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Knotted Forever by DezmaFernandez
Knotted Foreverby DezmaFernandez
A great marriage is not when a perfect couple come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to respect and enjoy the differences between them. This is a story of...
Yuhn Hota Toh Kya Hota- Rikara FF by Annwrites92
Yuhn Hota Toh Kya Hota- Rikara FFby Annwrites92
(#6 in Rikara as on 27th March, 2019) Now I know the title says Rikara FF, but there is going to be quite a bit about other characters from the Oberoi verse, so bear wi...
Trapped [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Trapped [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue. When Omkara Singh Oberoi bumped into G...
My Tomboy Girlfriend by Devilish_angelR
My Tomboy Girlfriendby Devilish_angelR
Cover Credits to @luckykr13 Omkara Singh Oberoi, The youngest CEO of Oberoi Industries at the age of 26 and the most eligible bachelor, every maiden dreams about but he...
Becoming Sweethearts [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Becoming Sweethearts [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Best Buddies Gauri Sharma and Omkara Singh Oberoi decide to put a full stop to their respective familial pressures and make a decision of getting married. The issue? The...
Short Stories  by Mahi_007
Short Stories by Mahi
Short stories on various ideas...
THE ONE... I Lost. by Devilish_angelR
THE ONE... I Devilish_angelR
Cover credits to @luckykr13 Life plays many games, some times we win and sometimes we loss, but sometimes we have to loss to make others win. Life played one such game w...
Substitute by LittleDiana4
Substituteby Little
The story of Gauri Kumari Sharma become Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi .
Destiny's Play [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Destiny's Play [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Life happens to us while we are making plans. This is exactly what happened to Omkara Singh Oberoi and Gauri Kumari Sharma. They had made a million plans to build their...
Love Is Our true Destiny: A Rikara FF by Annwrites92
Love Is Our true Destiny: A Annwrites92
Omkara has always believed that ishq is his khuda, his God, and yet he knows that maybe a love like that is not in his fate. His parents' failed marriage, his disavowal...
Rock-A-Bye  Baby [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Rock-A-Bye Baby [✓]by DezmaFernandez
He is a busy businessman who doesn't have time to waste on females. His life takes a turn when he is handed the custody of his niece after his brother and sister-in-law...
The Wedding Conspiracy (Completed✅) by souji28
The Wedding Conspiracy (Completed✅)by souji28
Gauri Sharma's future was decided by her family when she barely knew how to walk. The way she dresses, the way she talked and the career she should take up was intricate...
Fire Meets Ice by i_yashsviii
Fire Meets Iceby Devil Princess
Well, Hey lovely readers! This is my first Shivika Fanfiction and I really need support. So I hope you all will help me! Meet the fire of the story : Annika Vardhan Triv...
Age Difference  (season 2) ✔✔✔ by MickyMajhi
Age Difference (season 2) ✔✔✔by Micky Majhi
this is the 2nd season of my story "Age Difference " you guys love first season so much so I thought to bring next season.... I am not going to give you any d...
A Moment To Remember ✔ by LoryDesySwan94
A Moment To Remember ✔by Holla ! Desy
May be inspired. But don't copy, plagiarize, or take other people's work. This is my original work. (Belum revisi) By. Desy 😐 From August 28 - 25 October 2019 Complete...
A MISTAKE (RIKARA) (Complete) by MickyMajhi
A MISTAKE (RIKARA) (Complete)by Micky Majhi
bhavya... please broke your engagement... his brother is a bad man.. what happen didu... why u say like this... why u crying... please broke your engagement with rudra...
Shivika's Happiness ✔(Completed) ✔ by shivika_herophine18
Shivika's Happiness ✔(Completed) ✔by Love Gazelle
This is a Shivika pregnancy scene were Shivaay Singh Oberoi takes care of his wife Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi during the pregnancy phase.
Yeh Dil ❤️ by aayushis1
Yeh Dil ❤️by Scramblings
This story is a joint effort...My friend Lubna and i are working together on this.. It's a rikara story on the present to find out more... #122 on April 5...
♡It's A Beautiful Mission♡ by starxsunlight
♡It's A Beautiful Mission♡by STAR × SUN
No Description 😉 It's a Short Story!! 1 #Oberoifamily (12/4/19) 11 #anika (30/3/19) 17 #Omkara (12/4/19) 27 #Gauri (12/4/19) 85 #Shivaay (12/4/19) 15 # Bhavya (12/4...
JO NA KEH SAKE HUM- O SAATHIYA (season 2) by Kehkashawrites
#11 on 26 Sept 2017 #4 on 18 June 2018 #1 on 12 Aug 2018 Story of rikara and second season of O SAATHIYA.