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Deku, The Hell Flame Dragon Slayer by FireLord2020
Deku, The Hell Flame Dragon Slayerby Sean Bell
What if Izuku was the secret love child of Ryuko Tatsuma and Enji Todoroki? What if Izuku gets a quirk based fire dragon slayer magic from FairyTail? Particularly based...
Ghostly Whispers by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Ghostly Whispersby Passing_Ghost_Friend
Izuku has a ghost quirk. Simple as that. He works as a bartender when he grows up, but also helps with the polive for special cases. Now he is teamed up with his ex-frie...
Izuku's Hidden Quirk by thinks36
Izuku's Hidden Quirkby thinks36
After a day of training with All Might to receive All For One, Izuku is attacked by a villain. His quirk activates and he escapes but passes out in the middle of the roa...
The Tapping by Aveisi
The Tappingby Ave is i
Hiiiiiiiii! I'm back with another! I know! All my readers are angry, but they can't find me here!(if you know me from a different app, I'll post soon?) Moving on! This i...
Ticking of the clock by Diamondragon23
Ticking of the clockby Diamondragon23
Inko often wonders if Izuku could have had a normal life. If only he hadn't manifested that quirk.. even no quirk at all would have been better. Nobody even knows what i...
Covered Eyes and Elementals by fanfictionreadervek
Covered Eyes and Elementalsby fanfictionreadervek
Izuku Midoriya was blinded by his best friend, Katsuki Bakugo at the age of 5. And with Inko lost all hope and fell into despair. She finally welcomes in Izuku's father...
I Do Adore by Ash_Kat_
I Do Adoreby αѕнєѕ тσ αѕнєѕ
-Book One- -30 chapters complete ✓- "Mama, do you ever regret taking me in?" Izuku asked as he peered up at his adoptive mother, Nemuri Kayama. Nemuri was take...
Blood and Ink Izuku by Stillwell03
Blood and Ink Izukuby Stillwell03
Ever since Izuku was little, he always loved cartoons and heroes. Once obtained his quirk, he could become a hero that saved people and entertain them after with his own...
The Life Of Deku by Alex_Wolf16
The Life Of Dekuby Alex Wolf
This is in fact My first ever Fanfic... I know i have other stories But This is Fan fiction sooo completely different Okay For starters This is A (IzuMomo) Ship Fanfic...
Sound N' Jack by RibbitKink
Sound N' Jackby Tsuyu Asui
Did you know that sound travels through an earphone jack? #17 out of 1.44k Jiro 10/9/20 #2 out of 1.37k Song!!!! 11/16/20 #8 out of 1.46k Myhero 10/9/20
lightning storm by Boomboy231
lightning stormby Boomboy231
izuku midoria actually has a quirk but he didn't know about it till one fateful day.AU,just read it. None of the image are mine. also katsuki bakugo is a girl because hi...
Coldhot green by animelovermhashiper
Coldhot greenby animelovermhashiper
Izuku became a villain at a young age. He hid that he was a villain for a long time as well as his actual quirk. He ask the doctor to switch his x-ray to one that says h...
My American Boyfriend (Bakudeku) by Bakudeku_Lovechild
My American Boyfriend (Bakudeku)by Bakudeku_Lovechild
Who would have thought that Bakugo would be in a relationship? How would the class react when they first meet Bakugo's lover? How will they react to America ? ••••••••••...
The Infamous hero by Mercury_Sol
The Infamous heroby MERCURY SOL
what if Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless but instead he was a conduit. this story will have 4 types of quirks emitter, mutation, transformation, and conduit. con...
Losing your mind to the darkness (with Fem villain deku) by purplegumamela
Losing your mind to the darkness (...by purplegumamela
Izumi Midoriya has went through, a beating ever since she was child just because she's quirkless, even though she has one for all now she is still bullied, insulted, and...
Breaking Point by Cloudy_Autumn
Breaking Pointby Cloudy_Autumn
Izuku Midoryia. a normal life but not a normal quirk... Midoryia had a loving mother who cared for him since the second she found out she was pregnant, and a father who...
Yin and Yang Izuku by animelovermhashiper
Yin and Yang Izukuby animelovermhashiper
In this Izuku has the quirk Yin and Yang. This quirk is powerful but Izuku even when he got it he was able to control it. The reason this quirk yes the quirk chose peopl...
Plus Ultra. . . [completed] by lertato
Plus Ultra. . . [completed]by lertato
[OLD N CRINGEY AF] Izuku was told that it was ridiculous, funny, stupid,to even try and be a hero. "A hero? You must be kidding!" "You can NEVER be a hero...
Helios by Vintage_mintage69
Heliosby Vintage Mintage
Damaged by a creature of unknown origin, he must now deal with the consequences. Deranged gods, unreasonable enemies, and a psychopathic sun-worshipping cult? Life is n...