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THREE BEST FRIENDS  by camilacabello2018
Camila, Lauren and Vero are best friends. They have known each other since middle school, Now they are attending to an all girls Academy Camila is the captain of the s...
Her Light by StrangeBlob
Her Lightby mythicalthing
Pirate AU. Being a lighthouse keeper is never what Camila wanted. A life of solitude among the sea is almost taunting when all Camila ever wanted to be was a pirate. Eve...
Stuck in the middle by MaskedYouth
Stuck in the middleby Maskedyouth
All Camila's life she's been in love with Lauren Jauregui. What happens when Camz gets fed up with all the cheating? There's always someone to bring her out of the dumps...
a supercut of us by mjfeelz
a supercut of usby mjfeelz
Camila didn't plan to see Lucy Vives ever again, but of course life had other plans. (she didn't plan to fall in love with her either.) - a birthday gift to @loreoe cove...
Rotten to the Core by NSFWcabello
Rotten to the Coreby lex
Camcy/Descendants AU Lucy, daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, golden girl of Auradon Prep. Camila, new girl and daughter of one of the most hated villains in the worl...
The Library Problem (One-shot) by my_fiction_fantasies
The Library Problem (One-shot)by Shannon
"You keep taking my favorite spot in the library during midterms week and I can't focus anywhere else." OR Camila is a disaster gay who doesn't know how to ask...
Beneath The Waves by StrangeBlob
Beneath The Wavesby mythicalthing
Pirate AU. Betrayal is a double edged sword or, in this case, a captain's hat. Camila has a secret and Lucy wants to figure it out. There are plenty of rumors aboard the...
my savior | camcy by elliedrinkswater
my savior | camcyby 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧
when camila is cheated on by lauren with ty, she goes to the one and only lucy every single time. lucy never argued, never asked for anything more, and didn't do anythi...
Slay Me (DISCONTINUED) by starstruck-cabeiio
Slay Me (DISCONTINUED)by inactive
dinah has added: (627)-167-8970, (330)-897-1433, (531)-509-8976, (111)-676-9815, and (770)-618-9205. dinah: hey random people, welcome to the gc. (Fifth Harmony Texts) ...
Fifth Harmony by ArzelleFerreras
Fifth Harmonyby arzy bae❤
So let's get one thing settled up. Ally loves Lauren. Camila loves Lauren. Normani loves Dinah. Dinah Loves Normani. Lauren loves Camila but, She loves Ally too. A lot o...
escape ( camcy fanfic )   by crisafullixshinee
escape ( camcy fanfic ) by crisafullixshinee
it's 2019, camila cabello is now a multi Grammy winner pop singer, she left fifth harmony 2 years ago she was depressed and broken she starts her solo career with her...
Don't Let Me Go (One-Shot) by ninjaxn
Don't Let Me Go (One-Shot)by ninjaxn
Lauren and Camila were blissfully happy. They encountered many obstacles in which they overcame together. What happens when one of them messes up and they can't come ba...
Mikrokosmos by yolernjerg1
Mikrokosmosby yolernjerg1
Lauren Jauregui was a mistery. And even though no one in school knew crap about her, they still knew everything they needed to. Lauren was the star of the basketball tea...
It just happend(camcy) by FlowerrRose
It just happend(camcy)by FlowerrRose
Lots of secrets.Little trust.Lots of drama.
maybe it's the bad luck (or not) - camren by tarnisheddhero
maybe it's the bad luck (or not) isa
You, Camila Cabello, are late to a party. Nothing seems to be going your way until you spot a familiar face in the crowd.
Why Would You Ever Kiss Me? (Camcy One-Shot) by Yolo-For-Life09
Why Would You Ever Kiss Me? ( ♡︎RIP Naya♡︎
"Why'd you kiss me then?" Lucy asked she hated how desperate she sounded in that moment she just wanted to leave and cry about how Camila Cabello didn't feel t...
WTF (kik camren fic) by elliedrinkswater
WTF (kik camren fic)by 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧
in which Camila randomly messages someone to help her with her anxiety - rankings: #1 in #camren 6/30/19 #1 in #dinahjane 3/13/19 #1 in #normanikordei 4/15/19 #1 in #ca...
How to get the girl - camlaucy by ASAPKORDEI
How to get the girl - camlaucyby J
Read the intro Camren + camcy + laucy + others