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New Beginnings  by AcetrainerJames
New Beginnings by Ace trainer James
Calem is moving new people new school anything can happen I don't own any of these characters AN (some stuff might change every now and again so if something that does...
Ash Betrayed story. by Turtwig19
Ash Betrayed story.by Turtwig
Ash and his friends get betrayed by his old traveling Companions. find out what he does after a large amount of training. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON! THE STORY IS...
The Greatest Summer of My Life by kedragneel
The Greatest Summer of My Lifeby Karma Edward Dragneel
Since becoming a trainer, Red has become quite skilled in battle and has established close friendships with his Pokemon. However he has never been very good with people...
The Pokeband. by Turtwig19
The Pokeband.by Turtwig
Five boys. Five girls. All have a talent for music and sound. Find out what happens when these two groups clash together to find out who is best. Best rankings Amours...
Pokémon Academia by blank_0001
Pokémon Academiaby 「 」
Some may say that it's hard to maintain a friend group with more than five people in it. Try figuring out a friend group with twelve teens trying to navigate through Pok...
Turtwig19's One-shots by Turtwig19
Turtwig19's One-shotsby Turtwig
Basically a book where i write a one-shot of a couple i like/dislike. All oneshots are during a different timeline unless it says sequel to (insert Oneshot chapter name...
~Pokemon One-shots~ by psychozelda
~Pokemon One-shots~by Pokémon Trash Queen~☆
i really want to write cute little shipping One-shots and i also need a break from my normal story so here it is: ~Pokemon One-shots~ -Disclaimer:i don't own Pokemon in...
Gold Reacts To Pokemon Ships (Discontinued) by PureHeartOfGold
Gold Reacts To Pokemon Ships (Disc...by Gold
The awesome Gold/Me will be reacting to shippings that you all send me. I'm no longer continuing this. Disclaimer: Pokemon nor the picture used in this story does not be...
How I Met You by Writedifferent
How I Met Youby Writedifferent
(Ship GoldXLyra/ EthanXLyra) Ethan, a teenage pokémon trainer, travels with Lyra, a girl he had known for years. They were the best of friends, even if lots of kids tea...
The Decimation That Sparked A Love by OriginalM_MAG
The Decimation That Sparked A Loveby OriginalM_MAG
This story takes place right after Avengers Infinity War as most of Ash's friend and family get decimated by the snap . Ash and the remaining gang fight off Thanos with...
Moonlight by RoseLuckSky
Moonlightby RoseLuckSky
It seems like things have finally calmed down in the Johto region. With Arceus tamed, and Team Rocket going into hiding once more, Silver should finally be able to relax...
Promises  by AcetrainerJames
Promises by Ace trainer James
Ethan has always dreamed of becoming the champion and exploring with both Kanto and Johto connecting there's so much Kris has dreamed of becoming a Pokémon researcher be...
Promises by PikachuDialga17
Promisesby Pikachu
This is a fic I wrote for school and I think it's really cute! Heartsoulshipping (EthanxLyra) Lyra and her family are moving away and Ethan is deter end to keep them whe...
the pokemon shipping meme by psychozelda
the pokemon shipping memeby Pokémon Trash Queen~☆
so I recently found this shipping meme and now I wanna play it so here it is. -disclaimer:I don't own pokemon in any way.
Pokémon Journey (Red, Blue Chapter) by HueIsDead
Pokémon Journey (Red, Blue Chapter)by Professional Idiot
A 10 year old boy, named Red, sets on his own journey to fight against the Pokémon League, accompanied by his friends and Partner Pikachu. During this same adventure, he...