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Ash Betrayed story. by Turtwig19
Ash Betrayed story.by Turtwig
Ash and his friends get betrayed by his old traveling Companions. find out what he does after a large amount of training. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON! THE STORY IS...
The Greatest Summer of My Life by kedragneel
The Greatest Summer of My Lifeby Karma Edward Dragneel
Since becoming a trainer, Red has become quite skilled in battle and has established close friendships with his Pokemon. However he has never been very good with people...
interlude // pkmn au. by saturnveil
interlude // pkmn au.by lexi
"funny how a melody sounds like a memory." "funny how a memory repeats like a melody." ...
Go Away by Zigzag74
Go Awayby Zigzag74
Ash comes home after the Kalos league and meets up with his brother Red Katchem. Later his old friends and rivals were at his house trying to kill him including his Mom...
Hidden Secrets: Amourshipping Story by FlashPhoenix
Hidden Secrets: Amourshipping Storyby ThePokePhoenix
Serena is the most popular student Kalos Acdemy. She is considered Miss Perfect since everything about her was perfect. Well nearly everything. Ash is a loner. He has f...
Pokemon Mega Academy | Amourshipping by FlashPhoenix
Pokemon Mega Academy | Amourshippi...by ThePokePhoenix
Ash and Red find themself at mega academy surrounded by girls who are sexist af. Ash finds himself on the island after becoming a champion of seven leagues and being the...
The Betrayed Teacher by Xxspen10xX
The Betrayed Teacherby SpenWrites
ARC 1: Highschool Days Ash Ketchum, Betrayed after he fails to Rescue Lusamine from Nihelago in ultra space, seemingly disappears from the world for 21 Years. A School...
Pokemon Truth Or Dare by FlashPhoenix
Pokemon Truth Or Dareby ThePokePhoenix
Join anime and game characters as they do truth or dare. Watch them get tortured. I mean going through some non torturous dares. All truth and dares are sent in by you. ...
Pokémon Academia by blank_0001
Pokémon Academiaby 「 」
Some may say that it's hard to maintain a friend group with more than five people in it. Try figuring out a friend group with twelve teens trying to navigate through Pok...
Turtwig19's One-shots by Turtwig19
Turtwig19's One-shotsby Turtwig
Basically a book where i write a one-shot of a couple i like/dislike. All oneshots are during a different timeline unless it says sequel to (insert Oneshot chapter name...
The Guardian Of God by OriginalM_MAG
The Guardian Of Godby OriginalM_MAG
Ash is the guardian of Arceus. He is a nobody at school and has only a few group of friends . But secretly , he is a part of an elite group of people called the Guardian...
The Chronicles Of Red by HiranoAlfairus
The Chronicles Of Redby Hirano Alfairus
Red has done everything. He has captured 151 pokemon in Kanto, destroyed an evil organization called team rocket, and eventually won the indigo league championship. One...
Getting into relationships by PureHeartOfGold
Getting into relationshipsby Gold
This is a collection of mini stories. All about shippings in this one. I have to include myself though. Warning: Pokemon does not belong to me. It belongs to my creators...
Pokémon Oneshots by notbinary
Pokémon Oneshotsby Me
Here is my work, my one shots. These may have moderate swearing and displays of minor affection, so bare that in mind. Also, I'll put the shipping as the title, so you k...
『 Pokémon Red 』•Book 2• by Gaidaros
『 Pokémon Red 』•Book 2•by Gaidaros
Red won the Indigo League, but he rejected the opportunity to become the Viridian City Gym Leader. Now, he wants to continue to the Johto Region with an aim to become an...
Oneshots by xXRedKetchumXx
Oneshotsby xXRedKetchumXx
This will be a collection of oneshots that I'll be writing! If anyone want's to request something it goes like this: Give me the shipping (look at my profile page to se...
Gold Reacts To Pokemon Ships (Discontinued) by PureHeartOfGold
Gold Reacts To Pokemon Ships (Disc...by Gold
The awesome Gold/Me will be reacting to shippings that you all send me. I'm no longer continuing this. Disclaimer: Pokemon nor the picture used in this story does not be...
Pokemon Ficlets by MichelleDalson
Pokemon Ficletsby Michelle Dalson
Random compilation of Pokemon ficlets, drabbles, and shorts.
Pokemon red x leaf (lemon) by lumpofdust
Pokemon red x leaf (lemon)by Cluster of atoms
Let me know what to improve on ( I'm just updating this discription to say that this book is probably a year old and it disgusts me to read it bye )
A New Adventure by xXRedKetchumXx
A New Adventureby xXRedKetchumXx
When Blue and Leaf finally get Red to come down from Mt. Silver, the three decide to go to the Alola Region for a new adventure. New pokemon, new people, and new places...