarians Rhodinareads25
Ezekiel Jones starts disappearing from the Library, not enough to be dangerous, but just enough that Cassandra has started recording when she sees him and timing how lon...
G/T OneShots by OwOIWantDeath
G/T OneShotsby OwOIWantDeath
Just some short stories related to G/T. If you didn't know already, G/T stands for 'Giant/Tiny'. Let's just have some fun with this book :p (BTW, these giants will be m...
Getting Away by green1000
Getting Awayby Mystic Wolf
Troy Nakamura is a lamia and shapshifer hybrid. He moves to a new town with his adoptive "human" family. The wolves at the high school, smell his unique scent...
I'm The Queen / Harry Potter story GxG  by camila_palte
I'm The Queen / Harry Potter camila_palte
Lucifer Mia Levosa is a muggle-born. She is going into fourth year even though she's turning fifteen. She's a Slytherin. But not just any Slytherin. She's The Queen of S...
Fairy tail Grayza: Love is real by jason-deanduwayne
Fairy tail Grayza: Love is realby jason-deanduwayne
Gray Fullbuster is a nerd of the school and brother of Jellal who is king of the school and grays ex-girlfriend Erza Scarlets boyfriend after she cheated Having enough o...
Your Snake Ponies And You. by NewFallenAngel118
Your Snake Ponies And NewFallenAngel118
Ever since you were very little, you started to feeling your body shaking. While growing up, the shakiness began to grow as you've tried to use any medications, but none...
Titanfall: The Outlands by Sp33dRLTW
Titanfall: The Outlandsby Gianni Lee Galvan
One year after the destruction of the I.M.C.'s Fold Weapon, the remains of the I.M.C. naval fleet retreated to the Outlands to find and extract resources while fending o...
The Scarred Lamnia And His Master by Alphaqueen2008AQ
The Scarred Lamnia And His Masterby Alphaqueen2008
Hey Peeps How are you? Btw happy Thanksgiving everyone. It's been a pleasure writing stories for you peeps. Hope you enjoyed all of them as you can see today I've been r...