Lust (Bloodlust sequel) [GirlxGirl] by DunkelEngel
Lust (Bloodlust sequel) [GirlxGirl]by DunkelEngel
  • vampire
  • romance
  • banshee
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Willowing Whispers | Remus Lupin by kmbell92
Willowing Whispers | Remus Lupinby K.M. Bell
[ Part of the Brotherhood Series] Known for their shy nature, most Dryads would never dare to reveal themselves to human eyes and would often wait until the dead of nigh...
  • remuslupin
  • dryad
  • milopotter
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Mythical creatures x reader (romance scenarios) by Fantasy-LegendHeart
Mythical creatures x reader (roman...by Fantasy-LegendHeart
Oh how I adore mythical creatures~. How they fly, how they hide, how they can do most everything we humans can't. Why not fall in love with a few? Vampire (Jackie), N...
  • dragon
  • dryad
  • angel
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Family (Camp half blood/ Hogwarts crossover, Marauders era) Book 1 by ElvishSorceress
Family (Camp half blood/ Hogwarts...by ElvishSorceress
(Set before PJO, timeline matches with marauders) Kalen was a daughter of Gaea, and wasn't sure how she felt about that. She had attended camp ever since she was born, a...
  • peterpettigrew
  • remuslupin
  • percyjackson
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Protect What is Natural (BxB) by justa_gayboy
Protect What is Natural (BxB)by justa_gayboy
Tristan Blackwell has lived his whole life in the woods with his mother and all of the dryads, but now must move to the city because of his mom's new job. Tristan, the o...
  • gods
  • percyjackson
  • dryad
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Void Waker: Dryad's Touch by AWGraybill
Void Waker: Dryad's Touchby A. W. Graybill
When darkness aligns and light struggles, When all good things start to wander, Then it will be as foretold That Gaia's war will have begun. In the beginning Gaia brough...
  • novel
  • fiction
  • myth
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Don't You Hate It When You Reincarnate? by alexia_alexia1414
Don't You Hate It When You Reincar...by Alexandria Tips
"For the love of Hera, could you just act like a human person for one second?!" I placed my fingers on my head, rubbing my temples. Except I couldn't find my...
  • mystical
  • agape
  • motherandson
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Terraria: The Return by KatieTheSnowGoat
Terraria: The Returnby KatieTheSnowGoat
a group of People who have Once Conquered Terraria end up In a Somewhat Different Place Like it. now They have To Decide if they will Trust the Current Hero of The Land...
  • fanfiction
  • kinda-au
  • dryad
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At Camp Red Stripe by LawrenceKinden
At Camp Red Stripeby LawrenceKinden
Camp Red Stripe is well known for its bucolic beauty, mysterious woods, and thorough discipline. [Story Depicts Spanking]
  • switching
  • bigbrother
  • switch
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The Oblivion by kieblue
The Oblivionby Kieran Blue
BOOK ONE OF THE S.A.K.E SERIES. In a vision of the far future, humans and mythical beings co-exist in a modern day society. Many centuries after the unity of beings, th...
  • yafiction
  • scifi
  • elves
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Book of Panacea by tintinkie
Book of Panaceaby Tintinkie
New cover by Ray @-rayofsunshine Thanks, sweety!!! Panacea has a secret. However, not the whole truth. She needs training on powers she didn't even know she had. Challe...
  • moretocomeya18
  • fantasy
  • apollo
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The Land of Green and Gold: Flight by Aennli_Sky
The Land of Green and Gold: Flightby Aennli_Sky
Long ago, humans and magic-wielding people called the Elder lived side by side. Tensions ran high between the two, culminating in various schisms here and there. Then on...
  • nanowrimo
  • sylph
  • action
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The Dryad's Bride by breadbinism
The Dryad's Brideby Joanna
This is a fantasy about a dryad. This dyrad, although born like the rest, observed humans as companions and not just for their soul. She decided she wanted to have child...
  • bride
  • lesbian
  • fictional
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Love Letters [Ethereal Valentine Entry] by RappyTheDinosaur
Love Letters [Ethereal Valentine E...by Gracie Lutz
A mermaid missing home, A man under fairy mind control, A dryad too nervous to tell her girlfriend she's in love with her. A collection of love letters both happy and sa...
  • entry
  • letters
  • epistolary
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Mystic Hill Academy for Non-Mortals (and sometimes mortals) Roleplay by SinewaveSanctuary
Mystic Hill Academy for Non-Mortal...by SinewaveSanctuary
This is a roleplay where you can be a non-mortal (vampire, werewolf, merperson, elf, fairy etc, including ones from fandoms eg Shadowhunters, demigods etc) or a mortal...
  • vampire
  • fairy
  • warlock
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Bring Back the Music (Return to Narnia) by Emily_Sorensen
Bring Back the Music (Return to Na...by emily_sorensen
It's been about a year in Narnia since Edmund, Peter, and Lucy returned from England after the last great battle. The three of them, along with Edmund's and Peter's new...
  • lucypevensie
  • narnia
  • loneliness
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