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Playful Love (FanFic Version)  by Devilish_angelR
Playful Love (FanFic Version) by Devilish_angelR
Cover Credits to luckykr13.... The college nerd, Gauri Sharma fell in love because of a simple dare, that famous Playboy of the college, Omkara took to prove his friends...
Requiem of Love by GoWithTheRhythm
Requiem of Loveby GoWithTheRhythm
"You lived without me for 5 years and you are still standing. How much could you have needed me Om? You seem happy and healthy. Like the demons of the past left you...
RiKara - Destined To Be [✔️] by _Hxl1m4_
RiKara - Destined To Be [✔️]by I love you & me ⁷
A Short Story On Gauri and Omkara - RiKara Omkara and Gauri had met after 6 years, during an alliance visit. Little did the family know they had known each other from th...
Turning Back The Pages - RiKara by kashishsr
Turning Back The Pages - RiKaraby kashishsr
When Omkara discovered how wrongly he had misjudged Gauri after the Arjun debacle, all he wanted to do was to apologise and beg her to come back so that he could prove h...
The Truth by magicglow11111
The Truthby lavanya
Imagine if Om never went back to Kaali's haveli once Kaali captured Gauri a.k.a his ex best friend Chulbul. Imagine if 11 months later, Om-Gauri meet again and for once...
 Rikara : If It Was Not For Love (SS)(Completed) by house_tribbiani
Rikara : If It Was Not For Love ( prim
Love is good. It is all fairytale. But when it takes uneventful becomes fatal.
My Tomboy Girlfriend by Devilish_angelR
My Tomboy Girlfriendby Devilish_angelR
Cover Credits to @luckykr13 Omkara Singh Oberoi, The youngest CEO of Oberoi Industries at the age of 26 and the most eligible bachelor, every maiden dreams about but he...
Becoming Sweethearts [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Becoming Sweethearts [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Best Buddies Gauri Sharma and Omkara Singh Oberoi decide to put a full stop to their respective familial pressures and make a decision of getting married. The issue? The...
The Wedding Conspiracy (Completed✅) by souji28
The Wedding Conspiracy (Completed✅)by souji28
Gauri Sharma's future was decided by her family when she barely knew how to walk. The way she dresses, the way she talked and the career she should take up was intricate...
LOVE MEANS SACRIFICE (Complete)  by MickyMajhi
LOVE MEANS SACRIFICE (Complete) by Micky Majhi
it's a painful love story of Rikara favt couple ever ..... in this story ommkara is an artist.... whose marriage fix with ridhima since childhood... then gauri e...
Substitute by LittleDiana4
Substituteby Little
The story of Gauri Kumari Sharma become Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi .
For my Love ❤️⚔️ by InduRikaraShrenal
For my Love ❤️⚔️by Indu💝
Omkara Singh Oberoi, the prince of Oberoi Empire and Gauri Singh Rajput, the princess of Rajput Empire were thick friends just like their fathers. But when a tragedy str...
Destiny's Play [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Destiny's Play [✓]by DezmaFernandez
Life happens to us while we are making plans. This is exactly what happened to Omkara Singh Oberoi and Gauri Kumari Sharma. They had made a million plans to build their...
Rock-A-Bye  Baby [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Rock-A-Bye Baby [✓]by DezmaFernandez
He is a busy businessman who doesn't have time to waste on females. His life takes a turn when he is handed the custody of his niece after his brother and sister-in-law...
Changed - RiKara FF by kashishsr
Changed - RiKara FFby kashishsr
When Gauri left Omkara he was forever changed. Now fate has given him the chance to win back his wife - but time has changed her too. His misunderstandings tore them apa...
Light of my life (FANFIC) by Devilish_angelR
Light of my life (FANFIC)by Devilish_angelR
Fan fiction #1 in OSO and GKS. #3 Rikara on 15 june #2 Rikara on 16 june
Silent Boy's Violent Girl(FANFIC) by Devilish_angelR
Silent Boy's Violent Girl(FANFIC)by Devilish_angelR
Cover Credits to @luckykr13 Earlier known as "Hamari Ajab Prem Kahani". What happens when a Prim and Proper, silent guy, Omkara Singh Oberoi falls in Love with...
Age Difference (Rikara) (Complete) by MickyMajhi
Age Difference (Rikara) (Complete)by Micky Majhi
"mom... have you gone mad... she is just 19 ...and m 32... do u want to marry me a kid". "stop it.... it's your dadi's wish..." "to hell with...
THE ONE... I Lost.(FANFIC) by Devilish_angelR
THE ONE... I Lost.(FANFIC)by Devilish_angelR
Cover credits to @luckykr13 Life plays many games, some times we win and sometimes we loss, but sometimes we have to loss to make others win. Life played one such game w...