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Scotty Sire's little sister by vlog_squad
Scotty Sire's little sisterby vlog_squad
Hi, my name's McKenna Sire. If you haven't guessed, Scotty sire is my brother. Not only is he my brother, but he's my protective older brother. He's also a YouTuber who...
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Applying for a Daddy by benji-david
Applying for a Daddyby Benjamin David Hall
COMPLETED ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* He was looking for a little, now that he was 22 and he found the perfect one. She was looking for a dominant, but she had no idea wh...
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[ Sinking ] || A Colby Brock Fanfiction by _MayuPanda_
[ Sinking ] || A Colby Brock Fanfi...by Mayu Panda
Francine Lockhart was viewed by many as the perfect role model. Smart, beautiful, perfect body, and rich. On top of that, the public new her as a princess in their famil...
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Emotionless || TFIL by TylerJoh862
Emotionless || TFILby TylerJoh862
When Colby Brock left his 17 year old little sister, Raelynn (Ray) Brock, in Kansas she ends up getting bullied, and abused by kids at school, her boyfriend, and her par...
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Lost Boy ~Colby Brock~  by Lone_Wolf_Ludlow
Lost Boy ~Colby Brock~ by April ludlow
He was a lost boy who never made it to Neverland. "Colby please let's go."I whined. His breathing is heavy and shallow. I have never been more scared in my li...
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Colby Brock- Hero by FullOnFangirl13
Colby Brock- Heroby FullOnFangirl13
Riley Blake goes out with her boyfriend of 4 years to Suicide Bridge, I mean what could go wrong with that? Her boyfriend, Mitch Davis, was acting weird that day. She tr...
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SADBYS ☹︎ (Colby brock smut) by RiverPHoeinx
SADBYS ☹︎ (Colby brock smut)by Venice Bitch.
He was a rose In the hands of those who Had no intention Of keeping him. COLBY BROCK SMUT
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He Saw Her (Colby Brock)   by Pizzasteve777
He Saw Her (Colby Brock) by Pizzasteve777
"I love you, Colby." Colby Brock. YouTuber and lady killer. He is very popular on YouTube and has very fun friends. He has always wished for a girlfriend, but...
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Superhuman (Elton Castee X Reader) by vovo112voleen
Superhuman (Elton Castee X Reader)by Voleen
I'm (y/n). I met Elton on a make a wish. After one amazing month with him I thought I would never see him again until he called me up and asked to take me on a trip wit...
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Colby Brock Smut Imagines by birlembub
Colby Brock Smut Imaginesby birlembub
all in the title. requests are taken. **HELLA DIRTY :)**
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Corey Has A Sister?!{Colby Brock Fanfic} by RealDezily
Corey Has A Sister?!{Colby Brock F...by 🙏Dez🥳
Ariana Scherer isn't your average teenager. Although She's the younger sister of Corey Scherer, she's been through thick and thin all by herself. She's rode many roller...
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TFIL // Colby Brock by EvieSparx
TFIL // Colby Brockby Evie Blank
**Completed** Sequel out now "Artist" Chloe is 19 and met Elton through a Craigslist ad he made about someone being his assistant. She applied for the job...
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Her - TheTrapHouse by Incomplete737
Her - TheTrapHouseby 🖇
Living in a house full of guys and only 2 other girls is hard, sometimes you need pleasures to be fulfilled and sometimes they do too. But when feelings start to develop...
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New Explorers/ Colby Brock by FollowingDreams17
New Explorers/ Colby Brockby FollowingDreams17
"Shut up." "Shut up." He smiles mocking me. "Stop mocking me bitch." I start to walk down the stairs of the abandoned building. "St...
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The House Imagines  by Pandora_Fox04
The House Imagines by Pandora_Fox
*Jake Webber included* My imagines are ALWAYS 1,000 words or more. I write mainly sad imagines like car crashes, cheating, etc! I try to update once every two or three d...
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XPLR | Colby Brock by deodee
XPLR | Colby Brockby deodee
Rose Romano has had an unusual, and to some degree, extraordinary life. Daughter of a suicide victim and an alcoholic, it seems that the last year of her life in univers...
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Hostage || Sam and Colby by danielleisthename
Hostage || Sam and Colbyby Danielle Elizabeth ✨
How do you learn to stay strong when the world is constantly crashing down around you? For Caitlin Brock, the world seems to just knock her down. She had two of the wors...
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Player ♕ Colby Brock by ashbro16
Player ♕ Colby Brockby ash
"I heard you were a player, so let's play a game." **Editing: grammar** ~ 4 part series: • Book 1: Player Book 2: Player 2.0 Book 3: Player 3.0 Book 4: Player...
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Vampire Hunter // Colby Brock by EvieSparx
Vampire Hunter // Colby Brockby Evie Blank
When a young vampire hunter meets a young vampire in a small city called Los Angeles... Vanessa Jones has been a vampire hunter for just over a year, since she turned ei...
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Texting Colby Brock by allygolbrock4817
Texting Colby Brockby AllyGolbrock💞
Accidental number new best friend
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