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Intertwined Love  by Priya_008
Intertwined Love by Priya_008
I saw her for the first time innocent, childish and beautiful inside But the childishness and innocence had made their way out from her She is not the girl whom I saw...
Note Buddies (A Tanaka x Reader) by toast_loves_frogs
Note Buddies (A Tanaka x Reader)by 𝐓𝐨𝐚𝐬𝐭
(L/n), (F/n), a second year, just got back from studying abroad and enrolled at Karasuno High School, where she becomes close with a delinquent looking boy that sits nex...
The Adventures of Loki, Peter-Parker, and Shuri and Harley. PART ONE by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Loki, Peter-Park...by Because Why Not
Stumbled across a little prompt on Pinterest and saw a lot of comments asking for a fic. Me, trying to recover from Infinity war, will bless everyone now with this. THAN...
Beast Mode ⫽ !!Last Airbender Vari!! x !!Non-bi !!Inosuke Reader!!⫽ by Not_Guizhong
Beast Mode ⫽ !!Last Airbender Vari...by Not_Guizhong
While the trio explore an unknown forest to look for the person in the Rumours , A boar Head?!? Finds them in their territory. Aang: Woahh!! Katara: What is that!! So...
💛Hate or Love 😈💛 by Miss_Vaishnavi
💛Hate or Love 😈💛by Ff writer
The One girl and boy hate eachother , but slowly slowly boy realize his love to her , but the girl still hate him , Did that girl will realize her love to him ?? But th...
Marriage Proposal by rikaraforlife
Marriage Proposalby Devananda
🦋A rikara story inspired from the real life of one of my friend/sister. It was kinda filmy type when she told me about it, so thought to share it with you all. And to m...
The Adventures of Peter Parker, Loki, Shuri, and Harley. BOOK THREE  by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Peter Parker, Lo...by Because Why Not
*sighs* VOILA BOOK THREE Thanks to the readers of my other two books I am now writing BOOK THREE What's new? Longer chapters, a actual PLOT with one shots mixed in...
Sweetness Of Love ✔ by free_bird_123_
Sweetness Of Love ✔by 🖋
Everything happens for a reason. There was a reason why Neil left Delhi along with his kids. That reason lead his way to Avni, we all know there was also a reason why he...
Sweetness Of Love (Mishbir) ✔ by free_bird_123_
Sweetness Of Love (Mishbir) ✔by 🖋
Everything happens for a reason. There was a reason why Abir left Delhi along with his kids. That reason lead his way to Mishti, we all know there was also a reason why...
Best Friends Forever✔️ by behir_love
Best Friends Forever✔️by Behir
"Pyar dosti hai" did you hear this of course everyone does. Love is the best feeling in the whole universe, can you imagine how this feeling will became when t...
Always In My Heart by pureasgucci
Always In My Heartby mollymay
17 year old Addison Walker walked in on her boyfriend Noah Hastings, cheating on her, bad right? Not just yet. Throw her bulging belly into the mix and then you have a p...
Who Kissed Charlie Fine? by SeventyMurphy
Who Kissed Charlie Fine?by Stephanie Murphy
Inquisitive heir, Charlie Fine's obsession with the truth makes him an excellent fraud investigator, but there's one mystery he's never been able to solve: the identity...
Evan Buckley taken by shyisaloser
Evan Buckley takenby she/her
Buck gets kidnapped by a husband who wants revenge that's they couldn't save his wife from a fire (None of these characters are mine all rights go to tv show 9-1-1) ⚠️Tr...
GRINDR F'CK BUDDY by SamuelIsaya03
GRINDR F'CK BUDDYby Samuel Isaya Wold
ang isyoryang ito ay pang lgbtq+,m2m stories,nag lalaman ng mga sensitibong talata,this is the original work of samuel isaya wold covered by the copyright claim of the y...
Rikara OS collections by rikaraforlife
Rikara OS collectionsby Devananda
Just Some Random One Shots Of The Iconic Couple - RiKara❤️
Tales of The Charioteers by suvachana
Tales of The Charioteersby suvachana
Heroes and horses - only a skilled charioteer can handle their hearts! Charioteer and warrior - a relationship - often a friendship Here are their stories, drawn from t...
STARLIGHT (ATEEZ) by hiuniverseiwanttodie
STARLIGHT (ATEEZ)by lee know's fryer
2choi were brothers . San had been taking care of his younger siblings since their parents died when they were young , too young . They trained since young , for as long...
Plot Twist  by DesereeH
Plot Twist by Dez ^_^
Plot Twist: "A plot twist is a literary technique, introducing a radical change in the direction or expected outcome of the plot in a work of fiction. When it happ...
Propose to me 💍 (Editing)  by Lynn_dire
Propose to me 💍 (Editing) by Lynn
A story of a secretary named "Trexie " pronounced (TrexC). What happens when her relationship has lasted for five years and is ongoing? And she's just there th...